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Section 7, of Article XII, of the Constitution, is bereby amended so as to read as follows:

SECTION 7. Provision shall be made by law for the appor-

tionment and distribution of the interest on the State School Aprortionmento School Fund and all other means provided, including the special tax

for the support and maintenance of public free schools, among the several counties of the State in proportion to the average attendance upon schools in the said counties respectively.

Approved June 2, 1893.





From the Revised Statutes, and the Acts of

the Legislature of 1893,


Rev. Stat. Sec..

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1. There shall be established and maintained a uniform sys- Uniform Sys tem of public instruction free to all the youth residing in the temtrof Public State between the ages of six (6) and twenty-one (21) years, School age. as far as the funds will admit, as hereinafter provided.

2. The officers of the Department of Public Instruction shall be a State Superintendent of Public Instruction, a State Board Officers of Education, a Board of Public Instruction for each county, Ibid. Səc. 228 a Superintendent of Public Instruction for each county, local School Supervisors and Treasurers. 3. I. All such officers who shall hold their offices by statute

Subject to shall conform to the regulations of the Department of Public regulations. Instruction.

II. They shall retain their offices during the faithful per- Tenure of formance of their duties, but not to exceed four years at any office. time.

Ivia, Sec. 229 III. They shall be subject to removal for incompetency, subject to reneglect of duty, or any cause which would disqualify them for moval. the positions if not incumbents.

4. No officer shall vote on a question fixing his own com- When not to pensation.

Ibid, Sec. 230.. 5. A majority of any educational board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Ibid, Sec. 31.

A quorum



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6. Every school officer who shall be appointed under statutory provision, is required :

I. Before entering upon the duties of his office, and within Schwalificers ten days after receiving notice of his appointment, to subscribe

to an acceptance of the appointment and to pledge that he Ibid, Sec. 232. will faithfully perform the duties of the position, and to for

ward the same with his postoffice address to the State Super-
intendent of Public Instruction.

II. Before receiving any school moneys or property of any
To give bond
with sureties. kind, for safe keeping or disbursement, to give bond, with two

good sureties, the bonds to be fixed and approved by the
Board of Public Instruction for the county, the original to be
filed in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, and a cer-
tified copy to be held by the officer giving the security, to be
produced when required.

III. Any officer in charge of school moneys or property to (Liability for be so disbursed, shall satisfy himself that the officer to whom

he issues it has given bond as aforesaid, or be personally lia-
ble for any loss in consequence of such neglect.

IV. Every officer shall turn over to his successor in office, effects to sure on retiring, all books, papers, documents, funds, moneys and

property of whatever kind, which he may have acquired, reIbid, Sec 233. ceived and held by virtue of his office, and take full receipts

for them of his successor.


7. The State Board of Education shall consist of the GovConstitution ernor, the Secretary of State, the Attorney-General, the State of. Ib., 234.

Treasurer and the State Superin'endent of Public Instruction.
The Governor shall be the President, the State Treasurer

shall be the Treasurer, and the State Superintendent of Public A body-corpe

Instruction the Secretary of said Board. Said Board is a rate.

body corporate, with full power to perform all corporate acts
for educational purposes.

8. The State Board of Education are directed and em

To turn over cessor.

Powers and duties. Ib.232.

powered :

1. To obtain possession of and take the charge, oversight With regard to and management of all lands granted to or held by the State

for educational purposes, and to fix the terms of sale, rental or
'use of such lands, and to do whatever may be necessary to
preserve them from trespass or injury, and for their improve-


II. To have the direction and management, and provide for

1893. the safe keeping and expenditure of all the educational funds with regard to of the State, with due regard to the highest interests of edu. School Fund. cation.

III. To entertain and decide upon questions and appeals referred to them by the State Superintendent of Public In- With regard to struction on any matter of difference or dispute arising under appeals. the operations of this act, and to prescribe the manner of making appeals and conducting arbitrations. IV. To remove any subordinate officer in the department Removal of

subordinate for incompetency, neglect of duty or other cause which would disqualify a person for the appointment.

V. To keep in view the establishment of schools on a broad and liberal basis, the object of which shall be to impart cation.

Higher Eduinstruction to youth in the profession of teaching, in the knowledge of the natural sciences, the theory and practice of agriculture, horticulture, mining, engineering and the mechanic arts, in the ancient and modern languages, in the higher range of mathematics, literature, and in useful and ornamental branches not taught in common schools.

VI. To co-operate with the State Superintendent of Public To co-operate Instruction in the management of the department, and in the perintendent general diffusion of knowledge in the State.

VII. The Board of Education shall invest moneys of the common school fund which it may now have, and which from To invest, time to time may come to its hands, in bonds of the United 1b., 267. States and of the several states at the current market values of such bonds at the time of making such investments, and such Board may from time to time change investments held by what. it, and rein vest the proceeds arising from such change in securitios authorized by law: Provided, however, That in no case shall any investment be made in any bonds on which the interest is not regularly paid, or as to the validity of which any suit may be pending,

VIII. On nomination by the State Superintendent of Public To fill vacan.. Instruction, the State Board of Education shall appoint mem- School Boards. bers to fill all vacancies for unexpired terms on County School

Abbreviation Boards (County Boards of Public Instruction].

of Sec. 4, Chap.

4193, June 2, '93 NORMAL SCHOOLS. 9. A Normal School for the training and instruction of White Normal white teachers is established at DeFuniak Springs, Walton established. county, under the direction and control of the State Board of Ib., Sec. 288. Education.

of Public Instruction.

School Fund.

Investment in

1893. 10. The State Board of Education shall elect a faculty, to Faculty, how

consist of a principal and two assistant instructors, who shall elected. have in charge the training and instruction of all students,

subject to the approval of the State Board of Education.

11. A Normal School for colored teachers is established at NormalSchool Tallahassee, Leon county, similar in all respects as prescribed. established.&c above for the establishment of the normal school for white Ib., Sec. 269.

teachers, and subject to the direction and control of the State.
Board of Education.

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. 2772.


12. The members of the State Board of Education are the
State Board of trustees of the institute hereinafter specified, under the name
Managers. of the Board of Managers of the Florida Institute for the
R. S., Sec. 270. Blind, Deaf and Dumb.

13. Said institute sball remain in its present location near Location. St. Augustine, in St. Johns county, and shall be an asylum for Ib., 271.

the indigent blind and deaf and dumb in this State.

14. Said Board of Managers shall provide for the education, Who are bene- care and maintenance at said asylum of all persons residing in

this State between the ages of six and twenty-one years, who.
may be blind or deaf and dumb, and who are not able to ed-

ucate and maintain themselves; but any person who may be. Who shall pay. blind or deaf and dumb, but who may have sufficient means

to educate himself, shall be received and cared for in said in.
stitution, and enjoy the advantages thereof, by paying such an
amount per annum as may be necessary to cover the actual
cost of his education and support.

15. Any person entitled to admission into said institute as a
non-paying inmate, or the parent, guardian, or next friend of

such person, may apply to the Board of County Commissioners ciaries. Ib. 273. of the county of his residence, and the County Commissioners,

if satisfied that the persen is so entitled to such admission, shall
issue a certificate to that effect, upon which the applicant shall

be received into the asylum.
Transporta- 16. Said Board of County Commissioners shall supply.
tion. 16., 274. means of transportation of such person to said asylum.

17. Said Board of Managers shall provide for the inmates.

of said institute necessary bedding, clothing, food and medical
be provided.
Ib., 275.

attendance, and such other things as may be proper for the
health and comfort of said inmates.

18. Said Board of Managers shall also provide for the eduIb., 276. cation of the inmates of said institute and shall employ such

teachers as may be competent to instruct the blind and deaf

Certificate necessary to admit benefi

Necessary to


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