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[DOCUMENTS REFERRED TO IN THE PRECEDING LETTER.] A Representation of the state of affaires in New England as

Collected out of Seuerall Letters & by reporte of Seuerall persons wch Lately came from thence as followeih.

One M: Kellon Who formerly had the Kings Warrant for aprehending Whaly & Goffe. Whome he followed making dilligent inquiry after them as farr as Newhauen, where being Credibly informed they were in two houses, yo sa Kellon went to yo Gouern" M' Leete for his asistance and Liberty to search, whch the said Gouern' refused should be don vntill such tyme as their did a Court sitt about it, wheh delay the sa M' Kellon Credibly beleues was an opertunitie giuen to Escape away wch he suposes they did from the s' two howses, & that wth the consent of Some of the Chieff Magistrates, y® said two Coll. being reported to bee at the said place two dayes after M* Kellons going away and yett no Care taken to aprehend them.

The said M" Kellon informing of a french Vessell that Came to Boston to trade Contrary to the Act of Nauigation, and prosecuting according to yo sd act in his Maties behalfe was condemned to pay yo Charge of the Court, though he fully proued the Information.

One M' Lositer a füsition taking notice of yo delay of Newhauen Gouern" & their Neglect to Yeild Obedience to yo Kings Warrant for Whaly & Goffe, in the name of him Selfe & diuers of his Neighbours to quitt themselues from yo Guilt of that neglect, drew vp a protest in Writting against itt, wt their reasons for so protesting, weh they gaue in to the Governo", & for ye protest the said M. Rossiter was a forthnight Imprisoned.

Its frequently taught & preached as a duty to hide ye fugitiues of Moab, the Kings Matio is spoken slitely of, & prognostick of a sudden Change in one yeare more & Such Like things are blowne about in New England to keepe vp a party in a hopefull Expectation of an alteration here

Diuers Youths lately p'secuted att Boston for making bonefires on Gunpowder treason day at night, it being kept as a thankesgiuing for yo returne of New England Agents, Yo Youths being Willing to Conforme to yo practise that Such a tyme affords in old England, for this the parents of the Youths were fined, but yo Children of yo Church Members Who Were guilty as much as Others. Scapt all Scott free.

One Cap Scott is reported to haue had ample power from yo King & Councell

, Wch in a little tyme in Long Island he putt forth to y® Imprisoning diuers, Others he threatned much, Especially y® Gouern" of Rods Island, butt hauing strick Comand from the Kinge to returne Wth all speede, hee Could not stay to Effect his intended designes, this Cap Scott by his Confident boasting of his fauor at Court is Entertayned of their Cabinett Councell at Boston, & now reported to bee in some imployment for them to England, One Thomas Joy but for asking him Whether he did not once keepe Cows, was asaulted w two or three boxes on the Eare & vpon Complaint of the s' Scott to yo Comission's the sa Joye was fined 200lb bound to his good behauior, and Since his Estate all Seized on.

Cap" Scott confidently affirmes that my Lord Chancello" in his heering & in publick audience asked M Clarke iff hee where not ashamed so Impudently to Vilify and acuse M' Winthrop (and M' Winthrop being present) my Lord Chancellor should say he wondered how M' Winthrop Could have the patience to bare itt.

Cap" Scott is much made of att Boston and reputed as their Sauiour, pretends to bee a greate fauorite att Court Weares about his Neck the Kings picture in gold, Wth a gold chayne, wch hee affirmes heere yo King gaue him and before his going over to New England he afirmed the Duke of Yorke gave it him.

Diuers inhabitants of Roade Island Colony have been imprisoned att Boston aboue 12 moneths for keeping possession of Lands bought of the Indians wch is not

in the bounds of their pattent, and notwhstanding

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their Apeales to his Matie when the Agents of the re. spectiue Collonyes where p'sent in England, are not yett releast butt more strictly Confined vpon the returne of yo sa Agents.

The Libertyes of New England are nothing att all inlarged, notwithstanding his Maties orders in his Letter, the Gene" Court spent about 3 Weekes tyme in descanting ypon itt what his Maties_meanes and disputing whether the King wthout the Parliment Cann Impose such things on them, and many doe Openly Expresse they neuer intend to Obserue his Maties Comands and Will dye before they Will Yeald to him, and are more seuere against the Kings friends than Euer they were.

Strange Reports are Raysed and blowne about concerning the diuisions of England the the (sic) King is gonn to Windsor Castle and dares nott Come to London. Thereby to discorage all the Kings freinds bere, and to keepe vp the Sperits of others in Expectation of Sudden Changes and alterations. Which are frequently pronosticated here.

Endorsed—Extracts of 5 Seuerall letters from New England. Feb. 1662. B: N° (13).”




May it please you' Lord? As I haue ptly vnderstoode wtt Indeauours there baue beene to obstruct the settelmte of the Gouerm of New England, so I also vnderstand that some (vnder the name of Inhabitant of, and adventurers to New England,) haue indeavored to render me vncapable, of bearing any share (as a seruant) in that worke, this hath not beene vnknowne to many who haue beene, and are much concerned there on weh some for p’vention of secret scandalls wch might hinder me of being the meanest seruan in

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this worke haue drawne vp, and subscribed, this inclosed testimony and presse me humbly to p'sent it to you" Lord they are not many yett enough, And truly my Lord these are the men wch long haue, and still doe driue on the trade in that place, and it will euedently be made appeare, that those, who haue indeauored to obstruct, are no way Considerable, nor cannot stand in competition wth these. I humbly leaue it with you" Lord”, and am ready at all tymes to attend your

Commande humbly cravinge the fauou' from you" Lord! that at some convenient tyme I may haue the happines to

yo": And I shall euer Remayne
You' Lordp. Most humble serut

To the righ! Honorable Edward

Earle of Clarendon Lord high
Chancello' of England. These
be most humbly p'sented.
Endorsed — “8. Mr. Mavericke 28. March. 1662. testimoniall frõ the Merchants.'

speake wth

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(DOCUMENT KEFERRED TO IN THE PRECEDING LETTER.] These are to certify all whome itt may concerne that the bearer heereof M! Samuell Mauerick, hath a long tyme dwelt in New England (allmost since the first plantation thereof by yo English) inioying the loue & friendly respects of yo Generallitye of the inhabitants their, amongst whome hee hath had his conuersation inoffensiuely, & not iustly liable to any obiection so farr as wee can heere or vnderstand saue that (for conscience sake) hee could not subiect to bee a Church memb", Butt otherwise in greate esteeme as a person whose desiers & endeauours haue allwayes bin for yo generall good of yo Cuntry, & for the inlargement of those iust Libertyes & priuilidges (wrch through the corruption of the tymes) the inhabitants their hauc bin depriued of, & haue greate hopes of beeinge restored vnto, by the endeauors of the sayd M: Mauerick, Whose retorne to New England in the effectuall accomplishment thereof would bee

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exceedinge ioyfull to farr the Maior part of the people their, To the truth whereof wee who haue liued those parts, and others of us who haue long tyme held correspondence, & bin frequent traders wih yo inhabitants thereof (for preuention of secrett scandalls obstructing his endeauours) haue thought fitt to giue him this testimoney to wth wee haue subscribed our names this 20th of March 1662. John Beix






TH: BELL [Name illegible.]

David YALE Join DAND


of Yorke in New Eng.

land some times an
Inbabitant 27 yeres.

Wee whose names are

aboue mencoped sre
the Company of Ad.
venturers for the Iron
Works in ye M-888-
chosetts in New Eng.




I thought it my duty to giue your Lof? this short accoumpt of Noua Scotia and our affayres therein. At my Arivall into these parts, it was the begining of winter, which broake not vp heer vntill May. The latter end of which month the Generall Court sate heer in Boston ; to whome I addressed my selfe for thier freindly assistance against the French or any other persons, in order to yo preseruing his Matis right in this Country. which I obtayned; haueing found the Country inuaded by the french on that part borders on Canada; vnder the Comand of two brothers Called by the Tytles fo Monsieur de Cowdray. and Monsieur Bell Iles. sonnes of

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