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Lis 2529

F63 1843



Hon. H. L. MITCHELL, Governor, President.

HON. JOHN L. CRAWFORD, Secretary of State. Hon. WILLIAM B. LAMAR, Attorney-General.

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Term office

SECTION 1. The Legislature shall provide for a uniform sys. Duty of Legistem of public free schools, and shall provide for the liberal lature. maintenance of the same.

Sec. 2. There shall be a Superintendert of Public Instruction, whose duties shall be prescribed by law, and whose term of Supt. Pube

. of office shall be four years and until the election and quali- Inst. fication of his successor.

SEC. 3. The Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Treasurer and State Superintendent of Public Instruc- Personnel and tion shall constitute a body corporate, to be known as the State Board of State Board of Education of Florida, of which the Governor shall be President, and the Superintendent of Public Instruction Secretary. This Board shall have power to remove any subordinate school officer for cause, upon notice to the incumbent; and shall have the management and investment of all State School Funds under such regulations as may be prescribed by law, and such supervision of schools of higher grades as the law shall provide.

SEC. 4. The State School Fund, the interest of which shall interest only be exclusively applied to the support and maintenance of to be applied. public free schools, shall be derived from the following



Sources of


The proceeds of all lands that have been or may hereafter
be granted to thie State by the United States for public school State School

Donations to the State when the purpose is not specified.
Appropriations by the State.
The proceeds of escheated property or forfeitures.

Twenty-five per cent. of the sales of public lands which are
mnow or may hereafter be owned by the State.


Basis of ap

of One Mill

derived and how disbursed.

1893. SEC. 5. The principal of the State School Fund shall remain Principal invi- sacred and inviolate.

SEC. 6. A special tax of one mill on the dollar of all taxable One Mill Tax property in the State, in addition to the other means provided,

shall be levied and apportioned annually for the support and maintenance of public free schools.

Sec. 7. Provision shall be made by law for the distribution portionment

of the interest on the State School Fund and the special tax Tax and inter- among the several counties of the State in proportion to the School Fund. number of children residing therein between the ages of six

and twenty-one years.*

SEC. 8. Each county shall be required to assess and collect County School annually for the support of public free schools therein, a tax of

not less than three mills nor more than five mills on the dollar on all taxable property in the same.

Sec. 9. The County School Fund shall consist, in addition to County School the tax provided for in Section Eight of this Article,of the pro

portion of the interest of the State School Fund and of the one mill State tax apportioned to the county; the net proceeds! of all fines collected under the penal laws of the State within the county; all capitation taxes collected within the county; and shall be disbursed by the County Board of Public Instruction solely for the maintenance and support of public free

schools. Provisions for Sec. 10. The Legislature may provide for the division of any

county or counties into convenient school districts; and for the election biennially of three school trustees, who shall hold their office for two years, and who shall have the supervision of all the schools within the district; and for the levying and collection of a district school tax, for the exclusive use of public free schools within the district, whenever a majority of the qualified electors thereof that pay à tad on real or personal property shall vote in favor of such levy; Provided, That any tax authorized by this section shall not exceed three mills on the dollar in any one year on the taxable property of the district.

SEC. 11. Any incorporated town or city may constitute a Town or city School District. The fund raised by Section Ten may be ex

pended in the district where levied for building or repairing

school houses, for the purchase of school libraries and textDisbursement books, for salaries of teachers, or for other educational pur

poses, so that the distribution among all the schools of the district be equitable.

School District.

School Trustees.

District Tax,

may be a School District.

of District Fund.

*See proposed Amendment to this section.

schools fornegroes.

School Fund.

SEC. 12. White and colored children shall not be taught in 1893. the same school, but impartial provision shall be made for

Separate both.

SEC. 13. No law shall be enacted authorizing the diversion or the lending of any county or district school funds, or the ap- Prohibitions propriation of any part of the permanent or available school concerning fund to any other than school purposes; nor shall the same, or any part thereof, be appropriated to or used for the support of any sectarian school.

Sec. 14. The Legislature at its first session shall provide for the establishment, maintenance and management of such Nor- Schools. mal Schools, not to exceed two, as the interests of public education may demand.

SEC. 15. The compensation of all county school officers shall be paid from the school fund of their respective coun- of school otti

Compensation ties, and all other county officers receiving stated salaries shall cers. be paid from the general funds of their respectives counties.



Shall make

ARTICLE IV. SEC. 25. The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall have Powers and :supervision of all matters pertaining to public instruction; the Suties of State supervision of State buildings devoted to educational purposes, set: 25, art. and perform such other duties as the Legislature may provide iv. Const. by law. Sec. 27. *

* [He] shall make a full report of his official acts, of the receipts and expenditures of his report. office, and of the requirements of the game, to the Governor at the beginning of each regular session of the Legislature, or whenever the Governor shall require it. Such [report) shall be laid before the Legislature by the Governor at Art. iv.Const:

, the beginning of each regular session thereof. Either house of the Legislature may at any time call upon

[him] for information required by it.


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HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION Proposing an Amendment to the

Constitution of the State of Florida.
Be it resolved by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

That the following amendment to the Constitution of the State of Florida be, and the same is hereby agreed to, and Amendment shall be submitted to the electors of the State at the general XII of the

Constitution. election in October, A. D. 1894, for ratification or rejection:


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