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UNTVO' thee, O God, do we


get not the congregation of the JI But I will talk of the God of poor for ever,

Jacob : and praise him for ever. 21 Look upon the covenant : 12 All the horns of the unfor all the earth is full of dark. godly also will I break : and the ness and cruel habitations. horns of tle righteous thall be

22 O let not the fimple go a- exalted. way ashamed : but let the poor and needy give praise unto thy

PSAL: 76. Notus in Judaea. Name.

IN Jury is God known : his

Name is great in Israel. 23 Arise, o God, maintain

2 At Salem is his tabernacle : thine own cause : remember how the foolish man blafphem- and his dwelling in Sion. eth thee daily.

3. There brake he the arrows 24 Forget not the voice of of the bow : the field, the thine enemies: the presumption sword, and the battle. of them that hate thee increaf

4 Thou art of more honour eth ever more and more.

and might : than the hills of the robbers.

5 The proud are robbed, they

have sept their neep : and all MORNING PRAYER.

the men whose hands were PSAL. 75. Confitebimur tibi. mighty have found nothing.

6 At thy rebuke, O God of give thanks : yea, unto Jacob : both the chariot and thee do we give thanks.

horse are fallen. 2 Thy Name also is fo nigh : 7 Thou, even thou art to be and that do thy wondrous works feared : and who may stand in declare.

thy fight when thou art angry? When I receive the congre 8 Thou didft cause thy judgegation : I shall judge accord- ment to be heard from heaven : ing unto right.

the earth trembled, and was 4 The earth is weak, and all still, the inhabiters thereof : I bear

9 When God arose to judge up the pillars of it.

ment : and to help all the meek I said unto the fools, Deal not lo madly : and to the un 10 The fierceness of man shall godly, Set not up your horn; turn to thy praise : and the

6 Set not up your horn on fierceness of them halt thou high : and speak not with a stiff refrain. neck.

AI Promise unto the Lord 7 For promotion cometh nei- your God, and keep, it, all ye ther from the east, nor from the that are round about him ; bring weit : nor yet from the south.

presents unto him that ought to 8 And why?

God is the be feared. Judge : he putteth down one, 12 He Mall refrain the spirit and retteth up another.

of princes : and is wonderful 9 For in the hand of the Lord, among the kings of the earth. there is a cup, and the wine is red': it is full mixed, and he PSAL. 77. Voce mea, poureth out of the famé.


cry unto God with my 10 As for the dregs thereof : voice : even unto God will all the ungodly of the earth shall I cry, with my voice ; and he drink them, and suck them out, shall hearken unto me.


upon earth.

2 In the time of my trouble I 18 The voice of thy thun. fought the Lord : my sore ran, der was heard round about : and ceased not in the night sea- the lightning Mone upon the fon; my roul refused comfort. ground; the earth was moved

3 When I am in heaviness, I and Mook withal, will think upon God : when my 19 Thy way is in the sea, heart is vexed I will complain. and thy paths in the great wa.

4 Thou holdeft mine eyes ters : and thy footsteps are not waking : I am fo feeble that I known. cannot speak.

20 Thou leddeit thy people 5 I have considered the days like sheep : by the hand of Moof old : and the years that are ses and Aaron. past,

6 I call to remembrance my EVENING PRAYER. fong : and in the night I com PSAL. 78. Attendite, popule. mune with mine own heart, and (EAR my law, O my peosearch out my spirits.

1 ple : incline your ears un. 7 Will the Lord absent him to the words of my mouth. self for ever : and will he be no

2 I will open my mouth in more entreated?

a parable : I will declare hard 8 Is his mercy clean gone for sentences of old; ever : and is his promise come 3 Which we have heard and utterly to an end for evermore? known : and such as our fa

9 Hath God forgotten to be thers have told us; gracious: and will he shut up his

4 That we should not hide loving-kindness in displeasure ? them from the children of the

10 and I said, It is mine own generations to come : but tó infirmity : but I will remember hew the honour of the Lord, the years of the right hand of his mighty and wonderful works the most Highest.

that he hath done. III will remember the works

& He made a covenant with of the Lord : and call to mind Jacob, and gave Israel a law : thy wonders of old time.

which he commanded our fore. 12 I will think also of all thy fathers to teach their children ; works : and my talking thall be 6 That their posterity, might of thy doings.

know it ; and the children 13 Thy way, O God, is lioly: which were yet unbarn ;.. who is so great a God as our 7 To the intent that when God? 14 Thou art the God that do their children the same;

they came up: they might Mew eft wonders : and haft declared

8 That they might put their thy power among the people. trust in God ; and not to forget

15. Thou hast mightily deli- the works of God, but to keep vered thy people : even the sons his commandments; of Jacob and Joseph.

And not to be as their fore. 16 The waters saw thee, O fathers, a faithless and 1tubborn God, the waters saw thee, and generation : a generation that were afraid ; the depths also set not their heart aright, and were troubled.

whose spirit cleaveth not sted17 The clouds poured out faitly unto God; water, the air thundered : and

10 Like as the children of thine arrows went abroad.

Ephraim : who being harnelled


and carrying bows, turned them 25 He rain:d down Manna selves back in the day of battle. also upon them for to eat : and

1 They kept not the cove. gave them food from heaven. nant of God and would not 26 So man did eat angels food: walk in his law;

for he sent them meat enough. 12 But forgat what he had 27 He caused the east-wind done ; and the wonderful works to blow under heaven : and that he had shewed for them. through his power he brought

13 Marvellous things did he in the south-west-wind. in the right of our forefathers, 28 He rained ferh upon them in the land of Egypt : even in as thick as duft : and feathered the field of Zoan.

fowls like as the fand of the 14 He divided the fea, and let fea. them go through: he made the 29 He let it fall among their waters to ttand on an heap. tents : even round about their

15 In the day-time also he led habitation. them with a cloud : and all the 30 So they did eat, and were night through with a light of well filled for he gave them fire.

their own desire : they were not 16 He clave the hard rocks disappointed of their luft. in the wilderness : and gave 31 But while the meat was them drink thereof as it had yet in their mouths, the heavy been out of the great depth.

wrath of God came upon them, 17 He brought waters out of and New the wealthiest of them the Nony rock so that it gush- yea, and (mote down the chosen ed our like the rivers.

men that were in Israel. 18 Yet for all this they finned 32 But for all this they fin. more against him: and pro ned yet more :

and believed voked the most Highest in the not his wondrous works. wilderness,

33 Therefore their days did 19 They tempted God in their he consume in vanity : and hearts : and required meat for their years in trouble. their lunt.

34. When he flew them, they 20 They fpake against God fought him : and turned them also, saying : ihall God prepare early, and enquired after God, a table in the wilderness?

35 And they remembered that 2. He smote the stony rock in. God was their strength : and deed, that the waters gushed out, that the high God was their and the streams Aowed withal: Redeemer. but can he give bread also, or 36 Nevertheless, they did but provide files for his people? Aaiter him with their mouth:

22 When the Lord heard this, and dissembled with him in their he was wroth : so the fire was tongue. kindled in Jacob, and there came 37. For their heart was not up heavy displeasure against whole with him : neither con

tinued they stedfast in his cove. 23 Because they believed not nant. in God: and put not their trust 38 But he was so merciful, in his help.

that he forgave their misdeeds: 24. So he commanded the and destroyed them not. clouds above : and opened the 39. Yea, many a time turned doors of heaven.

he his wrath away i and would


Ifrael ;

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not suffer his whole displeafure and overwhelmed their enemies to arise.

with the sea; 40 For he considered that they 55 And brought them within were but ferh : and that tey the borders of his fanctuary : were even a wind that passeth even to his mountain which he away, and cometh not again. purchased with his right hand.

41 Many a time did they pro 56 He caít out the heathen also voke him in the wilderness : before them : caused their land and grieved him in the desert. to be divided among them for an

42 They turned back and heritage ; and made the tribes of tempted God; and moved the Israel to dwell in their tents. Holy One in Israel.

57. So they tempted and dir43. They thought not of his pleased the most high God : and hand : and of the day when he kept not his testimonies; delivered them from the hand 58 But turned their backs, and of the enemy;

fell away like their forefathers : 44 How he had wrought his starting aside like a broken bow. miracles in Egypt : and his 59 For they grieved him with wonders in the field of Zoan. their hill-altars and provoked

45 He turned their waters in- him to displeasure with their to blood : so that they might images. not drink of the rivers.

60 When God heard this, he 46 He fent lice among them, was wroth : and took sore dirand devoured them up : and pleasure at Israel ; frogs to destroy them.

6. So that he forfook the la. 47 He gave their fruit unto bernacle in Silo : even the tent the caterpiller : and their labour that he had pitched among men. unto the grass. hopper.

62 He delivered their power 48 He destroyed their vines into captivity : and their beauty with hail-ftones : and their mul. into the enemies hand. berry-trees with the frost.

63 He gave his people over 49 He fmote their cattle also also unto the sword : and was with hail-ftones : and their flocks wroth with his inheritance. with hot thunder-bolts.

64. The fire consumed their 50 He cast upon them the fu- young men : and their maidens riousness of his wrath, anger, dif- were not given to marriage. pleasure and trouble : and sent 65 Their prieits were Nain evil angels among them.

with the sword : and there were 51 He made a way to his in no widows to make lamenta dignation, and spared not their tion. foul from death: but gave their 66 So the Lord awaked as one life over to the peftilence; out of neep : and like a giant

52 And smote all the first. refreshed with wine ; born in Egypt: the most princi. 67 He smote his enemies in the pal and mightiest in the dwell- hinder parts : and put them to a

perpetual fame. 53 But as for his own people, 68 He 'refused the tabernahe led them forth like sheep cle of Jofeph and chose not and carried them in the wilder- the tribe of Ephraim; ness like a fock.

69 But chose the tribe of Ju54 He brought them out safe. dah: even the hill of Sion which ly, that they Thould not fear : he loved.

ings of Ham.

70 And there he built his tem 9 Help us, O God of our falple on high : and laid the founda. vaticn, 'for the glory of thy tion of it like the ground which Name : O deliver us, and be he hath made continually. merciful unto our fins for thy

71. He chose David also his Name's fake. servant : and took him away To Wherefore do the heathen from the sheep-folds.

say: Where is now their God? 72 As he was following the si o let the vengeance of thy ews great with young ones, he servants blood that is thed : be took him : that lie micht feed openly shewed upon the heathen Jacob his people, and Israel his in our fight. inheritance.

12 O let the sorrowful fighing 73. So he fed them with a of the prisoners come before faithful and true heart: and rul- thee : according to the greatness ed them prudently with all his of thy power preserve thou those power.

that are appointed to die.

13 And for the blasphemy MORNING PRAYER wherewith our neighbours have PSAL. 79. Deus, ve erunt.

blafphemed thee : reward thou O

God, the heathen are come them, O Lord, seven fold into

into thine inheritance ; thy their bosom. holy temple have they defiled,

14 So we that are thy people and made Jerusalem an heap of and Meep of thy pasture shall fones.

give thee thanks for ever : and 2 The dead bodies of thy will alway be shewing forth thy servants have they given to be praise from generation to gene. meat unto the fowls of the air: ration. and the field of thy fainis unto PŞAL. 80. Qui regis Ifrael. the beasts of the land.

TEAR, O thou mepherd of 3 Their hlood have they shed HELA

Ifrael, thou that leadest like water on every side of Je. Jofeph like a theep: few thyTusalem : and there was no man self also, thou that fittest upon to bury them.

the Cherubims. 4. We are become an open 2 Before Ephraim, Benja. Tame to our enemies : a very min, and Manasses : ftir up thy scorn and derision unto them strength, and come and help us. that are round about us.

3 Turn us again, O. God; 5 Lord, how long wilt thou mew the light of thy countebe angry : shall thy jealousy pance, and we mall be whole. burn like fire for ever?

4 O Lord God of hosts : how 6 Pour out thine indignation long wilt thou be angry with upon the heathen that have not thy people that prayeth? known thee : and upon the 5 Thou feedest them with the kingdoms that have not called bread of tears : and givest them upon thy Name.

plenteousness of tears to drink. For they have devoured Ja 6 Thou haft made us a very

and said waste his dwell. Atrife unto our neighbours : and ing place.

our enemies laugh us to scorn. O remember not our old

7. Turn us again, thou God fins, but have mercy upon us, of hosts : Thew the light of thy and that foon : for we are come countenance, and we shall be tw great misery.



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