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The American Society Of International Law


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Copyright, 1917



i V


No. 1, January, 1917, pp. 1-250; No. 2, April, 1917, pp. 251-474; No. 3, July,
1917, pp. 475-755; No. 4, October, 1917, 756-927.

Conflicts Of International Law With National Laws And Ordinances.

Quincy Wright 1

The Immunity Of Private Property From Capture At Sea. Harold Scott

Quigley 22

The Hellenic Crisis From The Point Of View Of Constitutional And

International Law. Theodore P. Ion 46

Contributions, REQUismoNS, And Compulsory Service In Occupied

Territory. James W. Garner 74

The Origin Of The United States Senate Committee On Foreign Rela-

Tions. Ralston Hayden 113

British Prize Court Decision In The Chicago Packing House Cases.

Chandler P. Anderson 251

The Case Of The Appam And The Law Of Nations. Dr. Arthur Burchard.... 270

The Appam Case. Frederic R. Coudert 302

The Right Of The Master And Crew Of A Captured Ship To Effect Her

Rescue. Charles Noble Gregory 315

The Hellenic Crisis From The Point Of View Of Constitutional And

International Law. Part II. Theodore P. Ion 327

The Destruction Of Neutral Property On Enemy Vessels. Quincy

Wright 358

The Prussian-american Treaties. Jesse S. Reeves 475

Community Fines And Collective Responsibility. James W. Garner.... 511

Treaty Violation And Defective Drafting. Denys P. Myers 538

Conflicts Between International Law And Treaties. Quincy Wright.. 566

Hugo Grotics, Diplomatist. Hamilton Vreeland, Jr 580

Autonomous Neutralization. Stewart MacMaster Robinson 607

The Special Diplomatic Mission Of The United States To The Provi-

Sional Government Of Russia. Addresses of Elihu Root and the Russian

Minister for Foreign A fairs 757

A Unique International Problem. Robert Lansing 763

The International High Commission And Pan-american Cooperation.

W. G. McAdoo 772

Shall There Be War After The War? The Economic Conference At

Paris. John Bates Clark 790

Violation Of Treaties: Bad Faith, Nonexecution And Disregard.

Denys P. Myers 794

The American Attitude Toward Capture At Sea. Harold Scott Quigley... 820

Editorial Comment:

The Journal entering upon a second decade. James Brown Scott 131

The rights of the civil population in territory occupied by a belligerent.

David J.Hill 133

Submarine reflections. Theodore S. Woolsey 137

Poland. James Brown Scott 139

Jurisdiction appurtenant to ships of war over the high seas. Charles Noble

Gregory 143

Submarines and innocent passage. /. S. Reeves 147

Safe conduct for enemy diplomatic agents. James Brown Scott 153

Costa Rica v. Nicaragua. Philip Marshall Brown 156

The right to attack unarmed submarine merchantmen. Charles Cheney

Hyde 160

Property in naval captures. James Brown Scott 162

The cessation of diplomatic relations with Germany. David J. Hill.... 380

Limited use of force. George G. Wilson 384

Sanction for international agreements. George G. Wilson 387

Projects submitted to the American Institute of International Law.

Amos S. Hershey 390

The armed occupation of Santo Domingo. Philip Marshall Brown 394

Mexico and the United States. George A. Finch 399

Havana Session of the American Institute of International Law. James

Brown Scott 406

Society for the publication of Grotius. James Brown Scott 408

Respect for the American Flag. James Brown Scott 410

The Danish West Indies. George A. Finch 413

Democratic Russia. James Brown Scott 416

The attitude of the United States toward political disturbances in Cuba.

James Brown Scott 419

The United States at war with the Imperial German Government. James

Brown Scott 617

The relations between the United States and the Central Powers. T. S.

Woolsey 628

The Chengchia Tun Agreement. James Brown Scott 631

The r61e played by the State Duma in the formation of the New Russia.

B. E. Shatsky 635

In memoriam: Joseph H. Choate — Richard Olney. James Brown Scott. 638

The Kronprimessin Cecilie and the Hague Convention VI. George Grafton

Wilson 642

Lester H. Woolsey, the new Solicitor for the Department of State. James

Brown Scott 645

The annual meeting of the Society. George A. Finch 646

Judge-advocates in the army. James Brown Scott 650

The Porto Rican Association of the United States of America. James

Brown Scott 652

The international relations of Japan, China, and the United States. James

Brown Scott 839

Fellowships in international law. George G. Wilson 843

The rationing system. T. S. Woolsey 844

Economic warfare. Philip Marshall Brown 847

The annual meeting of the American Bar Association. Charles Noble

Gregory 851

Chronicle Of International Events. Kathryn Sellers 165, 424, 655, 857

Public Documents Relating To International Law. George A. Finch...

175, 440, 666, 867

Judicial Decisions Involving Questions Of International Law:

Costa Rica v. Nicaragua before the Central American Court of Justice... 181

The United States Supreme Court:

The Appam Case 443

Salvador v. Nicaragua (Central American Court of Justice) 674

The Appam. (Imperial Prize Court at Hamburg) 872

The Kronprinzessin Cecilie. (Supreme Court of the United States) 874

Pearson r. Parson. (United States Circuit Court) 877

Pearson r. Allis-Chalmers Co. (Circuit Court of Milwaukee County,

Wisconsin) 883

Book Reviews:

Alvarez: La Grande Guerre Europeenne et la Neutrality du Chili 230

Cattelani: La Penetrazione Straniera nelT Estremo Oriente 231

Cheng: The Rules of Private International Law determining Capacity to

Contract 232

Davis: Elements of International Law 234

Organisation centrale pour une paix durable: Recueil de rapports sur les

differents points du programme-minimum 236

Schmitt: Germany and England, 1740-1914 237

Wilson: The Life of John A. Rawlins. 239

Roscoe: Lord Stowell: His Life and the Development of English Prize

Law 454

Brown: Internationa) Realities 455

Bates: Les Trait6s Ftfderaux et la Legislation des Etats aux Etats-Unis.. 460

Baty and Morgan: War: Its Conduct and Legal Results 462

Stowell and Monroe: International Cases, Arbitrations and Incidents

Illustrative of International Law as Practiced by Independent

States 464

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