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A penitential Confefion of Sins; with an humble

Supplication for Mercy and Forgiveness. ALmighty and everlasting God, who hatest

nothing that thou hast made, and doft forgive the Sins of all them that are penitent, create and make in me a new and contrite Heart, that I worthily lamenting

Here call to my Sins, and acknowledging my mind all your Wretchedness, may obtain of mest grievous thee, the God of all Mercy, perfect Remission and Forgiveness, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

See Pfal. li. vi. xxxii. xxxviii.




· An A&t of Contrition. ATHER, I have finned against Heaven,

and before thee, and am no more worthy to be called thy Son. Wo is me, O Lord, who was conceived and born in Sin; the Thoughts of Heart were inclined unto Evil from my Youth. Wo is me, that I have finned against thee my Creator and kind Benefactor. Lord, I have done Evil continually in thy Sight, and my Life hath been little else than one continual Course of Impiety, Unthankfulness, and of unworthy Returns for all thy Goodness and Loving-kindness to me. Wo is me that I should thus requite the Lord. O that my Head were Water, and mine Eyes a Fountain of Tears, that I might weep Day and Night for my Sin! O gracious Lord, look

on me as thou didit on the Apostle St. Peter, and let thy compassionate Look so pierce m ftony Heart, that I may weep bitterly for my Sins, and may have that godly Sorrow which worketh Repentance unto Salvation not to be repented of, for Jesus's fake. Amen. See Psal. xxv. xxxii. xxxviii.

A Resolution to lead a new Life, AN

ND now, O Lord, I do not only with

great Shame and Confusion of Face confess and bewail the Sinfulness and Vanity of my own Life, but I do ftedfastly resolve and purpose (through the Assistance of thy Grace and holy Spirit directing me) to “ renounce “ the Devil and all his Works, the Pomps and “ Vanities of this wicked World, and all the “ finful Lusts of the Flesh.” Be pleased, O Lord, to strengthen and confirm all these good Resolutions in me. And I heartily thank thee, O heavenly Father, for calling me to this State of Salvation through Jesus Christ my Saviour, who died for my Sins, and rose again for my Juftification ; and I humbly beseech thee for his fake, to give me Grace to continue in the fame unto my Life's End. Amen.

See Psal. i. xxiii. xxiv. xxv. cxix. cxxvi. A Prayer for Faith in God's Mercy thro' Christ. Almighty God, our heavenly Father, who,

for the greater Confirmation of our Faith and Confidence in thy Mercy, haft in thy holy Gospel declared, that whosoever believeth in the


which may

Son Jesus Christ, Mall not perish, but have everlafting Life'; and that this is Life eternal, to know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou haft sent: Increase this Knowledge, and confirm this Faith in me evermore, 0 let me not rest in a dead Faith, but that I may have such a lively Faith, as will fhew itself by Love and good Works; such a victorious Faith,

enable me to overcome the World, and conform me to the Image of thy Son Jesus Christ, in whom I believe. O grant me such a due Sense of thy infinite Mercy, shewed to Mankind in so much Misery, as may never depart out of my Mind.

I stedfastly believe, O blessed Jesus, that thou didst suffer upon the Cross to save me and all the World from the Guilt and Punishment of our Sins. O give me that Grace, that I may die to Sin, and rise again unto Righteousness! Accept my imperfect Sorrow, Repentance, Faith, and weak Resolutions; and let thy precious Merits, O my crucified Saviour, supply all my Wants and Imperfections. Thou hast faid, Come unto me, all ye that labour and are weary and heavy laden, and I will refresh you. O blessed Jesus, I come unto thee in all Humility, and deeply sensible of my great Unwor

O do thou bear this Burden of Sin for me, and refresh me with comfortable Hopes of thy Mercy and Forgiveness, and the Truth of thy Salvation, O gracious Lord; to whom, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, be all Honour and Glory for ever.

See Psalm xix. lvii. Eph. ii. 6, II.

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A thankful Remembrance of the Death of Chrif. ALmighty God, our heavenly Father, CO

who of thy tender Mercy didst give “ thine only Son Jesus Christ to suffer Death “ upon the Cross for our Redemption, and os hast instituted and ordained holy Mysteries

as Pledges of his Love, and for a continual 6 Remembrance of his Death and Passion, t)

our great and endless Comfort :” Behold, I do most affectionately, and with all the Powers speakab] of my Soul and Body, return my

most hearty Praise and Thankfgiving for thy great Mercy towards and tender Compassion to me and all Mankind, Forgiver in sending thy only Son into the World to redeem us from Sin and Mifery, and by his me las finc ritorious Death and Passion, to purchase for us y and eternal Life. Grant, O Lord, that I may with Ki always moft gratefully remember this exceed that my ing Love of my only Saviour Jesus Chrift, my Hea thus dying for me, and work in me all such holy and heavenly Affections, as may dispose my Heart to be a worthy Guest at thy holy Table, prepared for the continual Remembrance of the Sacrifice of the Death of Christ, and of those Benefits which we receive thereby. Praise the Lord, O my Soul, and forget not all his Benefits; who forgiveth all thy Sins, and ople. healeth all thine Infirmities ; who saveth the Life from Destruction, and crowneth thee with 345 41. Mercy and Loving-kindness. See Psal. ciii. 2, 3, 4.,

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A Prayer for the Grace of Charity.
O Lord, who haft taught us that all our

Doings without Charity are nothing as worth ; send thy Holy Ghost, and pour into my

Heart that most excellent Gift of Chasrity, the very Bond of Peace, and of all

;Virtues, without which whosoever liveth is rd for 2 to

26 counted dead before thee;" more especially when I am going to commemorate the unpeakable Love of my blefsed Saviour in dying Cor me, let not my Heart be destitute of Love cowards my Brethren : Extend thy Mercy and Forgiveness unto all mine Enemies, Persecutors and Slanderers, and turn their Hearts; which I as fincerely beg for them, as I hope for Mer. cy and Forgiveness at thy Hands. Poffefs me

with Kindness and Good-will for all Mankind, de to that my Faith may work by Love, and dispose er this my Heart according to my Ability, to admiJelius nister towards the Wants and Necessities of

those who are any Ways afflicted or distressed es mir in Mind, Body, or Estate ; and to do unto all it at "Men as I would they should do unto me ; nual and give me that Charity which covereth a ach of Multitude of Sins, that by doing Good for

Evil, all Men may know that I am thy DifForge'ciple. Grant this for Jesus's sake. Amen. See Psal. xv. cxxxiii. xli. cxii. Matt. xxv.

I Cor. xiii.


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A Prayer


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