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4. Strength. That energy and efficacy of his power, by which he accomplishes his holy purposes. Who can conceive of this? How just is the Pfalmist's reasoning, He that formed the eye, shall not be lee? He that planted the ear, Jhall not be bear * ? So we may say, How strong is he, from whom, all created strength is derived, and before whom the strength of all creatures, if collected into one effort, would be as chaff before the whirlwind? The Lord of all power and might speaks, and it is done; he commandeth, and it standeth fast. Though the waves of the stormy sea toss themselves, they cannot prevail t; he checks them in the height of their rage, setting bounds to their violence which they cannot pass, saying, Hitherto Malt thou come and no farther, and here shall thy proud billows be stayed I. With equal sovereignty, certainty, and ease, he rules over moral agents. He formed the heart of man, and he can fill it with terror or with comfort, in a moment, in any affignable cir. cumstances. He can make it happy in a dungcon ll, or impress it with dismay and

* Pf. xciv.g. + Pl. xciii. 3, 4. I Job xxxviii. 10, 11. | Acts xvi. 25.


despair upon a throne *. All hearts are, thus incessantly, under his influence. And the hedge of his promise and protection, surrounds those who trust in him, as with mountains and walls of brass and fire, impenetrable to the assaults of the powers of darkness, unless so far as he, for wise and holy ends, is pleased to give permission. With the arm of his strength he upholdeth them that are falling and raiseth up them that are bowed down t, and, is, in one and the fame instant, a present and immediate help in trouble, to all who call upon him In Therefore they that abide under his shadow are safe; they pass, unhurt, through floods and flames, because their Redeemer is strong. And when, in defiance of all their enemies, he has brought them together in his heavenly kingdom, they will, with one consent, ascribe unto the Lord glory and Itrength.

5. Honour. He is the fountain of it. All the honour of his creatures, and of his people, is from him; as the sun beautifies and gilds the objects he shines upon, which, without him, are opaque and obscure. Because his people are precious in * Dan. v. 5, 6. + Pf. cxlv. 14. Pf. xlvi. 1.. vol. II. Ff


his light they are honourable. He clothes them with the garments of salvation, covers them with a robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decketh himself with ornaments, as a bride adorneth herself with jewels *. But who can speak of his own inherent honour, as God-man and Mediator! We must wait till we see him, without a cloud or vail, receiving the homage and adoration of angels and men. For, as yet, the one half cannot be told us ! Then, however, it will be universally known, that he who possesses the fulness of wisdom and power, riches, and strength, is worthy to receive all honour. Ah! how different will he then appear, from that humble form he once assumed, when, for our fakes, he was a man of fora rows, despised, rejected, and nailed to the ignominious cross !

6. Glory. The manifestation of God, that, by which, he is known and magnified, in the view of finite intelligences; the result, the combined effulgence of his holiness, grace, wisdom, truth, and love : this is his glory, and this glory is revealed and displayed in Christ. He is glorious in his * Ifa, Ixi. 10.


works of creation and providence, but these do not fully exhibit his character. But in the Lamb upon the throne, his glory Thines, full-orbed. And all in heaven, and all in earth, who behold it, take up the fong of Mofes and the Lamb *, Who is like unto thee,

O Lord? Who is like unto thee? Glorious in choliness, fearful in praises, doing wonders !

Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord
God Almighty! Just and true are thy ways,
Thou King of saints of !

7. Bleffing. He is the author of alt blessings, of all the happiness and good which his people receive, and he is the deserved object of their universal praise. The different fenses, in which we use the word, blessing, taken together, may express that intercourse or cominunion, which is between the Head and the mystical members of his body. He blesses them effe&tually, with the light of his countenance, with liberty, grace, and peace. He blesses them daily. His mercies are renewed to them every morning. He will bless them eternally. Blessed are the people who have this Lord for their God. They can make him no suitable returns, yet, * Exod. xv. II. + Rev. xv. iii. Ff 2


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when they speak of the heaven they hope for TOW

hereafter. Such is the blessedness of those uho have already died in the Lord. They tee his face, they drink of the rivers of plexa fure, which are at his right hand, they calle down their crowns before him, and lay, Thou art worthy-Let us not be nothful", but followers af them, who through faith an

patience, have finished their course, and are ' entered into the joy of their Lord.

* Heb. vi. 12.

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