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Gifind Reft unto my Soul, both here and here

ever asistant to all the Endeavours and Defigns of thy weak and unworthy. Servant. I am not able of myself to do or think any thing that is good or well-pleasing in thy Sight: 0 let thy Holy Spirit continually guard me against those numerous Temptations which so strongly

Fix my inconftant Mind, that I may not be led away

with the Errors of the Wicked, and fall from my own Stedfastness, but that I may persevere in good Works unto the End. Moderate my Affections and DeGres, and confine them only to such Objects. as are well-pleafing in thy Sight. Let thy Will be the sole Guide and Measure of mine, that all my Hopes and Wishes may center in thee alone, and nothing may ever appear defirable to me, in comparison of a pure Heart and peaceable Conscience: Teach me thy Way, O Lord, and I will walk in thy Truth: O knit my Heart unto thee, that I may, fear thy Namea Make me to love thee (as I ought), above all Things, and let the Interest of thy Honour and Glory be always dearer to me than Gold or Silver, or any other temporal Advantage; for thou, O Lord, art my Portion, thou art my only Reft, in thee alone is Fulness of Joy. and true Satisfaction, and without thee is Misery and Torment. O grant me this blefled Retreat, this happy Security, and then I shall

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after. Amen.

See Psalm 1xxxvi. cxix,


Our thir G


Thou in Portion

tain a

and his and Bles

on all me

Sin and

Heavens, yet vouchfasest to regard the loweit Changes Creature here upon Earth, I humbly adore thy folutely Sacred Majesty, and with all the Powers of thy Bleft of a better; for protecting me from the Evils to do al and Dangers of the Night past, and for bring through guide my Feet in the Paths of Peace and Hoand my cc


MORNING PRAYER. POnder my Words, O Lord; consider my Ma Fatber a

ditation : My Voice shalt thou hear betimes, O Lord; early in the Morning will I direct my Charge Prayer unto thee, and will look up, Psal. v. 1, 3; Almighty God, who dwelling in the highet Duties a my Soul and Body do exalt and praise thy boly Name, for all the Mercies and Comfort Course o of this Life, and for the Hopes and Assurance my Hear ing me safe to the Light of a new Day; tinue this thy Mercy and Goodness to me, and as thou hast awakened my Body from Sleep, fo raise my : qul from the Death of a THE unto a Life of Righteousness. Deliver mer O God, from the Evils of this Day, and



See PJ



Heart for

* Here name


Jiness, and strengthen my Resolutions to embrace all Opportunities of doing Good, and

carefully to avoid all Occasions of such Sins as Evil, especially those Sins * which you are most by Nature and Inclination 1 an afraid of.

nost likely to fall into : AN when through Frailty, or the Violence of an other Temptation, I fall from my Duty, do our Heay.



cense an Eveni

Thou in Mercy restore me again with a double
Portion of thy Grace and Holy Spirit, to main-
tain a more vigorous Defence against Satan
and his Devices. Shower down thy Graces
and Blessings upon all my Relations, [on my
Father and Mother, on my Brethren and Sisters]
on all my Friends, and give thy holy Angels
Charge over them, to protect them from all
Sin and Danger. Make me diligent in the
Duties of my Calling, and that in all the
Changes and Chances of this Life, I may ab .
solutely submit to thy divine Providence. Let
thy Blessings be upon my Actions, and let thy
Wisdom direct my Intentions, that so the whole
Course of my Life, and the principal Designs of
my Heart, may be ordered by thy Governance
to do always that is righteous in thy Sight,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
See Psalm iv. xvi. xvii. xxiii. lxxxvi.

IVhen you go out of your Chamber,

HE Blessing of God descend upon me

and all belonging to me, and dwell in my
Heart for evermore; and bless my going out
and my coming in, now and for ever. Amen.

ET my Prayer, O Lord; be set forth as In-

cenfe, and the lifting up of my Hands be as
an Evening Sacrifice, Psal. cxli. 2.. O Lord
our Heavenly Father, Almighty and Everlast-

Sins. Prote Being, under Repose nance A be Glo Amen.


cious S

Soul : Of these and all other my Transgressions graciou for these my Misdoings; the Remembrance of the Price them is grievous unto me, the Burden of them Royal F is intolerable: Have Mercy upon me, molt kind Be merciful Father; for thy Son Jesus Chrift's vidence

paft, and accept of from all unworthy, through my manifold Sins and Ini (in whol quities, to offer unto thee any Sacrifice of Praile Death)

Thanks for all thy Goodness and Sickness + Here mame Loving-Kindness to me and all iturbed

Mankind t, purely proceeding according from thy Bounty, and wholly in fties, gi

tended for my Good, and parti: their SUFF cularly for preserving me this Day in the midd their Aft of so many Dangers. incident to my Condition of Wrat and from lo many Calamities as are due to mppatiently

ing God, whole Glory the Heaven of Heavens cannot contain, look down from the Throne of thy Majesty, and behold thy unworthy Ser. vant, prostrate at the Foot of thy Mercy-seat

, humbly confeffing unto thee the Vanity and Sinfulness of my whole Life; especially the

Omissions of my Duty and Com* Here name

missions of Sin * this Day, whereparticular Sins and Failings of

with I have fo lately offended thine the Day.

infinite Majesty and Goodness, and and Pri

fo grievously wounded my own I most carnestly repent, and am heartily forr Highnes these my Prayers and Supplications, through thou re the Merits and Mediation of the same out their BMediator and Redeemer.

And although I am or faida and Thanksgiving, yet I beseech thee to accept are in D of this my bounden Duty, with my unfeigned that labo

' particular Bleffings and Mercies.

Sinsa to be rea

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# Here namo

Sins. Thou art my Creator, O my God, and Protector; thou art the ultimate End of my Being, and supreme Perfection of my Nature; under the Shadow of thy Wings is perpetual Repose, and from the Light of thy Countenance flows eternal Joy and Felicity ; to whom be Glory and Honour, World without End. Amen.

And thou, O Lord, by whom Kings reign, and Princes decree Justice, bless our most gracious Sovereign Lord King George, our gracious Queen CHARLOTTE, his Royal Highness the Prince, her Royal Highness the Princess Dowager of Wales, and all the Royal Family: All my Relations, Friends, and kind Benefactors * ; let thy Providence fuccour them and theirs

from all Evil and Danger, and do particular all, - thou reward them sevenfold into

their Bosom for all the Good they have done
or said of ine. Be pleased likewise, O Lord,
(in whose Hands are the Iffues of Life and
Death) to succour, help and comfort all that
are in Danger, Necessity and Tribulation, all
that labour under any bodily Pain,
Sickness, or Temptation t, or are + Especially
difturbed in Mind; relieve such

tbose for wbom

our Prayers are according to their several Necef- defired. relfities, giving them Patience under

their Sufferings, and a happy Issue out of all

their Amictions. Subdue in me the evil-Spirit Dar i of Wrath and Revenge, and dispose my Heart

patiently to bear Reproaches and Wrongs, and to be ready not only to forgive, but alio to do


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