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Daily throughout the Year. At the beginning of Morning Prayer, the Minister Mall read wirb a loud voice fome one or more of these Sentences of the Scriptures that follow; and then be fall say ibai which is written afier the said Seniences.

HEN the wicked man Enter not into judgement W

turneth away from his with thy servant, o Lord: for wickedness that he hath com- in thy fight Mall no man living mitted, and doeth that which is be justified. Pfal. 143. 2. lawful and right, he shall rave If we say that we have no fin, his soul alive. Èzék. 18, 27. we deceive ourselves, and the

I acknowledge my transgres- truth is not in us : But if we sions; and my fin is ever before confess our sins, he is faithful and me. Pfal. 51. 3.

just to forgive us our fins, and Hide thy face from my lins, to cleanse us from all unrightand blot out all mine iniquities. eousness. 1 S. John 1. 8,9. Pfal. 51.9.

DEarly beloved brethren, the The facrifices of God are a broken fpirit : a broken and a sundry places to acknowledge contrite heart, O God, thou wilt and confess our manifold fins not despise. Psal. 51. 17. and wickedness; and that we

Rend your heart, and not should not diffemble nor cloko your garments; and turn unto them before the face of Almighthe Lord your God : for he is ty God our heavenly Father ; gracious and merciful, Now to but confess them with an humá anger, and of great kindness, ble, lowly, penitent, and obeand repenteth him of the evil dient heart; to the end that we Joel 2. 13.

may obtain forgiveness of the To the Lord our God be- same by his infinite goodness long mercies and forgivenesses, and mercy. And although we though we have rebelled against mught at all times humbly to achim neither have we obeyed knowledge our fins before God; the voice of the Lord our God, yet ought we most chietly lo to to walk in his laws which he do, when we assemble and meet fet before us. Dan. 9. 9, 10. together, to render thanks for

O Lord, correct me, but with the great benefits that we have judgement; not in thine anger, received at his hands, to let left thou bring me to nothing. forth his most worthy praise, to Jer. 10. 24. Psal. 6. 1. hear his most holy Word, and

Repent ye; for the kingdom to ask those thinks which are of heaven is at hand. S. Matib. requisite and necessary, as well

for the body as the soul. WhereI will arise, and go to my fa- fore I pray and beseech you, as ther, and will say unto him, many as are here present, to Father, I have finned against accompany me with a puro heaven, and before thee, and, heart, and humble voice, unto am no more worthy to be called the throne of the heavenly thy son, S. Luke 15. 18, 19, grace, saying after me:


3. 2,

T A general Confeffion to be said so that at the last we may come

of the wbole Congregation after to his eternal joy, through lelus the Minister, all kneeling,

Christ our Lord, Almighty and monia mercifud an de politie hould answer bereiz

and at the end of all otber and strayed from thy ways like Prayers, Amen loft Meep: We have followed 9 Then tbe. Minister fall kneel, too much the devices and desires

and say the Lord's Prayer with of our own hearts; We have of an audible voice; tbe People also fended against thy holy laws :

kneeling, and repeating it wib We have left undone, those bim, bot bi bere, and wherefoever things which we ought to have

else it is used in Divine Service done ; And we have done those

UR Father which art in things which we ought not to OM have done ; And there is no Name; Thy kingdom come ;

heaven, Hallowed be thy health in us. But thou, O Lord, have mercy upon us, miserable it is in heaven : Give us this

Thy will be done in earth, as offenders. Spare thou them, o God, which confess their faults : day our daily bread;

And forRestore thou them that are pe- forgive them that trespass a

give us our trespasses, as we nitent; According to thy promises declared unto mankind in gainst us; And lead us not into Christ Jesu our

Lord. And grant, temptation, but deliver us from O most merciful Father, for

his evil: For thine is the kingdom, fake, That we may hereafter

and the power, and the glory, live a godly, righteous, and sober for ever and ever. Amen. life, To the glory of thy holy

Then likewise be shall say, Name. Amen.

O Lord, open thou our lips;

Answ. And our mouth shall 1 The Absolution or Remiffion of thew forth thy praise.

fins, - to be pronounced by the Priest. O God, make speed to Priest alone, standing; the Peo- save us: pleðill kneeling.

Answ. O Lord, make haste to Almighty God, the Father

of our Lord Jesus Christ, a Here all panding up, the Priest who desireth not the death of a linner, but rather that he may

Glory be to the Father, and turn from his wickedness, and to the Son : And to the Holy live; and hath given power and Ghoft; commandment to his Ministers,

Answ. As it was in the begin. to declare and pronounce to his ning, is now, and ever shall be people, being penitent, the Ab- world without end. Amen. Solution and Remission of their

Priest. Praise ye the Lord. fins : He pardoneth and absolv

Answ. The Lord's Name be eth all them that truly repent,

praised. and unfeignedly believe his holy 1 Then shall be said or sung this

Gospel Wherefore let us be Psalm following : except on feech him to grant us true re Easter-Day, upon which anı. pentance, and his holy Spirit; tber Anthem appointed; and that those things may please on the Nineteenth day of every him which we do at this pre Montb it is not to be read heri, sent, and that the rest of our life but in the ordinary course of the hereafter may be pure and holy; Pfalms.


ball say,

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Venite, exultemus Domino. Psal. 95. I Thu nall be read distinctly

an audibl: voice the First O ,

Lord ! let us heartily rejoice I fon, taken out of the Old Tein the strength of our falvation, ament, as is appointed in the Let us come before his pre.

Calendar, (except there be profence with thanksgiving : and per Leffons aligned for that fhew ourselves glad in him with

day :) " be that readeth, so standpsalms.

ing, and turning himself, as

be For the Lord is a great God : may best be heard of all such and a great King above all gods. as are present. And after ibat,

In his hand are all the corners all be said or fung in English of the earth : and the strength

the Hymn called Te Deum lauof the hills is his also,

damus, daily througbout the The sea is his, and he made year. it : and his hands prepared the

1 Note, That before every Lejon dry land. o come, let us worship, and the Minister

small say, Here befall down and kneel before the

ginneth fuch a Chapter, or Lord our Maker;

Verse of such a Chapter of For he is the Lord our God :

such a book : And after cverge and we are the people

of his par

Lellon, Here endeth the Firít,

or the Second Lesson. ture, and the Meep of his hand.

To-day if ye will hear his. voice, harden not your hearts :

Te Deum laudamas. as in the provocation, and as

We : in the day of temptation in the acknowledge thee to be wilderness;

the Lord. When your fathers tempted All the earth doth worship me : proved me, and saw my thee : the Father everlasting. works,

To thee all Angels cry aloud : Forty years long was I griev. the Heavens and all the Powers ed with this generation, and therein. faid : It is a people that do err To thee. Cherubin and Serain their hearts, for they have phin : continually do cry: not known my ways.

Holy, Holy, Hóly; Lord God Unto whom I (ware in my of Sabaoth; wrath : that they should nor Heaven and earth are full of enter into my rest.

the majesty : of thy glory. Glory be to the Father, &c. The glorious company of the

As it was in the beginning, &c, Apostles : praise thee. q Then fall follow the Psalms Prophets : praise thee.

The goodly fellowship of the in order as they are appointed. And at the end of every Psalm

The noble army of Martyrs : throughout the Year, and like praise thee. wile at the end of Benedicite, all the world : doth acknow

The holy Church throughout Benedictus, Magnificat, and

ledge thee; Nunc dimittis, shall be repeated,

The Father : of an infinite Glory be to the Father, and to Majesty; the Son: and to the Holy Ghost; Thine honourable, true: and

Anjw. As it was in the be. only Son; ginning, is now, and ever Mall Also the Holy Ghost : the bey world without end. Amen. Comforter,

B 2


Thou art the King of Glory: Lord: praise him, and magnify O Chrift;

him for ever. Thou art the everlasting Son : O all ye Powers of the Lord, of the Father.

bless ye the Lord : praise him, When thou tookeft upon thee and magnify him for ever. to deliver man : thou didst not Oye Sun and Moon, bless ye abbor the Virgin's womb. the Lord : praise him, and mag.

When thou hadft overcome nify him for ever. the sharpness of death : thou O ye Stars of Heaven, bless ye didft open the Kingdom of Hea- the Lord : praise him, and magven to all believers.

nify him for ever. Thou fittest at the right hand Oye Showers and Dew, bless of God : in the glory of the Fa. ye the Lord : praise him, and ther.

magnify him for ever. We believe that thou shalt O ye Winds of God, bless ye come : to be our Judge.

the Lord : praise him, and magWe therefore pray thee, help nify him for ever. thy servants : whom thou haft Oye Fire and Heat, bless ye redeemed with thy precious the Lord : praise him, and mag. Blood.

nify him for ever. Make them to be numbered O ye Winter and Summer with thy saints : in glory ever- bless ye the Lord : praise him, lasting.

and magnify him for ever. O Lord, save thy people : and Oye Dews and Frosts, bless bless thine heritage.

ye the Lord : praise him, and Govern them: and lift them magnify him for ever. up for ever.

o ye Frost and Cold, bless ye Day by day : we magnify the Lord : praise him, and mag

nify him for ever. And, we worship thy Name : o

ye Ice and Snow, bless ye ever world without end.

the Lord : praise him, and magVouchsafe, O Lord : to keep nify him for ever. us this day without sin.

O ye Nights and Days, bless O Lord, have mercy upon us : ye the Lord : praise him, and have mercy upon us.

magnify him for ever. O Lord, let thy mercy lighten Oye Light and Darkness,bless upon us : as our trust is in thee. ye the Lord. : praise him, and

O Lord, in thee have I trusted: magnify him for ever. let me never be confounded. Oye Lightnings and Clouds, 9 Or this Canticle, Benedicite,

bless ye the Lord : praise him, omnia opera Domini.

and magnify him for ever. All ye Works of the Lord,

Olet the Earth bless the Lord: him, and magnify him for ever. nify him for ever.

Oye Angels of the Lord, bless Ó ye Mountains and Hills, ye the Lord : praise him, and bless ye the Lord : praise him, magnify him for ever.

and magnify him for ever. o ye Heavens, bless ye the

O all ye Green Things upon Lord praise him, and magnify the earth, bless ye the Lord : him for ever.

praise him, and magnify him Oye Waters that be above for ever. the firmament, bless ye the

Oye Wells, bless ye the Lord:



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O flere les loreche pratiche yea

, let

it praise him, and mag

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praise him, and magnify him for salvation for us : in the house of ever.

his servant David; Oye Seas and Floods, bless As he spake by the mouth of ye the Lord : praise him, and his holy prophets : which have magnify him for ever.

been fince the world began; 0 ye Whales, and all that That we should be saved from move in the waters, bless ye the our enemies : and from the Lord : praise him, and magnify hand of all that hate us; him for ever.

To perform the mercy pro O all ye Fowls of the air, bless mised to our forefathers : and ye the Lord : praise him, and to remember his holy covenant; magnify him for ever.

To perform the oath which o all ye Beasts and Cattle, he sware to our forefather Abrabless ye the Lord : praise him, ham : that he would give us ; and magnify him for ever. That we being delivered out

O ye Children of men, bless of the hand of our enemies : ye the Lord : praise him, and might ferve him without fear, magnify him for ever.

În holiness and righteousnefs O let. Ifrael bless the Lord : before him : all the days of our praise him, and magnify him life. for ever.

And thou, Child, thalt be call. Oye Priests of the Lord, blessed the Prophet of the Highest : ye the Lord : praise him, and for thou shalt go before the face magnify him for ever.

of the Lord to prepare his ways; • ye servants of the Lord, To give knowledge of falvabless ye the Lord : praise him, tion unto his people : for the reand magnify him for ever. mission of their fins,

Oye Spirits and Souls of the Through the tender mercy of righteous, bless ye the Lord : our God : whereby, the Day: praise him, and magnify him spring from on high hath visited for ever.

Oye Holy and Humble men of to give light to them that fit heart, bless ye the Lord : praise in darkness, and in the shadow him, and magnify him for ever. of death : and to guide our feet

O'Ananias, Azarias, and Mi. into the way of peace. fael, bless ye the Lord : praise Glory be to the Father, &c. him, and magnify him for ever. As it was in the beginning, & s. Glory be to the Father, &c.

1 Or this Psalm. As it was in the beginning, &c.

Jubilate Deo. Pral, 100.

Be joyful in the Lord, all 1 Then shall be read in like manner the Second Leffon, taken out with gladness, and come before

ye lands : serve the Lord of the New Testament : and after his presence with a song, ibat the Hymn following ; except when that fhall bappen to be is God; it is he that hath made

Be ye sure that the Lord he read

in tbe bapter for the Day, us, and not we ourselves : we or for tbe Gospel on S. John

are his people, and the sheep of Baptist's Day.

his pasture. BenediEtus. S. Luke 1. 68. o

go your way into his gates Leffed be the Lord God of with thanksgiving, and into his and redeemed his people ; unto him, and speak good of his And hath raised up a mighty Name;



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