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nour? Believers are more frequently despised, than envied, in this world. But they may congratulate one another. The King of kings is their friend. They have honours and pleasures which the world knows nothing of. Their titles are high, they are the fons and the daughters of the Lord almighty * Their poffefsions are great, for all things are theirs of. They are afsured, of what is best for them in this life, and of life eternal hereafter. They are now nearly related to the King of kings, and shall ere long be acknowledged and owned by him, before assembled worlds. They who now account the proud happy, will be astonished and confounded when they shall see the righteous, whom they once undervalued, shine forth like the fun in the kingdom of God.

4. We may lastly infer the extreme folly and danger, of those, who persist in their rebellion and opposition against this King of kings, and Lord of lords. Though he exercises much patience and long-suffering towards them for a season, the hour is approaching, when his wrath will burn like fire. It is written, and must be fulfilled, * 2 Cor. vi, 18. † I Cor. iii. 21.



the wicked shall be turned into kell, and all the nations that forget God *. Oh the solemnities of that great day, when the frame of nature shall be dissolved, when the Judge shall appear, the books be opened, and all mankind shall be summoned to his tribunal ! Will not you yet tremble and bow before him, ye careless ones, while he is seated upon a throne of grace, and while the door of mercy stands open ? Once more I call, I :warn, I charge you, to repent and believe the gospel. If to day you will hear his voice, it is not yet too late. But who can answer for to-morrow? Perhaps, this night your soul may be required of you f. Are you prepared for the summons ? If not, seize the present opportunity. Attend to the one thing needful. Seek his face that your soul may live. If not, remember that you are warned, your blood will be upon your own head. We have delivered our message, and if you finally reject it, you must answer for yourselves, to him whose message it is.

* Pl. ix. 17. Luke xii. 20.





JOB xix. 25, 26.

I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he Shall stand in the latter day upon the earth. And though after my skin, worms destroy

this body, yet in my fless shall I see God. CHRISTIANITY, that is, the reli

U gion, of which, MESSIAH, is the author and object, the foundation, life and glory; though not altogether as old as the creation, is nearly so. It is coeval with the first promise and intimation of mercy given to fallen man. When Adam by transgression had violated the order and law of his creation, his R 3


sa, tez: is, the rest ofcétion of his 14t52:God, was 2: 29 end. Sin de

S, 2 cace, cifth and hope, of love dig. Her longerdefred, he no longer cald bear, the presence of his cffended Veiks. He szint; fought to avoid it, and vibes compeiled to asiwe, though he could nci der; his guilt, instead of making an ingenuous cookesica, he attempted to fix the blame upon the woman, or rather indeed upon the Lord himself, who had provided her for him. But mercy, undeserved and undesired, relieved him from a state, in which he was already become obdurate and desperate. A promise was given him of the feed of the woman *, which virtually contained, as the seed contains the future plant, the substance of all the subsequent promises, which, were fulfilled by the incarnation of the Son of God, and by all that he did, or suffered, or obtained for finners, in the character of Mediator. For å finner can have no comfortable intercourse with the holy God, but through a Mediator." Therefore, the apostle observes of the patriarchs and fervants of God, under the Old Testament, * Gen. iii. 152


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