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During the last fifteen years, I had spent much time in writing a series of essays, similar to the following, which, with most of my other effects, were consumed by the calamitous fire at Pittsburgh, on the tenth day of April last.

Convinced of the utility of a volume of short, pungent, and practical articles; relating to the multiform and every-day concerns of life, I have endeavored to repair the loss, by again putting my thoughts on paper, and giving to the world the result of my experience and observations, for nearly half a century.

My object has been, to probe the festering wounds of human nature, and point the afflicted patient to a healing remedy. I have aimed to present simple axioms and short propositions, calculated to rouse the mental powers of iny readers; and induce them to examine ; impartially, faithfully, and minutely; the vast circuit, the reaching powers, the lofty desires, and the native dignity of their immortal souls; and explore the labyrinthian mazes of the wilderness of mind ; that they may form a correct estimate of themselves, and of men and things around them.

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I have studied to present strong common sense and stubborn facts, in plain unvarnished language. The essays are interspersed with scraps of science, history, and anecdotes; and are intended to bring the reflecting powers of my readers, into pleasing and vigorous action. They inculcate sterling integrity, unyielding virtue, ardent patriotism, active philanthropy, pure benevolence, and universal charity.

If my arduous efforts to alleviate the miseries of my fellow creatures, produced by moral disease, shall be crowned with success, it will afford me great consolation. To raise higher the standard of morals, to promote social order, and to advance the general good of our country; should be the ruling object of all.

The Appendix is deemed an important addition, and should be often read by every citizen of the United States, and in all our schools.


of the Philadelphia Bar.


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