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States, fc., for the use of Schools and Families," second edition. Published by John Prentiss, pp. 279.

We have not been able to examine with critical miauteness, the contents of this little work, but we have cursorily perused it. The subject itself, the main purpose for which it is intended, and the character and cireumstances of its late author, who was personally known to us as a man of genius, a scholar, a poet, and a wit, are calculated to create much interest and expectation. We have found it what it professes to be, a very useful work for the use of schools, and a convenient manual, to which an occasional reourrence may be had by any gentleman.

Among the many authoritative recommendations which follow the preface, one from the President of Harvard University, Mr Kirkland, and Dr Holmes of Cambridge, and several from the Preceptor of Monson Academy; and other distinguished scholars in Massachusetts. А letter to the author from the Rev. F. Foster, says, “I hate examined your

History of the United States," and am happy to say that in my opinion, you have selected such facts as are most profitable to be known by the rising generation, and related them with that simpli. citly and perspicuity of style which ought to character. ize a work designed for the use of schools."


8vo. by DANIEL ADAMS, M.D. SEQUEL TO EASY LESSONS. In Press of J. & J. W. PRENTISS, and will be pub

lished this summer, (1829.) & Selection of Reading Lessons for Common Schools, designed to be used after Easy Lessons in Reading, A. merican Popular Lessons, Boston Reading Lessons, and other works of a similar rank.

The first books we read can never be forgotten, nor the moral they inculcato be eradicated.-MAVOR,


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