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the treatment of the Captains towards us. We heard, by this vessel, that the ship Duff was taken by the French. More Missionaries would be as safe here as we are. We have an invitation from the chief of Huahine to go and reside there : he promised to use us well; but we are too few to part.

Friends of the Society at Newcastle upon Tyne, by
Mr. John Dobson, Secretary

E12 3
Benjamin Jones and Friends, Haverfordwest

6 16 6
Stirling Society for promoting the Spread of the

Gospcl, per Rev, John Campbell . 26 13 0
Rev. John Fowler and Frends, Shcerness

10 15' 6
Rev. David Bogue and Congregation, Gosport S013 1
Rev. Mr. Harris and ditto, Fordham 8.17 og
Rev. Geo Townsend and ditto, Ramsgate 16 10 6
* Rev. John Griffin and ditro, Portsca

21 00 Rey. Mr. Sloper and Friends, Devizes 1000 Rev. Jos. Walker and ditto, Peppard

116 The next monthly meeting of the Missionary Society for Prayer, will be held on June 7th, at the Meetiog-house in Walworth, instead of the Rev. Mr. Ford's at Stepney; where the Prayer-Meeting will be held on the first Monday in July. It is requested, that the ministers in London will inclinate this alteration next Lord's Day.

ASSOCIATIONS. The Northern Evangelical Itinerant Society, for spreading the Gospel in Cumberland, Durham, and Northumberland, lately held a special meeting at Mr. Kyle's chapel, in Fisher Street, Carlisle, when Mr. Graham preached two sermons before them, and was afterwards unanimously chosen an itinerant minister, under the direction of the Society, until :be annual meeting in August 1802. The meeting was closed with prayer by Mr. Kyle.

APRIL 14, the Associating Ministers of the Independent Churches in the county of Hants, with other Brethren assembled at Mr. Hopkins's ineering, Christ Church ; when Mr. Jefterson preached, by appoiniment, on the Lord's Supper: after which that ordinance was adininistered to members of various churches and different denominations. The fol. lowing mivisters were engaged in the service : - Messrs. Kingsbury, Bogue, Griffin, Cox, Lewis, and Ashburner; late of Poole : also in administering the clements, Messrs. Bennet, Durant, Sloper, Wiliams, Bingham, Foxell, &c. - Prior to these services Mr. G. Clayton preached on the eveniny preceding, and Mr. Bennet at seven on the Wednesday morning. On the same evening Mr. Bogue preached ; and Mr. Frey, a converted Jew, from Germany, engaged in prayer ; as did also, in the course of the services, Messrs. Sedcole, Sibree, Morren, Griffiths, &c. &c. The congregations were large and attentive : - some went away saying, “ We have heard strange things to day;" but others, “ We have enjoined precious things to-day."--The next meeting will be held at Mr. Lewis's, Ringwood, Sept. q-the subject, Prayer.

MARCH 29, a meeting of ministers was held at Winslow, Bucks ; when Mr. Tift, of Wooburn, preached ; and Messrs. Cox, of Leighton, Scraggs, Castledon, and Carey, engaged in prayer, &c.

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The quarterly meeting of thic Surrey Mission Society will be held at Kingston, June 16th, at eleven'o'clock. The sermon by Mr. Jackson. "The sixth General Meeting of the Union of Christians, was held at Bedford, on Wednesday 28th of April. The public worship in the forenoon and evening was performed at the old meeting-house. At the former opportunity Mr. Hogg, of Thrapstone, and Mr. Claypole, of Thorn, engaged in prayer; M. G. Burder, of Coventry, preached from - Chron. XXX. 12. About fifty ministers and members dined together, In the afternoon, the third meeting-house was crowded with members and friends of the Union, who assembled for conference. It was in. troduced with prayer, by Mr. Hillyard of Olney. The Secretary, Mr. Hillyard, of Bedford, read a report, which had been prepared by the committee chosen annually; and an address to the Ministers' Conference at "Herrenhuth, in reply to a letter from them. Mr. Greatheed, as vice-president, then proposed several resolutions, recommended by the committee, which were adapted by the assembly. They tended to the gcneral information of the members of thc Union, and to the, a sistance and regulation of their common fund, which had, during the past year, been inadequate to the expenditure. The importance of this objcct was dernonstrated by the growing evidence of usefulness, arising from the extensive and persevering labours of the members. The uninterrupted harmony which had, notwithstanding so great a variety of sentiment, still pervaded all their operations, afforded cause for thankfulness, and en couragement to hope for the permanence and efficacy of the fruits of general union among real Christians. The vice-president closed the conference with prayer. .

Tlie public worship, in the evening, was introduced with prayer, by Mr. Morrell, of St. Neot's ; Mr. Geard, of Hitchin, preached from Acts viii. , and concluded the services. A List of Ministers. appointed to preach the Lord's Day Morning-Lectures at

the Rev. Mr. Reynolds's Meeting, Camomile Street, Bishopsgate Street, for
the remainder of the present' Year:- .
Dr. Rippon

August 15
Dr. Hunter

• June
Mr. Reynolds

Mr. Towers

20 September s
Mr. Brooksbank -
Mr. *

• July
Mr. Townsend
Mr. Upton

18 October
Mr. Steven

25 Mr. Thorpe .


17 Mr. Hutchivgs · .

N. B. Service begins at Seven, and ends at Eight o'clock. .. :: This Lecture was instirured in the year of the glorious Revolution, 768&; and is supported by subscription. Mr. Samuel Houston, Grcát St. Helens, Treasurer.

* An occasional preacher, with a collection.



ORDINATIONS. ... · FEB. oth, 1802, Mr. W. Smart was ordained (by the laying on of the hands of the Associate Presbytcry of Glasgow) to the office of the hoty ministry, and pastoral care of the congregation at Paisley. This congregation had for more than thirty years enjoyed the ministry of



CHAPELS OPENED. Dvere On the 29th of January last, a chapel was opened at SturminsterNewton, a considerable manufacturing cown in Dorsetshire. Much opposition was a first met with from the populace; and some difficulty found in procuring a licence, under the unjust suspicion of seditious designs. Mr. Saltren preached on the occasion; and in the other parts of the service, the following ministers engaged, viz. Messrs. Keynes, Banister, and Weston. About 150 persons attended very peaceably; and the congregation have since increased to 200. - JUNE 16ch, the new meeting will be opened at Sraines : when Mr. Clayton, of London, and Mr. Cooke, of Maidenhead, are expected to picach.

i ... POETRY, THE SICILIAN HYMN, As sung on Easter Monday last at Surry Chapel, by about 3000 Children,

after a Sermon on Hosea xi. 1. The Words by the Rev. R. Hill.


weaned child.

FROM all pride and envy free, | What to-morrow may betide,
Teach me to obey thy will; Calınly to thy wisdom leave!
Pleas'd with all that pleaseth thee,

O what grace! that Christ should Love, & praise, & bless thee still!

care Ev'ry little child relie's

Thus for our poor helpless race ! On a care beyond his own; All our burdens kindly bear, Knows he's neither strong nor Clasp us in his kind embrace ! wise,

Let me then on thee rely, Fears to stir a step alone.

While my heart to thee I give; What thou shalt to-day provide, | Happy when I come to die, Let me as a child receive;

If i die with thee to live!

THE SAVIOUR. How dark and dreadful was the “ A debt immense detains them place

there," Where long we pris'.lys lay! I Justice was heard to say; Till, in the travels of his grace, And, by his Holiness, he sware

A Saviour pass'd that way.. That nought but blood shou'd Thro’the thick glooi his eye ex.

pay. plor'd.

.“ Here, sheathe thy sword,” the The melancholy cave;

Saviour cry'd, 1 Our case his pitying heart de. “I'll die to set them free:” plor'd,

The Saviour felt the wound, and And ask'd if none cou'd save. dy'd ; "

We rose to liberty. • P. M.

ERRATA in some Copies of this Number. . P. 237, lime 14 from bottom, last word, read “those" - - 13 ditto

ditto, read" borne"

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