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quired by him, true and exact plans of such forts, and of the land and sea, or habour or harbours adjacent.

And the said boards, and all public officers, shall communicate to the Governor, as soon as may be after receiving the same, all letters, dispatches, and intelligence of a public nature which shall be directed to them respectively.

XIII. As the public good requires that the Governor should not be under the undue influence of any of the Members of the General Court, by a dependence on them for his support—that he should in all cases act with freedom for the benefit of the public—that he should not have his attention necessarily diverted from that object to his private concerns— and that he should maintain the dignity 'of the Commonwealth in the character of its chief magistrate—it is necessary that he should have an honourable stated salary, of a fixed and permanent value, amply sufficient for those purposes, and established by standing laws: and it shall be among the first acts of the General Court, after the commencement of this Constitution, to establish such salary by law acordingly. . * '.


Permanent and honourable salaries shall alfd be established by law for the Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court.

And if it mall be found that any of the salaJ ries aforesaid, so established, are insufficient, they mall from time to time be enlarged as the General Court mall judge proper.


I. THERE shall be annually elected a Lieutenant-Governor- of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, whose title shall be, His Honour; and who shall be qualified, in point of religion, property, and residence in the Commonwealth, in the same manner with the Governor: and the day and manner of his election, and the qualifications of the electors, ihall be the same as are required in the election of a Governor. The return of the votes for this officer, and the declaration of his election, shall be in the same manner: and if no one person shall be found to have a majority of all the votes returned, the vacancy shall be filled by the Senate and House of Representatives, in the same manner as the Governor is to be


elected, in case no one person shall have a majority of the votes of the people to be Governor.

II. The Governor, and in his absence the Lieutenant-Governor, shall be President of the Council, but shall have no vote in Council: and the Lieutenant-Governor shall always be a member of the Council, except when the chair of the Governor shall be vacant.

III. Whenever the chair of the Governor shall be vacant, by reason of his death, or absence from the Commonwealth, or otherwise, the Lieutenant-Governor for the time being mail, during such vacancy, perform all the duties incumbent upon the Governor, and shall have and exercise all the powers and authorities which by this Constitution the Governor i* vested with, when personally present.

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I. THERE mall be a Council for advising the Governor in the executive part of government, to consist of nine persons besides the

LieuteLieutenant-Govetnof, whom the Governor for the time being ihaU have full power and authority, from time to time, at his discretion, to assemble and call together. And the Governor, with the said Councillors, or five of. them at least, mall and may,, from time to time, hold and keep a Council,.for the ordering and directing the affairs of the Commonwealth, according to the laws of the land.

II. Nine Councillors mall be annually chosen from among the persons returned for Councillors and Senators, on the last Wednesday in May, by the joint-ballot of the Senators and Representatives assembled in oqe room: and in cafe there shall not be found, upon the first choice, the whole number of nine persons who will accept a feat in the Council, the deficiency shall be made up by the electors aforesaid from among the people at large; and the number of Senators left shall constitute the Senate for the year. The feats of the persons thus elected from the Senate, and accepting the trust, shall be vacated in the Senate.

III. The Councillors, in the civil arrangements of the Commonwealth,'(hall have rank next after t}ie Lieutenant-Governor. ■

IV. Not

IV. Not more than two Councillors shall be chosen out of any one district of this Commonweal thi

V; The resolutions and advice of the Council shall be recorded in a register, and signed by the members present • and this record may be called for at any time by either House of the legislature; and any Member of the Council may insert his opinion contrary to the resolution of the majority.

VI. Whenever the office of the Governor and Lieutenant-Governor shall be vacant* by reason cf death> absence* or otherwise, then the Council, or the major part of them* shall during such vacancy have full power artd authority to do, and execute, all and every such acts, matters and things* as the Governor or the Lieutenant-Governor might or could, by virtue of this Constitution, do of execute, if they or either of them were personally present.

VII. And whereas the elections appointed to be made by this Constitution, on the last Wednesday in May annually, by the two Houses of the legistature, may hot be compleated on that day, the said elections may be adjourned from day to day until the same shall be com

G pleated.

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