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W ERT ER, &c.


20th O&ober, 1771.

I Arrived here yesterday. The mi

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nister is indisposed, and will not go out for some days. If he was less peevish and morose all would do well. I see it but too plainly, heaven has destined me to severe trials : but I won't be disheartened ; one may bear any thing with a little levity. Vol. II.


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I can scarcely help smiling at the word which has just escaped me; a little of that levity, which I am totally without, would make me the happiest of men. And must I defpair of my faculties, and of the gifts of nature, whilft others of far inferior strength and talents are parading before me with the utmost satisfaction in themselves ? Great God! amidst the blessings thou hast deigned to shower down upon me why was I not endowed with self-complacency and confi. dence? But patience, and all will I hope be better; for I will own to you, my dear friend, that you were in tlie right : since I have been


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