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and I can't find any.5* "But this is not the season for flowers," said I. "There are so many flowers," he said, *' I have in my garden, roses, and honey-suckles of two sorts, one of them I had from my father; they grow every where: I have been two whole days looking for them, and I can't find them. There are flowers too above there, yellow, and blue, and red, and that centaury which grows in such pretty clusters; I can find none of them." I asked him what he intended to do with these flowers. He smiled, and holding up his finger with a mysterious air, said, " Don't betray me, I have

promised promised my mistress a nosegay."— "You did well," said I. "Oh! she has every thing," he answered, "she is very rich :"—" And yet," said I, "she likes your nosegays." "Oh ! she has jewels and a crown!" he exclaimed. I asked who she was? *■* If the States General would but pay me," he cried out, " I should 'be quite another man! Alas? there was a time when I was so happy ., but that time is past, and I am now—" He raised his swimming eyes to Heaven.—" You were then happy f" I said. "Alas I why am I not still the same?" said he. "I was so well, so gay, so contented—I was

like like a fish in the water." An old woman who was coming towards us, called out " Henry, Henry! where are you? we have been looking every where for you; come to dinner I" " Is that your son?" I afk'd her. "Yes, my poor unfortunate son," said she; " the Lord has sent us this affliction." I asked whether he had been long in that state ?" Ic is about six months," she answered, "since he has been calm as he is now, and I thank Heaven for it; he was one whole year quite raving, and chained down in a mad-house -t now he does no harm to any body, but he talks of nothing but kings

and and emperors. He was a very good young man, and helped to maintain me j he wrote a very sine hand: and all of a sudden he became melancholy, was seized with a burning fever, grew distracted, and is now as you see. If I was to tell you, Sir" — I interrupted her by asking at what time it was that he boasted of having been so happy. "Poor boy," said she, with a smile of compassion, " it is the time in which he was entirely out of his senses; he never ceases to regret it: it is the time when he was confined and absolutely raving." I was thunderstruck. I put some money into his

hand, and went away.

You '. "You were happy!" I exclaimed* as I walked hastily back towards the town; "you were like a fish in the water!" God of Heaven ! is this the destiny of man! is he only happy before he possesses his reason, and after he has lost it! You are unfortunate, and I envy your lot: Full of hopes you go to gather flowers for your princess—in winter !— -and are grieved not to find any, and don't know why they cannot be found.—But as for me, I wander without hope, without design, and J return as I came. To your disordered fancy it appears that if the States General paid you, you should



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