The Journal of Geology, Volume 1; Volumes 13-14

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Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin
University of Chicago Press, 1893 - Electronic journals

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Page 184 - He was a fellow of the royal societies of London and Edinburgh, and a member of some other learned bodies.
Page 278 - The pieces of limestone are so markedly different from the calcareous bed enclosing them that they cannot be confounded with it. The rock fragments are of unequal distribution in the deposit, both laterally and vertically, sometimes composing almost half of it, and sometimes being almost entirely absent. They vary from a fraction of an inch to several inches in diameter and are indiscriminately mixed.
Page 420 - The geographic development of the eastern part of the Mississippi drainage system. Am. Geol., vol. xi, 1893, pp.
Page 641 - Agency of organisms; 2". Chemical precipitation; 3. By mechanical methods. It is the general opinion of geologists that limestone rocks are the result almost entirely of the consolidation of lime removed from the sea water through the agency of life, and that they consist of the remains of foraminifera, crinoids, corals, etc., or their fragments, embedded in a more or less crystalline matrix resulting from subsequent alteration of the original deposits. This, however, has been seriously questioned....
Page 211 - The Crocodilian Remains found in the Elgin Sandstones, with remarks on the Ichnites of Cummingstone.
Page 449 - The non-feldspathic intrusive rocks of Maryland and the course of their alteration.
Page 639 - I obtain 113 tons as the total amount of matter in solution discharged into the Atlantic basin per annum from each square mile of area drained into it. Of this 49 tons consist of carbonate of lime and 5.5 tons of sulphate and phosphate of lime.4 Mechanical sediments.
Page 427 - Price 10 cents. 65. Stratigraphy of the Bituminous Coal Field of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, by Israel C. White. 1891. 8". 212pp. 11 pi. Price 20 cents. 66. On a Group of Volcanic Rocks from the Tewan Mountains, New Mexico, and on the occurrence of Primary Quartz in certain Basalts, by Joseph Paxson Iddings.
Page 637 - Our knowledge of the conditions north of the 55th parallel is limited by the want of accurate geologic data. If Cambrian and Carboniferous rocks were not deposited in the Mackenzie river basin and also on the eastern side of the area now covered by Cretaceous strata, the inference is that during Cambrian and Carboniferous time there was a land area to the east and north of the northern Cordilleran sea that may have been tributary to the latter.
Page 655 - It is correlated with the Bow River series, which contains, in the upper portion, the lower Cambrian fauna. The presence of these calcareous beds indicates a slower rate of deposition than we have estimated for the lower portion of the Cambrian...

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