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him *, they know that he is able to fave them to the uttermost.

3. Though the heavens must receive and contain the holy human nature, till the restitution of all things, he is not unmindful of them in their present circumstances. He is feated upon the throne of universal dominion, and he exercises his authority and rule, with an especial view to their welfare. While he pleads for them on high, by the power of his Spirit, he is present with them below. He comforts their hearts, enlivens their assemblies, and manages their concerns. He is their shepherd, who gives them food, coir trouls their enemies, revives their fainting {pirits, and restores their wanderings t. His ear is open to their prayers, his eye is upon them in every situation, and his arm stretched forth for their relief. Therefore, though persecuted, they are not forsaken ; though cast down, they are not destroyed. And he has promised that he will not leave them, until he has done all that for them, which his word has taught them to hope for ; until he has made them victorious over all their enemies, and put the conqueror's song in * Heb. vii. 25. + Pf. xxiii.

their mouths, and a crown of life upon their heads.

This High and Holy One, this King of glory, who is seated on the throne of heaven, dwelleth also in the humble and lowly spirit. He thus folemnly claims the throne of the heart, of each of his people, which in a state of nature is usurped by self and satan ; and he is thus willingly acknowledged and admitted, in the day of his power. Behold ! He stands at the door and knocks * ; and because he is as yet unknown, he is for a while rejected. The bolts and bars of prejudice and unbelief withstand his entrance. But when he comes on a purpose of grace, he will take no denial. For a season he waits to be gracious. But he has an appointed hour, when he reveals his great name, and makes the soul sensible who he is ! Then the gates of brass and bars of iron are broken before him. His greatness and his goodness, what he is in himself, and what he has done and suffered for finners, are motives which cannot be refifted when they are truly understood. Satan, who as the strong one armed, long laboured to hinder him from his * Rev, iii. 20. ..


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rightful poffeffion, is himself difpoffeffed. The foul laments its former obstinacy, throws down its arms, throws wide open its doors, and bids the King of glory welcome. Then old things pass away, and all things beconre new. Such was the change the poor man experienced, out of whom Jesus cast a legion of evil spirits. At first, if he could, he would have prevented his kind purpose; he was afraid of his deliverer and said, I befeech thee torment me not *. How wretched was his state then, miserable in himself, and a terror to others ! But what a wonderful and happy alteration, when he sat quietly at his Saviour's feet, clothed and in his right mind!

I close the subject with the Apostle's inference, Seeing then that we have fo great a high priest, who is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us bold fast our profesion +. Let not those who know him be ashamed of their attachment to him. You will not repent in a dying hour, that you once thought too highly of him, or expected too much from him, or devoted yourself with too much earnestness to his service. Nor yield to unbelief and fear. Though your enemies * Mark v. 7.

+ Heb. iv. 14.


are many and mighty, and your trials great, greater is he that is with you. If the Lord, the Lord of hosts, the Lord strong and mighty in battle be for you, who can be against you, so as effectually to harm you ? Continue instant in prayer, persevere in well doing. Our ascended Lord will one day return; and then they who have lived, and served, and trusted him here, shall appear with him in glory *.

Others, if they can, must prepare to meet him. But alas ! How shall they stand before him? Or whither shall they flee, from him whose presence filleth the heavens and the earth of. Have they an arm like God? Or can they thunder with a voice like his ? As yet he is proclaimed by the Gospel, a Saviour, feated upon a throne of grace, stretching forth the golden sceptre of his love, and inviting sinners to be reconciled. Now is the accepted time. Hereafter he will be seen upon a throne of judgment, to take vengeance of his enemies.

* Col. ii. 4. + Jer. xxiii. 24.




- Heb. i. 5. For into which of the angels said be at airy

time, Thou art my Son, this day have I

begotten thee? 'THOUGH every part of a revelation from

I God must of course be equally true, there may be a considerable difference even among truths proposed by the fame authority; with respect to their immediate importe ance. There are fundamental truths, the knowledge of which are essentially necessary to our peace and holiness : and there are others of a secondary nature, which, though very useful in their proper connexion, and though the right apprehension of them is VOL. II.


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