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eastern shores respectively be made in separate books, at the public expence, and deposited in the offices of the said Registers in such manner as shall hereafter be provided by the Genera^ Assembly.

LII. That every Chancellor, Judge, Register of Wills, Commissioner of the Loan Office, Attorney-general, Sheriff, Treasurer, Naval Officer, Register os the Land-office, Register of the Chancery Court, and every Clerk of the Common Law Courts, Surveyor, and Auditor of the Public Accounts, before he acts as such, shall take an oath, "that he will not directly or indirectly receive any fee or reward for doing his office of but what is.or shall be allowed by law; nor will dirpctly ox indirectly receive the profits or any part of the profits of any office held by any other person, and that he does not hold the same office in trust or for the benefit of any other person."

LIII. That if any Governor, Chancellor, Judge, Register of Wills, Attorsey-general, Register of the Land-office, Register of the Chancery Court, or any Clerk of the Common Law Courts, Treasurer, Naval Officer, Sheriff, Surveyor or Auditor of Public Accounts, shall reT 2 eeive ceive directly or indirectly, at any time, the profits or any part of the profits of any office held by any other person during his acting in the office ta which he is appointed, his election, appointment, and commission, on conviction in a Court of Law, by oath of two credible witnesses, shall be void, and he shall suffer the punishment for wilful and corrupt perjury, or be banished this State for ever, or disqualified for e"ver from holding any office or place of trust or profit, as the Court may adjudge.

LIV. That if any person shall give any bribe, present, or reward, or any promise, or any security for the payment or delivery of anTM money, or any other thing, to obtain or procure a vote to be Governor, Senator, Delegate to Congress or Assembly, Member of the Council, or Judge, or to be appointed to any of the said offices, or to any office of profit or trust, now created or hereafter to be created in this State • the person giving, and the person receiving the same, on conviction in a Court of Law, shall be for ever disqualified to hold any office of trust or profit in this State.

LV. That every person appointed to any office of prosit or trust shall, before he enters


on the execution thereof, take the following oath, to wit, "I, A. B. do swear, That I do not hold myself bound in allegiance to the King of Great Britain, and that I will be faithful, and bear true allegiance to the State of Maryland," and shall also subscribe a declaration of his belief in the Christian religion.

LVI. That there be a Court of Appeals,

composed of persons of integrity and found

judgement in the law, whose judgment shall

be final and conclusive in all cases of appeal

from the General Court, Court of Chancery,

and Court of Admiralty: That one person of

integrity and sound judgement in the law be

appointed Chancellor: That three persons of

integrity and found judgement in the law be

appointed Judges of the Court now called the

Provincial Court; and that the same Court be

hereafter called and known by the name of The

General Court; which Court shall sit on

the western and eastern mores for transacting

and determining the business of the respective

shores, at such times and places as the future

legislature of this State shall direct and appoint.

LVII. That the stile of all laws run thus, Be it enaSled, by the General Assembly of Maryland: That all public commissions and grants

T 3 run

run thus, 'the State of Maryland, &c. and shall be signed by the Governor, and attested by the Chancellor, with the Seal of the State annexed, except military commissions, which (hall riot be attested by the Chancellor, or have the Seal of the State annexed: That all writs shall run in the same stile, and be tested, sealed and signed as usual: That all indictments shall conclude, Againfi the Peace, Government, and Dignity of the State.

LVIII. That all penalties and forfeitures, heretofore going to the King or Proprietary, shall go to the State, save only such as the General Assembly may abolish or otherwise provide for.

LIX. That this Form of Government, arid the Declaration of Rights, and no part thereof, shall t>e altered, changed, or abolished, unless a bill so to alter, change, of abolish the same, shall pass the General Assembly, and be published at least three months before a new election, and shall be confirmed by the General Assembly after a new election of Delegates, in the first session aster such new election i Provided, that nothing in this Form of Government which relates to the eastern shore particularly, shall at any time hereafter be alterecU

unless unless for the alteration and confirmation thereof at least two-thirds of all the Members of each branch of the General Assembly shall concur.

LX. That every bill passed by the General Assembly* when engrossed, mall be presented by the Speaker of the House of Delegates, in the Senate, to the Governor for the time being, who shall sign the same, and thereto affix the Great Seal, in the presence of the Members of both Houses. Every law shall be recorded in the General Court-Office of the western shore, and in due time printed, published, and certified under the Great Seal, to the several county courts, in the same manner as hath been heretofore used in this State.

This Form of Government was assented to, and passed in Convention of the Delegates of the Freemen of Maryland, begun and held at the city of Annapolis, the 14th of August, A. D. 1776.

By order of the Convention,

M. TILGHMAN, President.

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