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patriots, and was elected Vice President of the U. S., in 1812— died at Washington city, November 23, 1814, highly esteemed and deeply mourned.

Gwinnett, BUTTON—born in England, in 1732, and settled in Georgia, where he rose, politically, with the rapidity of a kite in a gale of wind. He fell as suddenly, a victim to the unhallowed practice of duelling, and died from his wounds, May 27, 1777.

HALL, LYMAN-born in Connecticut in 1721. He graduated at Yale College, studied medicine, and settled at St. John's, Ga., where he became a successful practitioner, and the advocate of FREEDOM—died, in 1790, deeply lamented by his numerous friends and acquaintances.

HANCOCK, John-born in Quincy, Mass., in 1737. He graduated at Cambridge college at the early age of seventeen, and was among the first who raised the standard of liberty in our beloved country. He was a man of elegant person and manners, and worthy of the great esteem he enjoyed-died of the gout, October 8, 1793.

HARRISON, BENJAMIN-born in Berkeley, Va. Of the time, no record can be found. He was a graduate of William and Mary college, and at an early age became a stern opposer of British oppression-died of the gout in April, 1791.

Hart, John—was born at Hopewell, Hunterdon county, N. J., in 1715. His father fought along with Wolfe on the heights of Abraham, and raised a volunteer company called the “ Jersey Blues," a name still cherished and retained in that state. John Hart was a good farmer, a firm patriot, and an honest man died in 1780, from exposure caused by the enemy.

Hewes, Joseph-born at Kingston, N. J., in 1730. He was educated at Princeton college, and after graduating, became a successful merchant in Wilmington, N. C. He was a zealous whig, and made great personal sacrifices for his country-died in October, 1790.

HeYWARD, THOMAS-born in the parish of St. Luke, S.C., in 1740. He had a liberal education, was a good lawyer, and a sterling patriot-died in March, 1809.

HOOPER, WILLIAM-born at Boston, Mass., June 17, 1743,


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and located at Wilmington, N. C. He was a good scholar, an eloquent preacher, and a discreet legislator-died in Oct., 1790.

HOPKINS, Stephen-born in Scituate, R. I., March 7, 1707. He was the oldest of the signers, except Messrs. Livingston and Franklin, but not the less patriotic. He was pacific, cool, deliberate, but noble in resolve, firm in purpose, and prompt in action—died, July 19, 1785.

HOPKINSON, Francis—born in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1737. He lost his father at an early age, and received the first rudiments of his education from his mother, who was a woman of superior talents. He graduated at the Pennsylvania University, studied law under Benjamin Chew, and took a high stand among the patriots of the revolution-died, May 9, 1791, of apoplexy.

HUNTINGTON, SAMUEL-born in Windham, Conn., July 2, 1732. With a common school education he commenced the study of law, and became one of the brightest ornaments of the bar—died, January 5, 1796.

Jefferson, THOMAS-born at Shadwell, county of Albemarle, Va., April 13, O. S., 24, N. S., 1732. His name is immortalized by his being the author of the Declaration of Independencedied, July 4, 1826, a few hours previous to John Adams.

LEE, Francis Lightfoot-born in Westmoreland county, Va., Oct. 14, 1734. He was educated under the instruction of Rev. Dr. Craig, and became a good scholar, an ardent patriot, and an able statesman-died of pluerisy in April, 1797.

Lee, RICHARD Henry—a native of Westmoreland county, Va., and was sent to Wakefield, Yorkshire, Eng., to be educated, and became a finished scholar. His oratory was emphatically Ciceronean—died, January 19, 1794.

Lewis, FRANCIS-born in Llandaff, South Wales, in March, 1713. He became an orphan at the

of five

years, fostered by an aunt named Llawelling. He was instructed in the Cymraeg, Celtic, and classic languages, and at his majority commenced the mercantile business, and settled in New York city-died, December 30, 1813, loved, esteemed, and regretted.

LIVINGSTON, Philip-born at Albany, N. Y., January 15, 1706. He was a graduate of Yale College, a patriot dyed in

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the wool, a consistent man, and an advocate of equal rights died, June 12, 1778.

LYNCH, THOMAS-born in the parish of Prince George, S.C., Aug. 5, 1749. He received a good common education at the Indigo Society school, at Georgetown, in his native state, and completed his classical studies at Cambridge University, England, and then entered the Law Temple, as a finishing touch to his studies. He acted a bold and dignified part in the revolution It is supposed that himself and lady were lost at sea, in 1779.

MIDDLETON, ARTHUR-born at Middleton Place, S. C., in 1743. He was highly educated in England, and was a prominent and efficient member of the Continental Congress—died, January 1, 1787.

M‘KEAN, THOMAS-born at New London, Chester county, Pa., March 19, 1734. He was educated by the Rev. Francis Allison. He became a good lawyer, an ardent patriot, and an able judge-died, June 24, 1817.

Morris, Lewis-born in the vicinity of the city of New York, N. Y., in 1726. He was educated at Yale college, was early an active whig-died in January, 1798.

Morris, Robert-born at Liverpool, England, January 20, 1734. He was the great financier of the American Revolution -died, May 3, 1806.

Morton, John-born in Ridley, Del. co., Pa., in 1724. His education was mostly self acquired, and of the most useful kind -died in April, 1777, deeply mourned.

Nelson, Thomas—born at York, Va., Dec. 26, 1738. He was educated in England, and became a leading patriot-died, January 4, 1789.

Paca, William-born in Hartford, Md., Oct. 31, 1740. He was educated at the University, Philadelphia, became an eminent lawyer, a good judge, and discreet governor-died in 1799.

Paine, Robert TREAT—born at Boston, in 1731. He graduated at Harvard college, became an excellent lawyer, an able judge, and an advocate of Independence-died, May 11, 1814.

Penn, John-born in the county of Caroline, Va., May 17, 1741. He was a self-educated man, became a strong lawyer, settled in North Carolina, and took an active part against oppression-died in September, 1788.

Read, George-born in Cecil county, Md., in 34. He was educated under Rev. Dr. Allison, became a distinguished member of the Philadelphia bar, and a warm patriot-died suddenly in the autumn of 1798.

Rodney, CÆSAR—born at Dover, Del., in 1730. He was a man of versatile talent, and acted well his part-died of a cancer in 1783.

Ross, George—born at Newcastle, Del., in 1730. He was educated under his father, was a man of great strength of character, an eloquent lawyer, and a friend of FREEDOM-died, July 19, 1779.

Rush, BENJAMIN—born near Philadelphia, Dec. 24, 1743. He became an eminent physician, and was a whig to the core -died, April 19, 1813.

Rutledge, EDWARD-born in Charleston, S. C., in 1749. He became a discreet lawyer, and entered his name on the Chart of Liberty.--He died, June 23, 1800.

SHERMAN, Roger-born at Newton, Mass., April 19, 1721. He was self taught, became a lawyer, judge, and sage--died, July 23, 1793.

SMITH, JAMES-a native of Ireland, born in 1713. He was a good man, a sound lawyer, and zealous patriot, but very eccentric-full of fun-died, July 11, 1806.

STOCKTON, RICHARD-born near Princeton, N.J., Oct. 1, 1730. He was a graduate of Princeton college, became an eminent jurist, a bold advocate for Liberty, and died, October 5, 1787.

STONE, Thomas—born at Pointon Manor, Charles co., Md., 1743. He was well educated, an able lawyer, a fervent whig, and modest man-died, October 5, 1787.

Taylor, GEORGE—born in Ireland in 1716. He absconded to America when a boy, bound himself out to pay his passage, educated himself, hated England, lived respected, and died regretted, July 23, 1784.

THORNTON, Matthew-born in Ireland, in 1714. He was a good physician, a flaming whig, and an honest man-died, June 24, 1803.

Walton, George—born in Frederick county, Va., in 1740. He was a self-educated man, with a clear head and a good heart-died, February 2, 1803.

Whipple, William—born at Kittery, in Me., in 1703. He was a self-taught man, and became a general, a statesman, and a judge, with a heart of oak, and nerves of steel-died, November, 28,

1785. Williams, Willian-born in Lebanon, Windham co., Ct., April 8, 1731. He was a graduate at Harvard college, took part in the French war, became a merchant, and in all things fulfilled the design of his creation—died, August 2, 1811.

Wilson, James-born near St. Andrews, Scotland, in 1742 He had a liberal education, became a strong lawyer, profound judge, and able statesman—died, August 28, 1796.

Witherspoon, John-born at Yester, Scotland, Feb. 5, 1722. He was highly educated, an eminent divine, president of Princeton college, and a devoted patriot-died, Nov. 15, 1794.

Wolcott, OLIVERZborn at Windsor, Ct., Nov. 26, 1726. He graduated at Yale college, took part in the French war, an active whig, a general, and a judge—died, Dec. 1, 1797.

Wythe, George-born at Elizabeth city, Va., in 1728. He was educated by his mother, from whom he acquired Latin, Greek, &c. He was amongst the boldest champions of Liberty, and the preceptor of Thomas Jefferson—died suddenly from the effects of poison, June 8, 1806.


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