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and may well be supposed on his hard vsage in pri

3. The case of one Ratclife whome they handled cruelly, as most seuerely whiped his eares Cutt and banished on payn of death, no e[r]ime legally proued against him.

4. The sufferinges of Docto? Childe and Company were very remarkeable, no crime proued against them, only accused for petitioning, and appealinge from theire sentence. besides the hasard of theire lines Imprisonmen, monethes and some for yeare (sic), they were fined aboue one thousand pounds, Six of the scaven paid the fines, the other was three yeare or thereabout prisoner, wth Irons on, because he could not pay it.

5. Theire forcinge so many Gouermts vnder theire Command wch had as ample and more antient Patents then theires.

6. Their banishinge so many Considerable psons, who were forced to shelter them selues vnder the dut[c]h, wher some whole familyes of them, were shortly after, all murdered by the Indians or Captiued, theire Crime was only difference in Judgement.

7. Theire forcinge men and weomen, who are of Contrary Judgmt, to come to theire church meetinges, or to pay 5/s for euery default.

8. The puttinge to death so many quakers, strict Imprisonment, Cruell scurginges, heauie and insuportable fines laid on others, and strictly exacted to the vallew of a thousand pound and more.

9. Neither is there to be left out, that hard measure wch the owners of the Iron workes mett with all, the workes wch cost them forteene thousand pound, beinge taken from them, wh a full stocke of mine and Coale, vpon p'tence of a debt of three thousand three hundred pound.

My Lord I know no man can disproue what I haue said, much more I could say on either account,

As to theire petitioning for a Continuance of theire priviledges, Good my Lord I humbly conceive, if they

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could wthout scrupell, take away by force the priviledges, and dispose of the land of more then a dozen Patents many granted and po[sse]ssed before theires, his Matie doth them no Iniurie if he take away theires, beinge wth all many other wayes forfaited, All others I am sure will freely submitt to what his Matie shall order. I beseech Your Lord! pardon me for givinge yo" this trouble, You" Lordps most humble seruan!

To the righ Honorable Edward

Earle of Clarendon Lord High
Chancellor of England.

be these humbly presented.




May it please y* Lord! yf I misvnderstood yo' not, yo" ordered me to draw vp the heads of what might be thought requisit for those of the Messachusetts to Condescend vnto, vpon the Continewation of the Charter. I most humb[1]y conceiue they may be such as these followinge.

That all freeholders may have voats in Election of officers civill and Military.

That all psons inoffenciue in life and conversation may be admitted to the sacrament of the Lords supper, and theire childeren to Baptisme.

That such lawes as are now in force there, derrogatinge from the lawes of England, may be repealed.

That the oath of Allegance may be administered in steade of that wch they tearme the oath of fidelitie.

That they goe not beyond theire iust bounds, euen those wch for neare twentie yeares they were content wtball.

That they admitt of Appeales on iust & reasonable grounds.

That they pmitt such as desire it, to vse y® Common prayer.

That all writts &c. may be issewed out in his Mat




My Lord I hope you are pswaded of the greate necessitie there is of sendinge ouer some Commissioners for the further and better setlinge of those Collonyes, now out of order. I most humbly beseech yo" that all convenient expedition may be made, the summer passinge fast away.

As for the Dutch I haue p'sumed to giue yo? Lord? notice, how they incroach and increase and what course they haue taken to invite people to them, and how seuerall of oʻ English familyes are lately gonn to them. I leaue all to you" Lorne most wise Consideration, and shall alwayes attend you' Commands. Remay[n]inge You' Lord! most humble seruant

To the right Honorab!o Edward

Earle of Clarendon L. high
Chancelo' of England be these
Most humbly p'sented.

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His Mato was Gratiously pleased to make M' John Mann Surveyor Generall of Jamaica, where arriuing he found some opposition by the then Governor in

pursuance of his office, vpon which he preferred a Petition vnto his Ma'y that he would be pleased to giue order vnto the Lord Windsor present Gouernor now going to the Iland that he might be Incouraged in execution of

his office to measure and sett out land to the Planters according vnto his Pattentt And further he humbly desirs that his Matic wold be Gratiously Pleased to grant him the keeping Records of the sayd Lands being Duely Capable of the same by vertue of his surveyors Place woh Petition is by his Matie Referrd vnto my Lord Windsor to be grattified in his Requestt or otherwise to Certify what his Mats conceiue fit to be done theirin.

My humble request vnto yur LordPp_is before my Lord off Windsor Leaue England to Recomend the sayd John Mann vnto his LordPs fauour he being & will approue him selfe a most vsefull Person hauing at his one Charge made a survey off the Iland whereof he hath made a Draughtt & sentt itt vnto his Matie. Your Lordpps most humble servant

JOHN SHAW. 23th Aprill 1662.

Endorsed—“A Memoriall lowching M John Mann Surueyor off Jamaicz April 231 1662," and " A Lre from Jo. Shaw for L\ Cland to recomiend M J. Mann surveyor of Jamaica to ]. Windsor ye Governor',"'



My Lord o King

I humbly and earnestly craue yo? Majesties favour according to yor Royall word, for a speedy dispatch of a good & ample Charter for yo Colonie of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations, and that yo Charter lately granted unto my neighbor Mr. Wintrup may a gaine be reveiwed by yo' Majesty, for as much as therby he hath iniuriously swallowed up the one half of of Colonie: And yt now by yo' wisdome, through a cleer information of yo state of those Parts, such certaine & equall bounds & limitts may be set between us both, as may

best stand with y growth & flourishing of those Plantations & with yo Permanent hono' of yor Majesty & yo' Petitioners shall take themselues greatly obliged

John CLARKE. May 14. 62.

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May it please you' Lord” (if I know my selfe) I have
beene for some tyme, beene a faithfull Intelligencer, as
to the New-England affaires in psuance of weh I heare
wth humbly püsume to p'sent to you' Lord” a trew re-
presentation of the affaires as now they stand there,
colected out of seuerall letters lately come from thence
and also by report of many psons lately arived cuery
pticular, and more, will be playnely made out if re-
quired.' I leave all to you Lord’[-] wise Consideration,
and am att all tymes ready to attend you" Comandes.
And shall euer remayne
You' Lordps most humble seruant

My Lord I haue much more to say, so hath Cap'
Breeden and others, yf you please to Command vs att
any time to wayte on yo“.
To the righ honorable Edward

Earle of Clarendon Lord high
Chancellor of England these be
must humbly presented

Endorsed" New Englande. B: No. (12.)"

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