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of a commission given to me hy my Lords the high and Mighty States Gena!! to be Govern! Gen over New Holland, The Isles of Curaco, Bonaire, Aruba, with theire apurtenances and dependances bearing date 26!" of July 1646 as also hy vertue of a Grant and Commission given by my said Lords the High and Mighty States Gena!! to the West India Company in the yeare 1621 with as much power and as Authentique, as his Majestie of England hath given or can give to any Colony in America, as more fully appeares by the Patent and Commission of the said Lords the States Gena!! by them signed, registred, and sealed wt their Great Seal, which were shewed to yo? Deputy’es, Coll George Cartwright, Cap: Rob! Needham, Cap. Edward Groves, and MThomas Delaval, by well commission and Patent together (To deale frankly wyou) and by divers Lres Signed and sealed by our said Lords the States Gen !! directed to several persons both English, and Dutch. Inhabitants of the Towns, and Villages, on Long Island, (which without doubt have been produced before yo by those Inhabitants) by which they are declared and acknowledged to be their subjects, w!!! express command that they continue Faithfull unto them, under penalty of Incurring their utmost displeasure wch makes it ap/pear more cleare than the Sun at noon Day! That yo? first Foundation Viz (That the Right and Title of His Ma'io of Great Brittiane To these parts of America is unquestionable) is absolutely to be denied.

Moreover it is without dispute and acknowledged by all yo world, that our predecesso* by vertue of the commission, and Patent, of the said lords the States Gen! have without controul and peaceably, (the contrary never coming to our knowledge) enjoyed ffort Orange about 48, or 50 years, the Manhattans about 41, or 42 yeares the South River 40 yeares & y. ffresh water River about 36 year. Touching the second subject of yo? Ire (Viz: bis Matło hath commanded me in his name to require a surrender of all such fforts, Townes, or places of strength, wh now are possessed by the

Dutch under yo? command,) We shall answer, That wee are so confident of the discretion and equity of his Matie of Great Brittaine, that in case His Matie were informed of the Truth, w! is that the Dutch came not into these provinces by any violence but by vertue of Commission from My Lords the States Gena! first of all in the years 1614, 1615, and 1616, up the North River neare ffort Orange, where to hinder the Invasions, and massacres commonly committed by the Salvages They Built a Little Fort, and after in the year 1622 and even to this present time by vertue of Commission and Grants to y Governors of the West India Company, and more. over in the yeare 1656 a Grant to the Burgomasters of Amsterdam of the South River, insomuch that by vertue of the abovesaid Commission from the High and Mighty States Gen!!, given to yo per interested as afores" and others, These Provinces have been governed and consequently enjoyed, as also in regard of their first discovery uninterrupted possession and purchase of the Lands of the Princes, natives of the country, and private Persons (Though Gentiles) Wee make no dou! that if His said Matie of Great Brittaine were well informed of these passages, he would be too Judicious to Grant such an Order, principally in a time when there is so Straight a friendship and confederacy between our said Lords and Sup!* to trouble us in the demanding and , summons of the Places & ffortresses woh were put into our Hands wh order to maintaine them in the name of the said Lords the States Gen!, as was made appeare to yo! deputyes under the names and seals of the said High and Mighty States Gen!! dated the twenty eight July 1646.

Besides what has beene mentioned there is Little probability that his said Matie of England (in regard the articles of Peace are printed and were recommended to us to regard seriously and exactly) by a lre written to us by our Sa Lords yo States Gen! and to cause them to be observed religiously in this Country) would give order touching so dangerous a designe, being also so

apparent, that none other than my said Lords the States Gen”! have any right to these provinces and consequently ought to command and maintaine their Subjects wee y! Governor Gen"!' are obliged to maintaine their rights, and to repell, and take revenge of all threatnings, injustice, attempts, or any force whatsoever, that shall be committed against their Faithfull Subjects, and Inhabitants it being a very considerable thing to affront so mighty a State, although it were not against an ally and confederate.

Consequently if his said Mato (as it is fit) were well informed of all that could be spoken on this subject, hee would not approve of what expressions are mentioned in yo? Ire which are that you are commanded by his Ma" to demand in his name such places and ffort" as are in y® possession of the Dutch under my Government, which as it appears by my commission beforementioned was given me by my Lords the High and Mighty States Gen. And there is lesse ground in the express demand of my Government since all the the world knows that about three years agone, some English ffriggots being on y Coast of Africa, upon a pretended commission they did demand certaine places under the Government of our s? Lords the States Gent! as Cape Vert, River of Gambo, and all other places in Guyny to them belonging, upon which our said Lords the States Geno!! by vertue of the articles of Peace, having made appeare the said attempt to his Matie of England, they recy? a favourable answer, His said Majesty disallowing all such acts of Hostility as might have been done, and besides gave orders that restitution should be made to the East India Company of whatsoever had been pillaged in the said River of Gambo, and likewise restored them to their Trade. Which makes us think it necessary that a more express order should appeare unto us, as a sufficient warrant for us towards my Lords the High and Mighty States Gene!! since by vertue of our said commission wee do in these provinces represent them; as belonging to them and not to the King of Great Brittaine, except

his said Mato upon better grounds make it appear to our s? Lords the States Geno! against w ch they may defend themselves as they shall think fit.

To conclude, wee cannot but declare unto you though the Governo's and Coms of his Matie have divers times quarrelled with us, about the bounds of the Jurisdiction of the High and Mighty the States Gen' in these parts, yet they never questioned their Jurisdiction in itself, on the contrary in the yeare 1650 at Hartford, and the last yeare at Boston they treated with us on this subject w! is a sufficient prooff that his Majesty hath never been well informed of the Equity of oure cause, Insomuch as we cannot imagine in regard of the articles of peace betweene the Crown of England and y® States Gen." (under whom there are so many subjects in America as well as in Europe) that his s? matie of Greate Brittaine would give a commission to molest and endamage the subjects of my said Lords the States Gen! especially such as ever since [for] 50, 40 and ye latest 36 years have quietly enjoyed their Lands, Countryes, fforts, and Inheritances. And lesse that his subjects would attempt any acts of Hostility or violence against them, and in Case that you will act by Force of Arms, We protest and Declare in the name of our said Lords the States Gen., and before God and man, that you will act an unjust violence and a breach of the articles of peace, so solemnly sworn, agreed upon, and Ratified by His Majesty of England, and my Lords the St. Gen. and ye rather to prevent the shedding of Blood, in the Month of February last, wee treated with Cap! John Scott (who reported he had a commission from His so Mato) touching yo Limits of Long Island, and concluded for the space

of a yeare, that in the meane time the business might be treated on, between ye the King of Greate Brittaine, and my Lords the High and Mighty States Gen"! and again at p’sent for the hindrance and prevention of ali differences, and the spilling of Innocent Blood not only in these p but in Europe, We offer unto you a Treaty by our Deputyes M: Cornis Van Ruyven, Secretary and

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Receiver of New Holland, Cornelius Steenwich Burgom!
M: Samuel Megapolensis Doctor of Physick, and M
James Cousseau heretofore Sherriffe.

As touching the threats in your conclusion wee have nothing to answer, only that we Feare nothing but what God (who is Just as mercifull) shall lay upon us, all things being in his Gracious disposal, and we may as well be preserved by him with small Forces, as with a greate Army wch makes us to wish yo" all happynesse and prosperity and recommend you to his Protection. My Lords Yo' thrice humble and affectionate Servant and Friend

(Signed) P. STUYVESANT. Ffort Amsterdam 24 Sep! New Stile


NO 47. These articles following were consented to by

the persons here under subscribed at the Go" Bow. ery August 27th old stile 1661,

1. We consent that the States Gen!! or the West India Company shall freely enjoy all ffarms and Houses (except such as are in the fforts) and that within Six monthes, they shall have free Liberty, to transport all such arms and ammunition as now doe belong to them, or else they shall be paid for them.

2. All Publique Houses shall continue for the uses which they are for.

3. All people shall still continue Free Denizens and enjoy their Lands, Ilouses, Goods, Shipps, wheresoever they are within this Country and dispose of them as they Please.

4. If any Inhabitant have a mind to remove himself he shall have a yeare and six weeks from this Day to remove himself Wife, children, Servants, Goods and to Dispose of His Lands here.

5. If any Officer of State or public Minister of State have a mind to go for England, they shall be transported fraught free in His Majesties ffriggots when these ffriggots shall returne thither.

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