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That Jesuits or other French Residing with the Maques bee sent for to y Governo! at his Arrivall at Albany, to give an Acco of his being and Acting's in those parts: and if to continue to give such Assurance as is proper for his future Comport. N: 51.

April y: 10h 1676. There was a meeting of tho Governo and Councill in th: Morning upon occasion of the arrivall of Mr. Samuel Willis and Mr. W. Pitkin with a Letter from the Councill of Conecticott; tho Letter being read it was not adjudged that the Gent’men mentioned therein were authorized farther than in a Compliment or for advice thereupon they Produced their Instructions, and Read them, butt no further Authority appearing The Governor proposed to them to Deliver their minds in writing to the which hee would Likewise return them Answer in Writing.

Afternoon. M: Willis and M: Pitkin delivered in their Proposalls in Writing to the which after a Consultation of the Governo." and Councill Together with the Mayor and Aldermen an Answer was made and Publickly read to the Conecticott Gentlemen—the Governo? and Councill with the Mayor and Aldermen being together and divers Merchants and other stran: gers admitted to be present.

Ordered that a fair Copy of what was read be given th: Gentlemen as an Answer both to th: Letter and proposalls. The tenour as Follows.

The Proposalls. To the Hon! Major Edmund Andross Governo' of his

Highness Territories in America. Sir: Having Presented to your Honor the Letter which we received from yo. Secretary of the Councill of Conecticott Colony According to our Instructions and the import of that Letter as agents sent from the said Councill we do in their behalf desire.

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First that yo? honor will please to inform us of what Intelligence you have as to ye State &c. place of the Enemys of the Colony of Conecticott and what correspondence the Enemy holds with the Maquaes and Sennekes & how yo said Maquaes & Sennekes stand affected towards the said Colony of Conecticott, according as your Honor is advertized or knoweth,

Secondly that your hono? will advize us what is best to be done in Exciting the Maques & Sinneks to Prosecute their & our Enemy according as is Propounded in the said Letter and what Present (if any) you will advize us to give them and

Thirdly if your Honor advize us thereunto that you will please to afford your aid and Conduct to us therein an Interpreter with what else



prudence best Effectuate ye same.

Fourthly what Liberty your Honor" will Graunt us
to pass to Albany or any other Convenient place in your
Governm' to Excite yo said Indyans According to our
Instructions to proceed against our Ennemyes.
Your Honohumble Serv!


WILLIAM PITKIN New York April 10th 1676.

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An Answer to the proposalls of M! Samuel Willis and

M: William Pitkin in the name of the Councill of Conecticott from whom they Brought a Letter dated th: first of Aprill most mistaken and ineffectual.

You are sent agents to salute but not authorized or empowered to treate or conclude by said Councills Letter or otherwise that appears.

I know of no Commerce or Correspondence w such Indyans butt upon the Rumor of your Warr (having made fitting Preparations) when s? Indyans did approach our Confines were repulsed by our Indyans the Maquaes and Sinnekes and (as we are informed) are retreated beyond Conecticott River, but am Ignorant if

of you

our Indyans have any particular knowledge of which should be Best Known to yourselves.

2 & 3. Having already taken Fitting orders hope tho Maquaes &c will do their Duty as they ought to this Goverment on all Occasions and cannot be Subject to two.

4th Think it strange that you should ask to treat with any Branch of this Government apart and upon your own Acco! And Notwithstanding y Neighbourhood and all my Endeavours unasked that you have hitherto and Still Keep mee a stranger to all th. Concerns of your said Indyans Warr.

New York April 10" 1676.

No 52. At a Councell October yo 11th 1676

The Governo?
The Secretary
Cap! T. Delavall, M: Philips

Cap! Brockholls
Cap: Dyre

Major Treat Deputy Governor of Conecticott being present.

Proposes that one or more of the Maquaes Sachem may come to some of their Towns to renew friendship that they may Acknowledge their Kindness in assisting them against their Enemy y! North Indyans and Gratify them and that Prisoners of the North Indyans are in this Governm! may be delivered up to him.

It is alledged tho Governor received none till themselves made Proclamation to receive all those that would Come in and that he hath Security for them he hath Received.

And that the Maquaes are our Indyans and are so to be acknowledged and will be of ill Consequence for the Maquaes to Treat or to make application to another Government th: which will breed a distraction amongst them.

No 53.

At a Councill April 2d 1677
The Governor proposes a voyage to Albany it being

a Leysure time and a Necessity of going this year. The which concluded on. That Letters be written to Boston and Conecticutt about the Governours going up now to Albany and the Maquaes.

No. 54. From Book of Entries Letter C N° 18—1983. Entered for Henry Coursey Esq' this following Commission May 31 1677.

THOMAS NOTLEY Esq? Lieutenant and Chief Governour of the Provinc of Maryland under the Rḥt Hon!! Charles absolute Lord and Proprietary of th? Provinces of Maryland and Avalon, Lord Baron of Baltimore &c. To all to whome these Presents shall come or any way appertain. Greeting in our Lord God everlasting. Whereas th: Sasquahannoks Cinnigos and divers others Nations of Indyans Inhabitting to the Northward of this Province have Formerly committed divers murders and other outrages within this Province upon which there hath ensued a warr between his Ma". Subjects resïding within this Province under the Governm? his said Lordship as well as with those residing under the Governmt of his sacred Mates Colony of Virginia and the said Susquahannos and whereas the said Susquahannos bave sithence and lately desired to come to a treaty of Peace with his said Lordshipp and have (as I am informed) since y! said overture and submitted themselves to, and put themselves under thọ protection of the Cinnigos or some other Nation of Indyans residing to the Northward of this Province and within or near unto th: Territoryes of his Royal Highness the Duke of York Know Yee that I have constituted Ordeyned appointed and authorized, as I do hereby Constitute Ordain & appoint and Authorize Henry Coursey Esq! one of his Lordshipps Councell for this Province as Êmbassador or Envoy to Treate with and conclude a form! peace with the said Susquahannos Cinnigos or any other Indyans now unknown to or Inhabitting or Residing to th: Northward of us within or without the Territoryes of his said Royal Highnesse and from whom wee have already received Injury, or may hereafter reasonably sus

pect We may receive Injury by the Confederacy between them and the said Susquahannos upon such reasonable terms as to them shall seem meet, and convenient according to his Instructions. And forasmuch as the said Indyans do now Reside for th: most part wthin the Territory of his said Royal Highness or at least cannott be treated with but by a Journey to be had through his said Highness, his Territory and I do hereby constitute ordain appoint and authorize the said Henry Coursey to treat with Edmund Andros Esq? seigneur of sausmarez and Lieut. and Governo? Genrall under his Royall Highnesses James Duke of York and Albany &c. of all his Territory under his Governm: to the treaty with the Indyans aforesaid and to request his assistance in th: procuring of a firm and lasting Peace for all his Matis subjects in his mates colony of Virginia as well as for those of his Province with the Indyans aforesaid Wherefore I do request that the aforesaid Henry Coursey (according to the Laws of nations) may be Received creditted and believed Promising to Ratify, confirm and approve whatsoever shall be done by him in the Premises according to this my commission as if it were done by myself: Given at St Maryes under my hand and the Great Seal of this Province this thirtyeth day of aprill in the second year of his Lordshipps Dominion Anno Domini 1677.


NO 55. At a Council held at Fort James in New York

October the 9th year 1683.

The Governor
Capt. A. Brockholls
MF. fflypson
M' Step V. Courtland.
J. Spragge

The Governor acquainted the Sachem of the Ma quais, that the reason he sent for them was to tell

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