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the place 8 or 9 yeeres, I conseаue for want of fitting choyse, this defect in Number of Maiestrates I humbly, Conseаue is a breach of theire Charter, and wheras the end of the grant for Euery privilidge, they are limited not to doe or inact any thinge, Contrary or repugnant to yo law of England, Notwithstanding they haue made, that Capitall law before mentioned, which if any vpon the account of Loyalty to his Ma's breake he may die for it, as some of those formerly mentioned or one of them at least now like to doe, ye Maiestrates being publiquely exhorted and pressed Soe to doe, by one Mr. Rogers a minister in his Sermon before the Court, they haue likewise lately taken away the life of three quakers by some law or other they haue lately made, two also were exsicuted for adultery by a law theire made (in other perticulers I beleiue they haue broken theire patent, but suppose it be not broken and they will not Surrender it, They may procead as a Corporation with in theire owne iust bounds, if they can find men willing to elect officers or be elected, And yet I humbly conseаue it is Convenient and very necessary that a Generall Gove" be sent with all convenient Speed, whoe may Setle the bounds of euery patent, Now all in confusion as I sayd before, and in case of appeales to See iustice don Impartially and without delay for want of which benefitt of appeales many haue suffered deeply there. If resolved on, then whether one Single person or Some Commissioners may I be soe bold with you" Lordshp as to shew my weake apprehentions either may doe well, but a Single person is more honorable And truly my Lord the place is not despicable, it is the greatest Scoape of land, most improved and populated of all his Ma's Collonies in America, and indeed without it, most of the others could not haue gon on, nor will not well Subsist for the future.

If there be any doubt of their receaveing A Governor or Commiss" my Lord pardon my bouldness.

bouldness. I am confident theire wilbe little or noe opposition. I am very well assured thre quarters parts of the Inhabitants

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will ioyefully and thankfully receive them, as the restorers of them to libertye from long bondage, both in Civill and in eclesiasticall respects. howeuer for the more hon ble carying on of the business, two or three Ships not great ones wilbe convenient some armes, these will awe them if they refuse, and keepeing of them from trade a few moneths or weekes doe the worke, And also regaine the Dutch plantation if soe ordred, And truely my Lord. that is a business of great consernement to his Mates interest in America. Now some propositions must be layd downe, I beseach yon" Lordshp once more to pardon me if I shew you my poore and weake apprehentions.

Fyrst the act of indemnitie to be extended to them as conserning life and although they never allɔwed any libertye of Conscience to those diffring never soe little in judgm from them haveing debard soe many thousands the Sacrament of the Lords Supper, though of Competent knowlidge and in offensive in theire lives and Conversations, and many thovsands of the Children of those parents are vnbaptised. Some aboue 30 yeeres old, neither would they Ever permitt any minister that would to doe it. And also haue Compelled although of another iudgment to come euery Sabboth day to theire meeteing, or for default to pay 5 s euery time and haue also made them to Contribute largely to those ministers which would not officiate as aforesayd, Yet my Lord if it may stand with the good likeing of his Mate and Hobe Counsell

, I could wish, that contributeing according to theire estates towards and (sic) orthodox allowed minister his competent mainetaynance in Euery parish, all which is noe more then they haue made others to doe for many yeeres past. I say I wish they might haue libertye to hear whear they please, this libertye to be inioyed tell abused.

As to Civill libertye if they freely submitt to his Mato I wish they may inioy all libertyes belonging to subiects. although they haue debard many thousands for many yeeres of theirs, Certainely these things offred to thein

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cannot but ingage them to a free and willing returne to obedience, haveing with all the protection of theire owne Gratious King and his confermation of the Lands they now posses or shall heare after take vp.

Now my Lord how a revenew shalbe raysed, truely in this I am to seeke what to say, onely this I apprehend there is noe one but will willingly pay Some Small annuall rent to his Mate for the lands he shall conferme to them as one halfe penny p Acre, which in tyme will amount to reasonable Somes, the Customes also in time will pve considerable, As towards the mainetenance of a Gove" or Comm", I could wish there might not be Soe much imposed on the people as formerlye, Some reasonable Some reasonable Some (sic) I am sure they will willinglye give, the rest for present must necessarilye be made vp some other way, the Customes of marchandise imported from forraine parts and Some exported to forraine parts will helpe.

And now my Lord haveing given you Some perticulers of theire actings and transactings in New England, and wherein I conseave they haue forfited there Charter, also how necessary I conseave it is that a Gove' or Com" be speedily sent over, the probabilitye of there free reception there And to Seaverall other perticulers, I haue presumed to show my poore and weake apprehentions, leaveing all to you Lordships Serious consideration.




When I appeared before you' Lordship, and the rest of the righ' honorabl• Councell, expectinge other inter[ro]gatories, I declared not so fully as I should, as to the question, whither they euer ownd his Matics souerainty

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ouer them, I declared some actions wheh I humbly conceiue rendered them of another Judgmen! as defacing the English Coulors. Bringinge theire forces in armes and declaringe it was to resist y® landinge of a generall Gouerno' sent by the Kinge. The rage betweene Brookes and Ewers. Theire pmittinge shippes belonginge to places in obedience to the Kinge to be taken vnder theire forts wheh they might haue prevented. Byndinge all bound from thence in those tymes, not to commerce or trade wth any people that held out for his Maiestie A Cappitall law in the 12th page of theire law booke is, That who euer shall Indeauou" the alteringe of the frame and politie of Gouern of that theire Comonwealth shall be put to death. Many other thinges I omitted. As in the begininge of the late troubles to incite men to come ouer sermons were frequently preached on that text Curse yee Merosh &c. At the first newes of his Maties death the gouerno" and magestrates sittinge att supper, one asked if it were good newes, another answered the best that euer came and no contradition. And p'sently after, he was not thought to haue taken a ptinent text, yf not such as these. He pulleth down the mightie from theire seates and exalteth yo humble and meeke. And I will ouerturne &c. for the Oath of Allegance it was neuer administred to any although some haue desired it, but insteed there of the oath of fidelitie hath beene forced on all aboue 16 yeares of age. Wherein euery one must acknowledge himselfe to be subiect to the gouerm of that Commonwealth, and to be faithfull to the same, and yeeld assistance wth

pson and estate, to maintayne, the Liberties and privilidges thereof. And to submitt to Lawes established by the

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Many acts of high Iniustice haue beene donne, but more remarkable that agt Doctor Child and six others, who for desiringe to haue a body of lawes established, and as neare as might be agreeinge wth the lawes of England. Liberty as freeholders to haue votes in election of publique officers, or to be freed from publique charges. And

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psons of competent knowledge and inoffenciue in theire liues and conversations to be admitted to the Sacramt of the L. Supper, and theire childeren to baptisme for this wth hazard of theire lyues, they were besides fined about one thousand pound, And appealinge for England it was peremptoryly refused. And the recorde of that buisiness, almost totally falsified, as was there in Court since Justified.

As for liberty of Conscience the p'tence of theire going ouer, they neuer yett allowed any to those neuer so littell differinge in Judgment from them, There are many thousands haue not received the sacramt since they went ouer, and many thousands more borne there in the like Condition, although they are of Competent knowledge, and ready to giue account of it in publique, and liue not scandalously, And many thousands are vnbaptised of whome some are aboue thirtie yeares old.

My Lord, yf on what Complaynts haue come against these psons, a small pte in Comparison of the rest of the Considerable freeholders, The Kings Maiestie, resolue not on sendinge ouer a generall Gouerno" wth expedition, his Maties loyall subiects there wch are three pts of fower, will be frustrated of theire expectations, remayne disconsolate, and still sufferers, on both accounts civill and Eclesiasticall.

I assure you my Lord the worke will proue more dificult, if not speedily p'uented, when we appeared before your honors

, that Impudent and inconsiderable pson Scott thrust in after vs, And we have iust cause to suspect as a spie. for that night one Cap' Leuerett a proud spirited pson slipt privatly abord one of the shippes bound for N. England ridinge in the downes. It is that pson who in Oliuers tyme and since, was the N. Eng. land agent, And did not long since say, that before New England should admitt of appeales to England, they would deliver it vp to the Spaniard, proued by a substantiall psons oath before a Comitee in Doctors Com

And in these shippes are gonn also aboue one

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