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14. Suddenly on them.-- aiondías śréabo.. Sym.

Quick.--Alive, before the natural period of their lives.

19. Changes.Illis non dubius accedo qui jo95 mutationem verterunt; nec tamen de mentis mutatione in melius intelligo, sed de mutatione fortunæ, quibus nulla eft mutatio fortuna, i. e. qui nullam fortuna mutationem fibi accidere pose putant nec Deum timent. Michaelis Suppl. p. 790.

21. Sustain.Mallem remetietur tibi, i. e. jufta pro malis rependet, quæ hoftes tibi innocenti intulerunt, præmia innocentiæ et adversorum dabit. Michaelis Suppl. ad L. H. p. 1222.


2. Pant after my ruin. Instead of Nw the lxx. and Syr. read 9313NU. Also instead of 17295 the Syr. reads 1977505 fuper me 'exaltati funt.

8. Wanderings.-His escapes from place to place, while pursued by Saul.

Into thy bottle.--Mr. Wake observes that this expression seems to intimate that the custom of

putting tears into the ampulla or urna lachrymales, so well known amongst the Romans, was more anciently in use among the Eastern nations. These lachrymal urns were placed in the fepulchres of the deceased, as a memorial of the distress and affection of surviving friends.

11. Vows on me.--I am bound to perform them.

12. Thee O God.-Two MSS. have 7939), and the Syr. reads coram te, Deus. Street.


3. Put to disgrace.-Saul who was in David's power.

6. To enclose.From Arab. claust aftrictis vinculis. Infin. Kal. influenced by the particle — before anys. Kennicott.

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1. Judges.-Dr. Lowth and Dr. Durell read os se instead of Sn, which is a very dark word, as Archbishop Secker obferves. Michaelis follows Dr. Durell, in his German version; and Schulz observes, that the Codex Casselan. in Num. vii. 77. and xxiii. 29. for DSSN reads on without the jod plural.

4. Deaf adder.-The asps or adders were believed to lay one ear close to the ground, and to cover the other with their tails, that they may avoid the danger of enchantment. 8. Instead of so the Syr. and lxx. have 153.74,

, , , which is confirmed by Theodotion, Symm, and

,נפל a 1econd time, before ,כמו and they read

the Chald. so that the whole passage, as St. Jerom had it, runs thus :

כמו שבלול המס יהלכו כמו נפל אשת בשמש :



6. Let them return.—To watch the door of

my house.

7. Iniquity:—The word ys) is taken in two contrary senses; here in a bad sense, as in Pf. xciv. 4. Prov. xv. 28.

9. My strength.--All the ancient versions, and fix MSS. of Kennicott read 4?*.

Will I sing.The Syr. and Arab. read ,TON. See Kennicott and Dathe.

15. Their prey.-David.


4. Banner.—David, whom the people, conceiving high expectations of him, looked to, as soldiers to their standard, around which they assemble. Dathe.

That they may escape.---T8 Quyếv ato Tg00WT8 Tože• lxx. εις το εκφυγειν απο προσωπου τοξευματος Sym. ut fugerent a facie arcûs. Vulg. et Hieron. All of whom

, .

read קשט and instead of ,נוס from להתנוסס derive ,קשת

8. The pot of my affliction.--He here alludes to the custom of the Eastern nations, who made their flaves wash their feet; and take care of their shoes, when they threw them off.

Over Philiftia.Sy is of the same force with Sy. See Ps. cviii.

I do triumph.-999707, is in the infin. with paragogic, or it is the pronoun affix. Venema.


3. Thou wilt set me bigh.-See lxx. Syr. Vulg. Arab. Æth. therefore they read 991n.

5. The heritage.-The inheritance of them that fear God's name, is his constant favour and protection, to which they were entitled, by virtue of God's covenant with their fathers, as long as they continued to keep his law. See Deut. xxviii. Kennicott.

7. 0 let.—2, quæso, utinam, a Syriasm. Kenni

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11. These two things.-nu never fignifies twice, but always two; and the lxx, and Vulg. have it fo here. Street..


11. Foxes. It is generally supposed that jackalls are meant by the Hebrew word which is translated foxes ; the jackalls are very numerous in the Eastern countries, and prey upon dead bodies; they are so greedy of human carcases, as to dig them out of the graves ; their teeth are very sharp, and they are extremely sagacious. Merrick.

12. And every one.-So Syr. Arab. and Kennicott.

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4. Not seen.-175 ASSyr. parallel to S9700 in the preceding member. Dr. Lowth. According also to the 5th verse “ who shall fee us?"

5. Who mall see us.-Syr. Kennicott, and Lowth.


3. Us.--1xx. Mudge, Kennicott, Street, and five MSS.

4. He fall be satisfied.--yus partic. præs. Niph. Kennicott.

5. Seas.-- Houb. and Kenn. 6. Tby strength.-1xx. Syr. Vulg. Arab. and Kenn.



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