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time all this glory and honour, the scripture Horks : es the Lamb that was lain to be worthy. do-est inlz. om, riches, and strength, are his. His the Lumi nc . : is infinite, his authority supreme. He full-arbeid. author and giver of all good. He has carth, wie n himself, and he is the life of all that Mijas materia The Lord and head of the church, O Lad! of the universe. Can language express, heliselt, feruig an heart conceive, a higher ascription and Great and nowledgment than this ? Can all this be Goal Aligént 2 to a creature, to one of a derived and The King i pendant character? Then, surely, the scripJ. Befire would have a direct tendency to problefling lote idolatry. Far be the thought from us ! bise 'he scripture teaches us the knowledge of

- he true God, and the worship due to him.

Therefore, MESSIAH, the Lamb that was pw-fain, is the true God, the proper and im: mediate object of the worship of angels, and

of men. - Let us, therefore, take up a lamentation Lies for those, who flight the glorious Redeemer, Voor and refuse him the honour due to his name.

Their mistake should excite, not our anger or fcorn, but our pity and prayers. Are there any such amongst us? Alas, my fellow-finners, you know not what you do ! Ff 3


Com Their m

Alas, you know him not, nor do you know yourselves. I am well aware that a thousand arguments of mine will not perfuade you. But I can simply tell you, what would foon make you, at least, desirous, of adopting our sentiments upon this subject. If he, who has that power over the heart which I have been speaking of, was pleased to give you, this moment, a sense of the holiness and authority of God, and of your conduct towards him, as his creatures ; your strongest objections to the high honours we attribute to the Saviour, would, this moment, fall to the ground. And you would be immediately convinced, that either Jesus Christ is the true God and eternal life, or that you must perish. You would no longer expect mercy, but in a way perfectly consonant with the righteousness and truth of God, declared in his word, and with the honour and purity of his moral government. This would lead you to perceive the necessity of an atonement, and the insufficiency of any atonement, but that, which, the Lamb of God has made by the sacrifice of himself *, and that the efficacy even of bis mediation depends Heb. ix. 26. .


upon his divine character. The scriptural doctrines, of the depravity of man, the malignity of sin, the eternal power and Godhead of the Saviour, the necessity and efficacy of his mediation, and the inevitable, extreme, and endless misery, of those who finally re-i ject him, are so closely connected, that if the first be rightly understood, it will open the mind to the reception of the rest. But till the first be known and felt, the importance and certainty of the others will be sufpected, if not openly denied.

Though the doctrines I have enumerated, are, in these sceptical days, too generally difputed and contradicted, I am fully confident, that it is impoffible to demonstrate them to be false. Upon the lowest fupposition, therefore, they possibly may be true; and the consequences, depending upon them, if they should be found true at last, are so vastly momentous, that even the peradventure, the possibility of their truth, render them deserving of your most serious consideration. Trifle with yourselves no longer. If they be truths, they are the truths of God. Upon the same authority stands the truth of that gracious promise, that he will give his holy Ff4


Spirit to them that ask him. Let me entreat you to make the experiment. This is the proper point to begin with. Instead of indulging reasonings and speculations, humble yourselves before the Lord, and pray for the light and influence, which, he has said, he will afford to them who are willing to be taught. Read the scripture with deliberation, and do not labour to fortify yourfelves against conviction. Break off from those practices, which your own consciences adinonish you, cannot be pleasing, to him, who, is of purer eyes than to behold iniquity. Then shall you know, if you will fincerely follow on, to know the Lord *. But if not, if you will, in a spirit of levity, presume to decide upon points, which you will not allow yourselves feriously to examine, should you, at last, perish in your obstinacy and unbelief, your ruin will be of yourselves, You have been faithfully warned, and we thall be clear of your blood,

* Hof. vi. 3.


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[And every creature which is in heaven, and

on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the fea, and all that are in them, beard I, saying,] Blessing, and honour, and

glory, and power, be unto him that fitteth · upon the throne, and unto the Lamb, for

ever and ever,

M E N, have generally agreed, to dignify

IV their presumptuous and arrogant disquisitions on the works and ways of God, with the name of wisdom ; though the principles upon which they proceed, and the 'conclusions which they draw from them, are, for the most part, evident proofs of their depravity and folly. Instead of admiring the


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