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hundered other psons weh are gon hence in discontent, and are not like to further the reducemt but


doe much to hinder it if not speedily p'uented. I leaue this to you' Lordships wise Consideration, And to pardon the bouldness of Sr You" Lordships most humble servant

To the righ: Honorab!. Edward

Earle of Clarendon Lord Chan-
cellor of England

these humbly p'sent.

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I was yesterday wth the Lord Privie Seale, who intended this day to wayte on you' Lord! I make bould heare inclosed to send you a breefe acc? of what hath past betwene his Lord! and my selfe, in refference to N. England. he put me to a taske yesterday, wch accordinge to what he propounded, and as the tyme would afford I have ready to p'sent to him, before he come to you" Lord”, And probably may shew it to yo". In what I may be short therein of what is expected I shall God willinge make vp with expedition My Lord I pceiue soine haue 'no desire that those psons in New England should be reduced: And shall make bould to put you" Lord' in minde, that if any thinge be resolued on that way the tyme of the yeare calls for expedition, and surely ny Lord the longer it is defferred the more difficult it will be to effect it Truly my Lord what euer I haue declared is truth, I haue no selfe end in what I haue donn, only a desire (yf it may be) that as I saw the first settelsmen of those ps so that I may see the

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reducement of them of them ynder his Maties obedience. wch is the earnest desire of You' Lordps most humble seruant,

SAMUELL MAVERICKE To the righ Honorable Edward

Earle of Clarendon Lord Chancello' of England these humbly






May it please you' Lord! The tyme seemes long since I had the happines to be admitted to you' p'sence, I am in duty bound to acquaint you' Lord”, that we haue certaine intelligence from Holland that the Dutch haue latly sent one shipp and are pʻparinge three more, for the strengthninge the New Netherlands. My Lord I am affrayed Whaley and Goffe, haue a hand in the buisines, and I wish some in New England be not also involued. There are many discontented psons heare also weh are pparinge to goe ouer speedily, 4 or 5 shipes are already designed, what the issew may be I know not. I haue had thoughts of late to propound to you" Lord? a p[s]on I aprehend fitt for a Commando' ther. It is Collonell Francis Louelace, a pson euery way accomplished for such an Imploy and very well beloued in all those pts. I leaue it to your Lordps consideration, being alwayes ready to wayte on you, I am S" You' Lordps most humble seruano

SAMUELL MAVERICKE. To the righ honorable Edward

Earle of Clarendon Lord high
Chancello' of England these be
humbly p'sented.

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May it please you' Lord! I am a daily obseruer of the many great and waightie affaires of the nation passinge thorough you' Lord! hands. Yett in the iniddest of the Croud I most humbly craue leaue, to acquaint your Lordsh! that wth in a moneth past or there about there haue gonn of from hence for New England many seditious factious psons, Convayinge ouer considerable estates, Three shippes more are preparinge for the same designe, and for ought we know to transport the like Cargo, for what else we cannot imagine. These added to those of the same humo' alr[e]dy there, may make y' worke proue difficult and chargable, weh if sett on wh expedition would be easily effected, Good my Lord pardon me, I can truly, and wth confidence affirme, that neither avarice, ambition, or desire of reuenge, hath put me on what I haue donn in this buisines from first to last, It is zeale to his Maties seruice, and affection to the many thousands of his Maties loyall subiects and my sufferinge freinds, weh hath made me so bould att this tyine as formerly to be troublesome to you? Lordship. The summer passeth away, and winter is not for any designe in those pts. My Lord the Earle of Marlebourgh is ready at any tyme you shall appoynt to wayte on you" Lordsh! So is also You' Lordships most humble servant

To the righ honorable Edward

Lord Hide Earle of Clarendon
Lord Chancellor of England.
these be humbly p'sented.

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Righ" HONORAB!, Sk

May it please yo' Lordsince I had the happines to kisse your hand I haue had seuerall discourses wth the Earle of Marlebourgh, and the Lord Winsor about theire seuerall designes, I haue propounded to theire Lordp. Considerable psons for Commanders such as (by discourse wih and full information from others) theire Lord” rest fully satisfied wth, as to theire abilities, for carying on the seuerall designes, but thus I finde and they vnders[t]and, that vnfitt psons striue hard for, and hope to, carry the cheife Commands, vnlesse yoʻ LordP interpose as for the East Indies, one Cap Minus, and Cap' Jerimiah Blackman, in whose roome some of the East India Company indeauou" to bringe in two others who were neuer there. And for the west Indis Cap Minges, well knowne by all and approued of by my Lord Winsor, is like to be outed, and in his roome put one Cap. Ffearnes, inconsiderable in respect of the other, as may easily be made appeare. Thus much I inake bould to acquainte y Lord! wth desiring his Maties designes may prosper. Cap Mings desires to kisse yok Lordos hand when you please to afford him that hono', so also doth Your LordP most humble seruan',

SAMUELL MAVERICKE. I haue beene often wth Collonell Venables, about the New England buisines and cannot vndersta[n]d wt is doun about it, I humb[l]y desire to håue the happines to speake wh you' Lord! wher yo" please to apTo the righ! Honora"! Edward

Earle of Clarendon, L: Chancellor of England these be humbly p'sented.

poynt, &c.



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May it please you Lord! I haue lately spoken wth Collonell Venables, and finde him not altogether of from the New-Enga designe, but backward because there haue beene no propositions made to him. I haue seene some vrch he hath drawne vp, to haue p'sented to you Lord? but fearing it might be ouermuchop'sumtion hath hitherto forborne. They are many and how you' Lord? will app[r]oue of them all I know not, yf euer they come to your view, I leave that to you' wise Consideration. And shall now humbly craue leaue breefely to repeate the heads of what I haue formerly spoken as to the well settellm of New England.

Good my Lord it is the considerablest of all his Maties Collonyes in America what if it were by Act of Parlam' annexed to the Crowne of England, I meane N. Eng from 40 degrees to 48. that bounde beinge alloted and that name giuen to it by Kinge James his Maties royall Progenito'.

How euer it will require a diuision into three Prouinces, and Commissioners appointed by his Matic, in either of them.

The oath of Allegance to be taken by all, as a toutch stone to try theire loyalty to his Matio

The Militia to be in the hands of such as his Matio may confide in, wch will enable him the better to Protect them.

The act of Indempnitie to be extended to all these as to life.

Pattents not apparently forfaited to continew Corporations according to the teno' of theire Gran's all free holders wth in their seuerall bounds having voats in Election of officers.

The iust bounds of euery Pattent fourthwth to be laid out.

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