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In this Index N. means the Council of Nice. 1, 2, 3, C. first, second, or third of Constantinople. E. Ephesus. Ch. Chalcedon. An. Ancyra. Neo. Neocæsarea. G. Gangra. Ant. Antioch. La. Laodicea. Ap. Apostolic Canons. n. note. The number refers to the different Canons, or to the Notes.

Acolythists, Ch. 14. n.
Ælia or Jerusalem, privileges given to, N. 7.
Africa, Bishops of, their dispute with the Popes about appeals,

N 20. n.
Alexandria, privileges of Bishop, N. 6.
Anastasius, impugner of the title Theotocos, E. introd.
Ancient customs confirmed, N. 6. 1 C. 2.
Angels not to be invoked, La. 35.
Antioch, privileges of Bishop, N. 6. not to meddle with

Cyprus, E. 8. n. Apocrisarii, Ch. 14. n. Appeals to provincial Synods, N. 5. Ap. 30. to a greater Synod,

Ant. 12. to Diocesan Synods, 1 C. 6. Ch. 17. to the Civil

Powers, or a General Council forbidden, 1 C. 6. Ant. 12. Archbishop, the original title of Patriarchs, N. Syn. Ep. n. 4. Arius, N. Syn. Ep. and n. 2.

Arians how admitted into the Church, 1 C. 7.
Asian Diocese, Ch. 18.
Autumn, time for one of the annual Synods, N. 5.


Bailiff or Paramonarius, Ch. 14. n.
Baptism of converted heretics, 1. C. 7. to be performed with

three immersions, Ap. 50. in the name of Father, Son, and
Holy Ghost, Ap. 49. Candidates for, to give in their names
in Lent, La. 45. Called enlightening, Neo. 12. La. 3. 4. 5.

46. Clinical incapacities for Orders, Neo 12.
Berus, a sort of dress, G. 12.
Bishop by whom to be ordained, N. 4. and n. Ant. 19. 23. Ap.

1. no new convert, N. 2. Ap. 80. only one in a City, N. 8.
subject to a Synod, N. 5. how to be proceeded against when
accused, 1 C. 6. Ap. 74. by what evidence to be convicted,
Ch. 21. Ap. 75. by whom to be censured, Ant. 13. Ap. 74.
by whom to be deposed, Ant. 4. 12. 14. Ap. 74. not to be
degraded to the rank of Presbyter, Ch. 29. and n. not to or-
dain a successor, Ant. 23. Ap. 76. not to reject his wife, Ap.
6. forbidden secular employment, Ch. 3. Ap. 7. 83. not to
be translated, N. 15. Ant. 21. Ap. 14. not to sell Orders, Ch.
2, Ap. 30. not to ordain the Clergy of other Bishops, N. 16.
Ap. 36. might shorten penance, N. 12. An. 2. 5. 7. his
personal property preserved to him, Ant. 24. Ap. 40. without

a See, Ant. 16. 18. An. 18. Ap. 36.
Bishopric to be filled in three months, Ch. 25.
Blood, or things strangled, or sacrificed to idols, not to be eaten,

G. 2. Ap. 63.
Book of the Western Bishops, 1 C. 5. n.

Canon of the Old and New Testament, La. 59. Ap. 85.
Canon, or list of the Clergy, N. 16, 17. Ch. 2. Ant. 1. 2. 11.
Catechist, Ch, 14, n.

Catechumens, orders of, N. 2. n. 14. n. lapsing become hearers,

N. 14. Neo. 5.
Cathari, or Novatians, N. 8. n.
Celestius, E. 1. n.
Chapters, the three condemned, 2 C. introd.
Charisius, E. 7. n.
Chorepiscopus, account of the office, N. 8. n.
Chrism, 1 C. 7. La. 7,48.
Christians, converted heretics so called before Baptism, 1 C. 7. n.
Church, ancient divisions of, N. Syn. Ep. n. 4.
Churches, ancient form of described, N. 11. n.
Clergy, not to take civil offices, Ch. 7. not to travel without

letters, Ch. 13. not to go to other Churches, N. 16. not to
have women living with them, N. 3. deposed, not to be evi-
dence against a Bishop, 1 C. 6. the inferior orders of, Ch.

14. n.
Code of Canons of the universal Church, Ch. 1. n.
Communion, at point of death allowed to all, N. 13.
Constantinople, privileges of Bishop, 1 C. 3. Ch. 9. 17. 28. o
Costanders, N. 11, and n.
Councils, Trullan or Quini-sextine, 3 C. introd.
Creed, Nicene.-Constantinople, addition of the words," and the

Son,” i C. Creed, n.—Nestorian, of Theodore of Mopsuestia,

E. 7. n.
Cyprus, not subject to any Patriarch, E. 8.
Cyril of Alexandria, his twelve anathemas against Nestorius,

E. end; his letter to Nestorius, Ch. Def. of Faith.

Deacons, their office, N. 18. n. not to sit with Bishops, amongst

the Presbyters, nor to give them the Eucharist, N. 18. La, 20.

seven in a City, Neo. 14.
Deaconesses, their office, N. 19. n.
Defensors, Ch. 2. 14. n.
Digamists, An. 19. Neo. 3. 7. La. 1.
Dioceses, the same as Patriarchates, N. Syn. Ep. n. 4. 1 C. 2.

Ch. 9. 28.

Dioscorus, Bishop of Alexandria, Ch, introd.
Door-keepers, Ch. 14. n.

Easter, day of keeping, N. Syn. Ep. and n. 5.
Egypt, Bishops of, subject to the Bishop of Alexandria. N. 6.

do nothing without his consent, Ch. 30.
Ephesus, the Latrocinium of, Ch. introd.
Eucharist, to be received by all who come to church, Ant. 2.

Ap. 9. 10. not to be celebrated in private houses, La. 58.

called the Viaticum, N. 13.
Eudoxians, 1 C. 1. n.
Eulogies, La. 32.
Eunomians, 1 C. 1 n.
Eunomius of Nicomedia, his case, Ch. 12. n.
Eunuch, voluntary, not to be ordained, N. 1. involuntary, may

be, ib. Ap. 21. 22.
Eustathius, of Berytus, his case, Ch. 12. n. of Pamphylia, his

case, E. introd. Another, his tenets condemned by the Coun-

cil of Ancyra, An. introd.
Eutyches, Ch. introd.
Exarch of a diocese, Ch. 9. 17.
Excommunication, clerical and lay, difference of, N. 16. n.
Exorcism, of converted heretics, 1 C. 7.
Exorcists, Ch. 14. n.

Fasting on the Sabbaths and Lord's days forbidden, G. 18. Ap.
64. in Lent, La. 50. Ap. 69. on Wednesdays and Fridays,

Ap. 69.
Foreigners, not to be received without letters, Ant. 7. Ap. 13. 26.

Goods of the Church, to be under the charge and disposal of the

Bishop, Ch. 22. Ap. 41. if sold during a vacancy may be
resumed, An. 15.

Hearers, N. 11. 4.
Heretics, how to be received into the Church, N. 8. 1 C. 7. La.

7. 8. who are so accounted, 1 C. 6. n. 2.
Honorius, Bishop of Rome, condemned as a Monothelite, 3 C.

Hypostasis, account of the word, N. Creed, n.

Jerusalem, or Ælia, privileges of, N. 7. and n.
Jews, communion with forbidden, La. 29. 37. 38. Ap. 70.. .
Incarnation of our Lord, the true doctrine of, explained, Ch. 2.

and 3 C. def. of faith.
Interpreters, Ch. 14. n.
John of Antioch, E. Syn. Ep. and n.

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Kneelers, N. 11. n.
Kneeling, on the Lord's day and during Pentecost forbidden,

N. 20.

Lapsed, how treated, N. 10. 11. An. 1 to 7.
Lent, Synods to be held before, N. 5. and n. observance of, La.

45. 49 to 52.
Leo I. Bishop of Rome, Ch. introd. Encyclical Letter to Flavian,

Bishop of Constantinople, Ch. def. of faith.
Leo III. refuses to allow the addition of the words, “and the

Son,” to the Creed, 1 C. Creed, n.
Leo, Emperor, Ch. introd.
Letters Pacifical, commendatory, dimissory, &c. account of
| Ch. 11. n..
Licinius, N. 11. n. 12. n.
Lord's day, La. 29. 49. 51.

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