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6. It is consented to, that any People may freely come from the Netherlands, and plant in this country, and that Dutch Vessells may freely come hither and any of yo: Dutch may freely return home, or send any sort of Merchandize home in vessels of their own country.

7. All Shipps from the Netherlands or any other place, and Goods therein shall be received here, & sent hence after the manner which formerly they were, before our coming hither, for six months next ensueing.

8. The Dutch here shall enjoy the Liberty of their consciences in Divine Worship and church Discipline.

9. No Dutch man here nor Dutch shipp here shall upon any occasion be pressed to serve in Warr against any nation whatsoever.

10. That the Townsmen of the Manhattoes shall not have any Souldier quartered upon them, without being satisfied, and paid for them by their Officers, and that at this present if the ffort be not capable of lodgeing all the Souldiers, then the Burgomasters by their Officers, shall appoint some Houses capable to receive them.

11. The Dutch here shall enjoy their own customs concerning their Inheritances.

12. All Publique writings and records wch concern ye Inheritances of any people or ye Reglm of yo Church or poor, or Orphans, shall be carefully kept by those in whose hands now they are, and such writings as particularly concerne the States Gen! may at any time be sent to them.

13. No Judgement that has passed any Judicature here, shall be called in question, but if any conceive that he hath not had Justice done him, if he apply himself to the States General, the other party shall be bound to answer for ye supposed Injury.

14. If any Dutch living here shall at any time desire to travaile or traffique into England, or any place, or plantation in Obedience to His Matio of England or wth the Indians hee shall (upon his request to the Governor) have a certificate that hee is a free Denizen of this place and Liberty to doe soe.

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15. If it doe appeare that there is a publique Engagement of Debt by the Town of the Manhatoes, and a way agreed on for the Satisfying of that engagement, it is agreed that yo same way proposed shall goe on, and that yo Engagement shall be satisfyed.

16. All inferior civil Officers and Magistrates shall continue as now they are, (if they please) till the customary time of new Elections, and then new ones to be chosen by themselves, provided that such new chosen magistrates shall take the oath of allegiance to His Majesty of England before they enter upon their Office.

17. All differences of contracts and Bargains made before this Day by any in this country, shall be determined according to the manner of the Dutch.

18. If it do appear that the West India Company of Amsterdam doe really owe any sums of Money to any persons here, it is agreed that Recognition, and other dutyes payable by shipps going for the Netherlands, be continued for six months Longer,

19. The Officers, Military, and Souldiers shall march out with their arms, Drums beating, and colours flying and lighted matches; and if any of them will plant they shall have 50 Acres of land set out for them, if any

of them will serve any as servants they shall continue with all safety, and become Free denizens afterwards.

20. If at any time hereafter the King of Greate Brittaine and the States of the Netherlands doe agree that this Place and country be redelivered into the hands of the said States whensoever his Majesty will send his commands to redeliver it shall immediately be Done.

21. That the Town of Manhatans, shall choose Deputyes, and those Deputyes shall have free voices in all Publique affaires, as much as any other Deputyes.

22. Those who have any Property in any houses in y ffort of Aurania shall (if they please) slight the Fortifications there and then enjoy all their Houses as all people do where there is no ifort. 23. If there be any Souldiers that will goe

into Hol



land and if the Company of West India in Amsterdam
or any private persons here will transport them into
Holland, then they shall have a safe Passport from Col
Richard Nicolls Deputye Gov' unto his Royall High-
nesse, and the other Com" to defend the shipps that
shall transport such souldiers, and all the Goods in them
from any surprisall or acts of Hostility to be done by
any of His Mates Shipps or Subjects. [24]. That the Co-
pies of the Kings Grant to his Royal Highnesse, and
the Copy of His Royal Highnesse's Commission to Coll.
Richard Nicolls, testified by two commissioners more and
M' Winthrop to be true Copies, shall be delivered to yo
honb! M' Stuyvesant the pGovernor, on Monday next
by Eight of the clock in the morning at yold Miln, and
these articles, consented to, and signed by Coll. Richard
Nicolls Deputye Gov' to his Royall Highness, and that
within two hours after, the Fort and Town called New
Amsterdam upon the Isle of Manhatoes, shall be deliv-
ered into yo hands of the s' Coll. Rich! Nicolls by the
service of such as shall be by him thereunto deputed by
His Hand & Seale.






I doe consent to these articles


No. 48. Articles made and agreed upon the 24 day

Sep 1664 in Fort Albany Betweene Ohgehaudo, Shanarage, Soacheneghton, Sachamackas, of the Maquas, Annawweed, Conkeeherat, Tewasserany Ascħannoondak, Sachamackas of the Synicks, on the one part, and Coll. George Cartwright in behalf of Coll. Richard Nicolls, Governor under his Royal Highnesse the Duke of Yorke of all the Territorys in America as Followeth : viz.

1. Imprimis. It is agreed that the Indyan Princes above named and their subjects, shall have all such wares and commodities from the English for the future as heretofore they had from the Dutch.

2. That if any English, Dutch or Indyans (under protection of English) doe any wrong, injury, or violence to apy of the said Indyan Princes, or their subjects in any sort whatever, if they complain to the Governors in New York, or to the Offi' in Chief at Albany, if the person so offending can be discovered, that person shall receive condigne punnishment, and all due satisfaction shall be given, and the like shall be done for all other English Plantations

3. That if any Indian belonging to any of the Sachims aforesaid, doe any wrong, Injury, or Damage to the English, Dutch, or Indyans (under the Protection of of the English) If complaint be made to the Sachims and the person be discovered who did the Injury, then that Person so offending shall bee punnished, and all just satisfaction given to any of his Matos Subjects in any Colony, (or other English Plantation in America)

4. The Indyans at Wamping and Espachomy and all below to the Manhatans, as also all such as have sub. mitted themselves under the Protection of his Matie are included in these articles of agreement and Peace. In confirmation whereof, the Partyes above mentioned have hereunto sett their Hands the day and yeare above written

Signed and deliver-
ed in the pres-

ence of


his marke

STEPHEN an Х Indyan

his marke

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These articles following were likewise proposed by the same Indyan Princes, and consented to by Coll. Ge Cartwright in Behalfe of Colì. Nicolls the 25th day of September 1664

1. That the English do not assist the three nations of the Ondiahes, Pinnehoocks, Pecamtehookes who murdered one of the the Princes of the Maques, when hee

brought ransom and Presents to them upon a treaty of Peace.

2. That the English do make Peace for the Indians with the Nations downe the River.

3. That they may have free trade as formerly.
4. That they may be lodged in houses as formerly.

5. That if they be beaten by the three nations above mentioned, they may receive accommodation from the English.

N° 49.

Monday June 22nd 1741
The Honblo Cadwallader Colden Esq' Pres!

Archibald Kennedy
James De Lancey
William Skene

William Sherriff
Eva. James Phillipps
Otho Hamilton

The Court Opened

The Committee for the Province produced the Original Charter for the province of the Massachusetts Bay under the Great Seal, and the Court ordered that a Copy thereof be transcribed & examined by two of the Clerks and attested by them, which was accordingly done and is as follows

William & Mary by the Grace of God King and Queen of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defenders of the Faith &c* To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting. Whereas His late Majesty King James the first our Royal predecessor, by his Letters Patents under the Great Seal of England, bearing Date

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