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I hope we shall soon see a reinforcement at Otaheite, composed of such men as will willingly sacrifice their all to be made useful to their fellow-creatures. Such as bring forth the fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meek. ness, temperance ; such as provoke not envy and vainglory, but to love and good works.

I am, with due respect, Parramatta, New South Wales, Your most obedient humble servant, Oct. 24th, 1801.

WM. SHELLEY, Missionary.


Rev. Mr Strache and Friends, East Friesland

23 10 0 Collection of some Christian Friends at Basil

, 12 From Mr. John Ulrich Geilinger, a Swiss Merchant in Winterthur

20 Divie Bethune, Esq. New York. From the Perth Missionary Society by Mr. Willison 90 Rev. E. Jones and Congregation, Usk, Monmouthshire Rey. E. Jones and ditto Pontypool, ditto SOD

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MISCELLANEOUS. The Rev. Rowland Hill is gone on a visit to preach the Gospel in Ireland. We are happy to hear, he arrived safe there the 7th ult.

The Rev. W. Moseley, late co-pastor with the Rev. Mr. Denny, of Long Buckby, has removed to Hanley, Staffordshire, to take the pastoral charge of a large and respectable congregation,

ASSOCIATIONS. The seventh general meeting of the LINCOLNSHIRE and NOT, TINGHAM Association was held at Huttoft, near Alford, April 28, 1802. On the preceding evening a serinon was preached by Mr. Bean, of Alford, from John xiii. 34. Next morning the ministers met for prayer, and the arrangement of business; after which, the services of the day commenced. After reading suitable Scriptures, &c. Mr. Clarke prayed, and Mr. Rowland preached from Isaiah xiv. 32. ; after which, the ministers and their respective friends joined with the church in commemorating the Lord's Supper, administered by Mr. Smelle and others. In the evening Mr. Millar prayed; Mr. Rowland and Mr. Smelle preached; Mr. White, minister of the place, concluded with prayer.

The next day, two sermons were preached at a village called Bunthorp, in this neighbourhood, in order to introduce the Gospel into that place, by Messrs. Rowland and Bean; and, in the evening, a third sermon was preached at Alford, by Mr. Rowland. These services were well attended ; and there is reason to believe, were accompanied with the divine presence and blessing. The next meeting is to be held at Great Grimsby, September 15th; Messrs, Woodward, of Pinchbeck; and Bean, of Alford, are to preach.

June 3d. The CAMORIDGESHIRE Association held their an. nual meeting at Mr. Bowers's meeting house, Haverhill, when Mr. Town, of Royston, began with prayer; Mr. Kirkpatrick, of Foul. mire, preached on 1 Thes. v. 15. ; and Mr. Hall, of Cambridge, on Psalm xcvii. 1.; Mr. Walker, of Saffron Walden, concluded.

The next meeting of this Association to be held at Mr. Carver's, Melbourne, on the second Thursday in Jux, 1803. X X 2 .


JULY 7th. The KENT Annual Association met at the Rev. Mr. Fowler's meeting, Sheerness. The ministers, with many friends, as, sembled at 7 o'clock in the morning, to supplicate the divine blessing.

In the forenoon, Mr. Leggatt and Mr. Gore engaged in prayer; Mr. Kent, of Gravesend, preached from Isaiah xi. 10.; and Mr. Richards, of Hull, concluded. In the evening, a large congregation again assembled for public worship ; Mr. Toms, of Tunbridge, prayed; and Mr. Townsend, of Ramsgate, preached from 2 Cor. iv. 6.; after which, Mr. Mark, of Weatherfield, engaged in prayer, The day was closed with the administration of the Lord's Supper. The service was opened by Mr. Geo. Townsend; Mr. Young, of Canterbury, addressed the communicants; the elements were distributed by Messrs. Fowler, Ralph, and Leggatt; and the whole concluded with prayer by Mr. Slatterie, of Chatham.

A sermon was preached on Tuesday evening by Mr. Young, from $ Pet. i. 8. first clause; when Mr. Parnell, of Canterbury, and Mr. M‘Donald, of Woolwich, engaged in prayer. The hospitality of friends, and the harmony which prevailed, together with the divine presence, made it a season to be gratefully remembered.

The next Annual Association is to be held at Mr. Gocding's meet: ing, at Lenham, on Wednesday after the first Sabbath in July, 1803. Mr. Podmore, Mr.'Parnell, and Mr. Gore to preach.

The Annual Meeting of the SURRY Mission Society, will be held on the 4th inst. at Tooting, when Mr. Humphreys, of Hammer: smith, is expected to preach.

HOXTON ACADEMY. On Thursday afternoon, June 24, the anniversary meeting of the subscribers and friends to the above academy, was held in the chapel belonging to the institution. Four of the students were engaged, as follows: Mr. Grey began with prayer; Mr. Philp preached on the importance of right sentiments in religion, from Prov. xix, 37 ; Mr. Johnson, on the necessity of divine influences, to make them effectual to salvation, 1 Cor. ii. 14. ; Mr. Allen, on the appointed mean for propagating and defending divine truth, Acts xi. 24. The Rev. Alex. Waugh, of Well-street, gave a pleasing account of the progress of the students in classical learning ; and, for the satisfaction of those absent, sent a letter to the treasurer, honourable both to the tutors and students; with which we haye been favoured, but are not able to admit at present.

The Rev. J. M. Mason, of New York, gave a suitable address on the necessity of knowledge as well as piety, to a proper discharge of the ministerial office, and concluded with prayer. Most of the students were engaged in preaching in various places during the vacation,

ORDINATIONS, Rev. S. R. Hartnell (late of Hoxton Academy) was, on April 21, 1802, set apart as pastor of the Independent Church at Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Mr. Burkitt began with prayer and reading ; Mr. Hewitt offered the general prayer; Mr. Burder gave an introductory discourse, asked the questions, and received the confession of faith; Mr. Grundy prayed the ordination prayer ; Mr. Moody gave the charge ; and Mr. Evans preached to the people.

JUNE 23, 1802.-The Rev. Thomas Morgan was ordained pastor of the Baptist church, in Cannon-street, Birmingham. Mr. Smith, of Alcester, began the service with reading and prayer; Mr. Sutcliff, of Olney, introduced the work of the day, and received the account of the church, respecting the dealings of Providence with them since the death of their beloved pastor, the late Samuel Pearce, A. M. till their present harmonious election of Mr. Morgan. The church recognized their call, Mr. Morgan signified his acceptance, and deli. yered a confession of faith.

Mr. Belcher, of Worcester, prayed the ordination prayer; Dr. Ryland, of Bristol, gaye, the charge from 2 Cor. vi. 4-10., and Mr. Fuller, of Kettering, preached to the people, from Heb. xiii, 17-; Mr.'Rowlands, of Pershore, concluded in prayer.

The nuceting-house being too small for the congregation, the chapel occupied by Mr. Wesley's people, in Cherry-street, was kindly lent them on this occasion.

JUNE 29. -- The Rev. Joseph Whitehouse was ordained at Gomal. Mr. Hudsort, of West Bronwich, introduced the service as usual ; Mr. Moody, of Warwick, described the nature of a gospel church, asked the usual questions, and received the confession of faith; Mr. Grove, of Walsall, offered the ordination prayer, with laying on of hands; Mr. Brewer, of Birmingham, gave the charge; Mr. Grove preached to the people ; and Mr. Richards, of Stourbridge, concluded with prayer,

JULY !, 1802. –The Rev. Mr. Toms was ordained pastor of the Baptist Church at Chard, in Somersetshire. Mr. Winterbotham read some portions of Scripture and prayed ; Mr. Steadman, of Plymouth Dock, introduced the service, and received Mr. Toms's con fession of faith, &c.; Mr. Cherry, of Wellington, prayed the ordi. nation prayer, which was attended with the laying on of hands of the pastors; Dr. Ryland, of Bristol, gave the charge, from John xii. 26.; Mr. Morgan, of Bridgewater, preached from Rev. xxij. 9.; Mr. Dawson, of Lyme, closed in prayer. - Their own meeting-house being too small for the auditory, Mr. Gifford and his people very kindly accommodated them with theirs.

APRIL 28.-The Rev. Mr. Gunn was set apart over the church of Christ at Hadleigh, in Suffolk, late under the pastoral care of the late Rev. Mr. Isaac Toms, to whom Mr. G. had been an assistant two years. Mr. Bromley, of Needham Market, began with prayer and reading; Mr. Ray, of Sudbury, preached on the nature and constitution of a gospel church ; Mr. Hickman, of Lavenham, prayed ; Mr. Crathern, of Dedham, addressed the people from Acts xi. 23. ; Mr. Price, of Woodbridge, concluded. -Under the labours of Mr. Gunn, the church and congregation are considerably upon the increase, and it is hoped much good will be done. .

JULY 14. - The Rey. John Vincent, lately of Hoxton Academy, was ordained pastor over the Independent Church at Deal. Mr. Leggett, of Burwash, introduced the service, as usual. Mr. Atkinson, junior tutor of Hoxton Academy, delivered the introductory dise course, and asked the questions; after which, Mr. Vincent deli. vered his confession of faith. Mr. Simpson, senior tutor at Hoxton, offered up the ordination prayer, with imposition of hands; Mr. Townsend, of Ramsgate, gave the charge, from Timothy ii. 2.; Mr. Stollery, of London, preached to the people from Philip. ii. 29.;. Mr. Mark, of Wethersfield, gave out the hymns, and also preached in the evening, from Prov, xviii. 10. The evening preceding the ordination, Mr. Simpson preached from Gen. xxxii. 24. - The church at Deal has been without a settled pastor for several years; but there is now an encouraging prospect of success.


CHAPELS OPENED. Ax old meeting-house at Guildford, which was left in ruins, has been rebuilt by an individual at a distance, who feels something of the duty incumbent on all who have received many talents, to use them to the best of purposes. The new place was opened the 16th of June, when Mr. Griffin, of Portsea, preached in the afternoon, from Luke vii. 22. ; Mir. Bogue, of Gosport, in the evening, from 1 John iii. &. ; Messrs. Kingsbury, of Southainpton; Prattman, of Farnham; and Freer, of London, engaged in prayer. The place will be supplied at present from the Hoxton academy.

June 16. Mr. Yockney's new meeting-house at Staines, was opened for divine worship. Mr. Scott, of Wooburn, began the service with prayer and reading; Mr. Mathews, of London, offered the intercessory prayer; Mr. Clayton, sen. preached from Psalm Ixxxvii. 2.; and Mr. Morison concluded with prayer.

In the afternoon, Mr. Torlin, of Harlington, began with prayer ; Mr. Cooke, of Maidenhead, preached from Psalm xxvi. 8.; and Mr. Rowles, of Colnbrook, concluded.

June 23. A small place of worship was opened at Morristown, in the neighbourhood of Swansea, for the benefit of the people working in the different and collieries there. · This building was erected at the desire of Mr. William Beven, of Lockwood's works, who solicits visits from all evangelical ministers passing that way.

June 24. A place for public worship was opened at Bruton, So. mersetshire. In the morning, Mr. Jay, of Bath, preached from Mar. xviii. 20. Mr. Morren, of Yeovil, Mr. Herdsman, of South Petherton, and Mr. Wheaton, of Lime, prayed. In the afternoon, Mr. Jackson, of Warminster, preached from Luke xv. 10, ; Mr. Wyatt, of Frome, and Mr Evans, of Wells, prayed. In the evening, Mr. Hey, of Bristol, preached from Job xxxvi. 2.; Mr. Weston, of Sherbourne, and Mr. Williams, of Wincanton, prayed. The gospel was lately introduced to this town by Mr. Paul, of Castle Carey; and the ministers in the neighbourhood have engaged to supply the pulpit during the infancy of the cause.

JULY 11-A new chapel was opened at Basingstoke, Hants, in the late Countess of liuntingdon's connection, capable of accommodating full 630 people. In the morning, Mr. Thorne (minister of said chapel) read the prayers, and Mr. W, Cooper, of London, preached from Gen, xxviii. 16, 17. In the afternoon, Mr. Love. grove, of Wallingford, prayed; Mr. Wilkins preached from Isaiah Ixvi. part of ad verse, i. But to this man," &c. In the evening, Mr. Cooper again preached, from Heb. ii. 3.; and Mr. Davis, of Zion chapel, concluded in prayer. On Monday, Mr. Lovegrove preached in the morning at seven; and Mr. Cooper at six in the evening. The place was greatly crowded,

RECENT DEATH. May 31, died the Rev. T. Raban, late of Olney, Bucks, and In, dependent minister of Yardley Hastings, Northamptonshire, aged 68. We hope to present our readers with a incnioir of this worthy man ļu a future Number,


Set by the late Rev. Mr. MASON, of Cambridge.

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