The method of French methods, or, a Practical grammar of the French language

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Page 80 - Passé que j'aie fini que tu aies fini qu'il ait fini que nous ayons fini que vous ayez fini qu'ils aient fini Plus-que-parfait que j'eusse fini que tu eusses fini qu'il eût fini que nous eussions fini que vous eussiez fini qu'ils eussent fini...
Page 185 - It is very desirable that parties wishing to have this work should be particular in specifying the New London Edition, as there are two other editions bearing the name of Fluegel: the one more bulky and much dearer, — the other, edited by the Son of the Lexicographer, smaller and somewhat cheaper, though both are greatly inferior in utility for the English student, having been compiled without English assistance, and for the use especially of German students.
Page 183 - KEY TO THE EXERCISES FOR WRITING GERMAN, which may also be used as a Reading Book for practising the Rules of Grammar by those who do not wish to write Exercises. 12mo, cloth, 2s.
Page 183 - It has been the aim of the compiler of these Works to introduce only such phrases and expressions as refer more exclusively to the current topics of the day; and he believes they will be found more practically useful to the student and to the traveller than the majority of Guides and Dialogue Books hitherto published.
Page 186 - This little work is compiled on an entirely new and original plan, and will be found of great assistance in tracing the connection between the two languages, and in shewing the value and bearing of numerous idiomatical expressions. — THE DECLENSION OF THE GERMAN ARTICLE, ADJECTIVE, PRONOUN, AND NOUN. 8vo, sewed, Is.
Page 185 - The Author of these works is the Professor of German at the City of London School, and the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich. FISCHEL (Dr. MM) A GERMAN READING BOOK, on a new principle, containing a Story by F.
Page 184 - EXTRACTS FROM THE BEST GERMAN AUTHORS. Eighth edition, entirely remodelled and considerably enlarged, with Analytical Translation, Notes, and a copious Vocabulary, for the Use of Beginners in Schools and private Tuition. By DR. HAUSMANN, lamo, cloth, 5s.
Page 162 - Anterior. j'eus été, I had been tu eus été, thou hadst been il eut été, he had been nous eûmes été, we had been vous eûtes été, you had been ils eurent été, they Iiad been Second Futurè.
Page 183 - Practical Grammar of the German Language (intended as a Sequel to the foregoing Work), 'with a Grammatical Index and a Glossary of all the German Words occurring in the Work. 12mo., cloth, price 4s. 6d. Key to ditto. 12mo., cloth, price 1*.
Page 77 - J'aurai fini. Tu auras fini. Il aura fini. Nous aurons fini. Vous aurez fini. Ils auront fini.

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