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1st Session.







The use of Ardent Spirits in the Army and Navy.

FEBRUARY 5, 1840.
Referred to the Committee on Military Affairs.

To the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

States :

The undersigned, inhabitants of Addison, in the county of Steuben, and

State of New York,

That an act be passed at the present session of Congress, prohibiting the
furnishing of any intoxicating drinks to our Army or Navy, and to the In-
dians within the jurisdiction of the General Government; and also prohib-
iting the sale of such drinks in the Capitol at Washington, or at or near
any naval or military depot or grounds under the United States jurisdiction;
and also increasing the duty on all imported intoxicating drinks. And that
every other means, within the constitutional control of Congress, may be
used to discourage the manufacture of such drinks in these Ünited States.

Lewis Hamilton
Philo Tower
Joel D. Gillet
Sylvester Dwight
Thomas M. Sawtell
Wm. McDonall
Martin Wilber
Asa G. Knight
A. G. Gillet
A. Woolsey
William Yarbell
S. Curtis

Jarathmeel Powers
Blair & Rives, printers.

Joseph Phillips
Isaac Bowyer
Charles N. Shumway
John P. Shumway
Elnathan G. Brown
Enoch Mark
D. H. Shumway
James Tusk
William McMindes
Rachel Knight
Susan A. Whittelsey
Mary Smith
Cynthia D. Tower

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1st Session.

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British and Foreign Bible Society, for a remission of duties on Bibles

imported into Canada, through the United States.

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FEBRUARY 5, 1840.
Referred to the Committee of Ways and Means.

To the honorable the House of Representatives of the United States, in

Congress assembled :

The petition of James Thomson, agent of the British and Foreign Bible


That, being engaged in an extensive visitation of the Bible Societies in the Canadas connected with the British and Foreign Bible Society as auxiliaries, and being desirous of making the best arrangements for the regular supply of these auxiliary societies with bibles and testaments from London, he has in this endeavor met with a considerable difficulty arising from the well-known fact of the non-navigation of the river St. Lawrence during the winter seasons, so that no supplies from England can be had in the Canadas for several months. In consequence of this, the various Bible Societies here have at different times been greatly hindered in their operations by the want of books. In their distress they have on some occasions had books sent to them through the port of New York. This, however, is attended with a considerable difficulty, as duties are charged on them at New York on their entering the United States from England, and they are again hable to duties on passing into Canada from the United States. The latter of these duties the Governors of the Canadas have on every occasion readily dispensed with on proper application. But though application for the same favor has been formally and respectfully made to the proper authorities at New York, it has not been granted.

Your petitioner in his official capacity is desirous of remedying this disadvantage as far as it can be done, and with this view he approaches your honorable house to lay this matter before you, respectfully praying that an order may be given to the collector of the customs at New York to exempt Blair & Rives, printers.

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