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Aliened Sold Allotted Assigned and set over & by these Presents do clearly and absolutely Give Grant Bargain Sell Alien Enfeoff allot assign and Confirm unto the s! William Bradford bis Heirs associates and Assigns, all that Tract of Land or Part of New England in America which lyeth in or Between and extendeth itself from the utmost limits of Cobicecontee alias Comusecontee which adjoineth to the River of Kenebunk alias Kenebeck towards the Western Ocean, and a Place called the Falls at Nequamkike in America aforesaid and the space of Fifteen English Miles on each side of said River commonly called Kennebeck and all the s River Called Kennebeck that lies within the sd Limits and Bounds, Eastward, Westward, Northward, Southward, last above mentioned, And all Lands, Grounds, Soils, Rivers Waters, Fishings, Hereditaments & Profits whatsoever, situate lying and being, arising, happening, or accruing, or which shall arise happen or accrue in or within the s! Limits & Bounds or either of them together with free ingress, egress, regress with ships Boats shallops and other vessels from the Sea commonly called the Western Ocean to the s? River called Kennebeck and from the s? River of Kennebeck to the s? Western ocean together with all Prerogatives Rights, Royalties and Jurisdictions, Priviledges Immunities & Priviledges and also Marine Liberty with the escheats and casualties thereof the Admiralty Jurisdiction excepted, with all the Interest Right Title and Demand whatsoever which the said Council or their Successors have or ought to have & Claim or may have and acquire hereafter in or any of the s! Portions or Tracts of Land hereby mentioned to be granted or any of the Premises in as free ample and Beneficial manner to all intents and purposes whatsoever, as the st! council by virtue of his Majestys s! Letters Patents may or can grant to have and to hold the s! Tract or Tracts of Land of all and singular the Premises above mentioned to be granted with their and every of their Appurtenances to the s! William Bradford his Heirs Associates and Assigns forever to the

only proper & absolute use and Behoofe of the s'! William Bradford his Heirs Associates and Assigns for ever yielding and Paying unto our s! Sovereign Lord the King his Heirs and Successors forever one fifth Part of the ore of Gold and Silver & one fifth part also to the President & Council, which shall be had Possessed and obtained within the Precincts aforesaid, for all services & Demands whatsoever, and the s? Council do further agree

& Grant to & with the s? William Bradford his Heirs Associates and Assigns, and every of them his and their Factors Agents Tenants and Servants and all such as he or they shall send and employ about his Particular Plantation, shall and may from time to time freely and lawfully go and return Trade and Traffick as well with the English, as any of the Nations within Precincts aforesaid with liberty of Fishing upon any part of the sea Coast and Sea shores, of any of the Seas or Islands adjacent and not being Inhabited or otherwise disposed of by order of the s? President and Council also to import Export and Transport their Goods and merchandize at their wills and Pleasures, paying only such duties to the kings Majesty his Heirs and successors as the s' President & council do or ought to Pay without any other Taxes, Impositions, Burthens and Restraints upon them to be impsed, and further the s' Council do grant and agree to and with the s' William Bradford, his Heirs Associates and assigns that the persons transported by him or any of them shall not be. taken away imployed or commanded either by the Governor for the time being of New England or by any other authority there from the business or Employment of the s! William Bradford and his Associates his Heirs and assigns (necessary defence of the Country, preservation of the Peace suppressing of Tumults within the Lands, Tryalls in matter of Justice by appeal upon spe. cial occasion only eccepted) also it shall be lawfull and free for the s' William Bradford his Associates his Heirs and assigns at all times hereafter to incorporate by some usual or fit manner to entitle him or themselves or the

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People there inhabiting under him or them with liberty
to them and their Successors from time to time to frame
and make orders Ordinances and Constitutions as well
for the better Government of their officers there And
the receiving and admitting any to his or their society
as also for the better Government of his or their People
and Affairs in New England, or of his and their People
at Sea in going thither or returning from thence and
the Same put in Execution by such officers and Minis-
ters as he and they Shall authorise and Depute. Pro-
vided that the s' Laws & Orders be not repugnant to the
Laws of England or the frame of Government by the
s! President & Council hereafter to be established
and further it sball be lawful and free for the go Wil-
liam Bradford his Heirs Associates and assigns, to Trans-
port Cattle of all kinds, also Powder, shot, ordinance
ammunition from time to time as shall be necessary for
their strength and safety hereafter for their several de-
fence to Encounter, Expulse repel & resist by force of
Arms as well by Sea as by land by all ways and means
whatsoever and by virtue of the authority to us derived
by his sd late Majesty's Letters patents to take apprehend
Seize and make Prize of all such Persons their Ships
and Goods, as shall attempt to Inhabit or Trade with
the savage People of that Country, within the Several
Precincts and Limits of his and their several Plantations,
or shall enterprize or attempt at any time Destruction,
Invasion, Detriment or annoyance to his and their sá
Plantation, the one moiety of which Goods, so seized
and taken it shall be lawful for the s' William Bradford
his Heirs associates and assigns to take to their
own use and behoofe, the other moiety thereof to be de-
livered by the sd William Bradford his Heirs associates
and assigns to such officer and officers as shall be ap-
pointed to receive the same, for his Majesty's use. And
the sd Council do hereby covenant and declare that it is
their intent and meaning for the good of this Plantation
that the gi William Bradford his associates his or their
Heirs and Assigns shall have and enjoy whatsoever

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Priviledge or Priviledges of what Kind soever as are expressed or intended to be granted in and by his sa late Majestys Letters Patents and that in as large and ample manner as the s? Council thereby now may or hereafter can grant, Coining of Monies excepted and the so Council for them and their Successors do Covenant and grant to and with the sa William Bradford his Heirs and Successors by these presents that the s. Council shall at any time hereafter upon request at the only proper costs and charges of the s? William Bradford his Heirs Associates and Assigns do make suffer execute and willingly consent to any further Act or Acts Conveyance or Conveyances assurance or assurances whatsoever for the good and perfect investing assuring and conveying and sure making of all the aforesaid Tract and Tracts of land, Royalties, Mines, Minerals, Woods, Fishings and all and singular their appurtenances unto the S. William Bradford his Heirs associates and assigns, as by him or them or his or their Heirs and assigns or his or their Council learned in the Law, shall be devised and required. And lastly Know Ye that we the s? Council have made constituted, Deputed Authorized and appointed Cap! Miles Standish or in his Absence Edward Winslow, John Howland and John Alden our Attorneys Jointly and Severally in our name and stead, to enter into the s! Tract and Tracts of Land and other the Premises with their appurtenances or into some part thereof in the manner of the whole for us in our names to take possession and seizin thereof and after such possession and seizin thereof or of some part there. of in y® name of ye whole had and taken, then for us and in our names to deliver the full and Peaceable possession and seizin of all and singular the so mentioned to be granted Premises unto the s! William Bradford his Heirs associates and assigns or to his or their certain Attorneys in that behalf ratifying allowing and confirming all whatsoever our s' attorney shall do in or about the Premises. In Witness whereof the s! Council Established at Plymouth, in the County of Devon for

the Planting ruling ordering and Governing of New England in America have hereunto put their Seal, the thirteenth day of January, in the fifth year of the reign of our Sovereign L. Charles by the Grace of God King of England, Scotland France and Ireland Defender of the faith &c: Anno Domini 1629.


The Within named John Alden authorized as Attorney for the within mentioned council, having in their name and stead, entered into some part of the Mentioned Tracts of Land and other the Premises in the name of the whole & for them & in their names, taken Possession and seizin thereof Did in the name of the said Council deliver the Full and Peacable possession & Seizin of all and Singular the within Mentioned to be granted Premises unto William Bradford for him his Heirs Associates and Assigns. Secundum form. Cart. In Presence of


A true Copy compared NATH! MORTON, Seck

with the Original.

SAM! TYLEY Jun! Clk.

N. 50.

At a Councill Aprill 16! 1675

The Governor
The Secretary

Mr. Laurence
Cap' W. Dyer

Resolved that y! Maques Indians be encouraged in their Loyalty and friendship to yo English and y. french to be sent to, not to molest them without Cause and forthwith to release any Hostages they may have of theirs : Engaging to Interpose (or help for due satisfaction to be given from the Maquaes to the French) upon all just Occasions requiring the french Governor promising the like for the Natives in their Limitts.

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