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fame seat with you, who think themselves happy to hear, what you hear with indifference or disgust. If you knew your state as a finner, your need of a Saviour, and the excellency and glory of the Saviour whom we preach to you, you likewise would be pleased; and a preacher of very moderate powers would fix your attention, and gain your esteem, if he preached this gospel. But what ideas do you form of a future state ? Surely, you cannot suppose that in the eternal world you will meet with any of the poor expedients you have recourse to now, for filling up your time, which otherwise would hang heavy upon your hands. To attempt a detail of the round of vanities, which constitute a worldly life, would be unsuitable to the dignity of the pulpit. Let it suffice, that death will remove you from them all. If they are now necessary to what you account your hapa piness, must you not of course be miserable without them? If you believe you shall exist hereafter, do you not desire heaven ? But such a heaven as the word of God describes could not afford you happiness, unkt: " mind be previously changed relish it. Neither the emplu: ..... :

company of heaven would be pleasing to you. It is a state, where all the inhabitants unite in admiring and adoring him who died upon the cross. If this subject is displeasing to you here, it would be much more so there. Heaven itself would be a hell to an unhuma bled, an unholy soul. Consider this seriously, while there is time to seek his face; and tremble at the thoughts of being cut off by death in your present state, insensible as you are of who he is, and what he has done for finners. May he enlighten your under. standing, and enable you to see the things pertaining to your true peace, before they are for ever hidden from your eyes !





PSALM Ixviii. 18.

Thou haft afcended on high, thou hast led cap

tivity captive : Thou hast received gifts for: men; yea, for the rebellious also, that the

Lord God might dwell among them. . W H EN Joseph exchanged a prison,

W for the chief honour and government of Egypt *, the advantage of his exaltation was felt by those who little deserved it. His brethren hated, and had conspired to kill him. And though he was preserved from death, they were permitted to sell him for a bondfervant. He owed his servitude, imprisonment and sufferings to them; and they were

* Gen. xlv. 4, 5. E 2


afterwards indebted to him for their lives, subsistence, honour and comfort. God in a wonderful manner overruling their evil conduct, for future good to themselves. Thus Jesus was despised, rejected and sold; and he was actually flain. But he arose, and ascended. The man of forrows took poffeffion of the throne of glory, and not for himself only.. His honour is the source of happiness to those who were once his enemies, and rebellious against him. For the sake of such he lived and died. For their fakes he lives and reigns. He fought, conquered, and triumphed over their enemies. As their

on them. Such gifts as their necessities required, derived from the relation he was pleased to stand in to them, and from the value and dignity of his engagements on their behalf. Such gifts as he alone could communicate, and which alone could restore them to the favour of God, and revive his image in their hearts; so as to make it suitable to his holiness and truth, for the Lord God to return to his polluted temples, and to dwell in them and among them,

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