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To illustrate the Eleventh Nicene Canon. See p. 36.

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The place for Catechumens.

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Energumens, and Hearers.

The place for the Mourners, or those

exposed to the Weather.

1. The entrance into the Area before the Church. 2. The Area with the Porticos round it. 3. The Cantharus or Phiala, a fountain of water. 4. The Great Gates. 5. The Narthex. 6. The Beautiful or Royal Gates. 7. The Naos or Nave. 8. The Ambo. 9. The Holy Gates. 10. The Cancelli. 11. The Bema. 12. The Altar or Holy Table. 13. The Bishop's Throne. 14. The seats of the Presbyters. 15. The Prothesis. 16. The Vestry.

N. B.-The Baptistery was at first a detached building,

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