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As we look back through life,

In our moments of sadness,
How few and how brief are

Its gleamings of gladness ;
Yet we find midst the gleam

That our pathway o'ershaded,
A few spots of sunshine,-

A few flowers unfaded :
And memory still hoards,

As her richest of treasures,
Some moments of rapture,-

Some exquisite pleasures.
One hour of such bliss is

A life ere it closes;
'Tis one drop of fragrance,
From thousands of roses.


Pity and Love. SOFT Pity never leaves the gentle breast, Where Love has been received a welcome guest.



THERE moved a beauteous form on easy wing,

Chanting through Nature a melodious song ; Borne on the breeze, I heard it softly sing, And ’mong the vocal woods its strains pro

long: It floated on the rose's sweet perfume

With melody inspired the vernal streams, And like an angel decked with golden plume,

It shone reflected in the sun's bright beams. As wishfully I gazed upon its charms,

Unconsciously it near me softly stole, And, sweetly smiling, cast its magic arms With bliss transporting round my youthful

soul. I asked its name- -“ Love," was the answer

given I came to minister delight-my home is yonder Heaven.”


Joy in Every Thing.

THERE is a spell in every flower,

A sweetness in each spray,
And every simple bird has power

To please me with its lay.
And there is music on the breeze

That sports along the glade;
The crystal dew-drops on the trees

Are gems by fancy made.
O, there is joy and happiness

In every thing I see,
Which bids my soul rise up and bless
The God who blesses me.


Give Sorrow (Jords

GIVE sorrow words, the grief that does not

speak, Whispers the o’erfraught heart, and bids it break.


The Heart's Xearning.

THERE 28 a yearning within each breast,
A secret wish that is not represt,
To live in the heart of some cherished friend,
When with kindred dust the form shall blend.
It takes a chill from the icy breath
That comes to thee from “ the reaper Death."
Cherish the thought—'tis in kindness sent,
With every act of our life 'tis blent;
Although we trace not the hidden spring,
And sterner warning aside would fling,
Through a long, proud life, this wish man

An angel that's cherished unawares.


The Wish.
As half in shade, and half in sun,

This world along its course advances,
May that side the sun's upon
Be all that shall ever meet thy glances !



When first you look upon her face,

You little note, beside
The timidness which still betrays

The beauties it would hide ;
But, one by one, they look out from

Her blushes and her eyes ;
And still the last the loveliest,

Like stars from twilight skies.
And thoughts go sporting thro' her mind,

Like children among flowers;
And deeds of gentle goodness are

The measure of her hours.
In soul or face she bears no trace

Of one from Eden driven,
But, like the rainbow, seems tho' born
Of Earth, a part of Heaven.


Uwedded Love.

High the bliss that waits on wedded love, Best, purest emblem of the bliss above.


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