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2. His feed shall be mighty upon earth; the generation of the upright shall be blessed.

3. Wealth and riches ball be in his house, and his righteousness endureth for ever.

4. There ariseth light in darkness unto the upright; gracious he is, merciful, and righteous.

5. Blessed is the man that sheweth favour and lendeth, and measureth out his words in judgment.

6. Surely he shall not be moved for ever; the righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance.

7. He shall not be afraid of evil tidings; his heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord.

8. His heart is fixed, he shall not fear in that he looketh upon his oppressors. 9. He distributeth and giveth to the poor ;

his righteousness endureth for ever; his horn shall be exalted with honour.

10. The wicked shall see this, and be grieved ; he shall gnash with his teeth and melt away; the desire of the wicked shall perish.



This Psalm celebrates the special providence of God in

the care of the poor. This and the next Psalm ufed to be sung by the Jews before the eating of the Påsover.

Hallelujah. 1. PRAISE, O ye servants of the Lord, praise the name of the Lord.

2. Blessed be the name of the Lord, from this time forth for evermore.

3. From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same, the Lord's name is to be praised.

4. The Lord is high above all nations, and his glory above the heavens.

5. Who is like unto the Lord our God? who exalteth himself to dwell in heaven; 6. Who humbleth himself to look


the earth. 7. He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth

up the needy out of the mire. 8. That he may set him with princes, even with the princes of his people.

9. He maketh the barren woman to keep house ; and to be a joyful mother of children.


Evening Prayer.


A brief narration of some of the miracles whereby God

manifested his power, when he brought the people of Israel out of Egypt.

1. When Israel came out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of a strange language.

2. Judah was his holiness, Ifrael his dominion. 3. The sea faw and fled; Jordan was driven back.

4. The mountains skipped like rams, the hills like the younglings of the flock.

5. What ailed thee, O thou fea, that thou fleddeft? thou Jordan, that thou wast driven back?

6. Ye mountains, that ye skipped like rams? ye hills, like the younglings of the flock?

7. The earth trembled at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob.

8. Who turned the rock into a pool of water, the flint into a springing well.


The Psalmist intreats God not to defert his people, left

the heathen fould ascribe their victories over them to their gods. He then proceeds to the praises of the Lord Jehovah in opposition to those senseless idols, and exhorts the Ifraelites répose their entire confidence in him.

1. Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake. 2. Wherefore should the heathen say,

Where is now their God ?"

3. But our God is in the heavens; he hath done whatsoever he pleased.

4. Their idols are filver and gold, the works of mens hands.

5. They have mouths but they speak not; they have eyes, but they see not.

6. They have ears, but they hear not; they have noses, but they smell not.

7. They have hands, but they handle not; they have feet, but they walk not; neither do they utter any sound through their throat.

8. Let them that make them become like unto them; and every one that trusteth in them.

9. The house of Israel trusteth in the Lord; he is their help and their shield.

10. The house of Aaron trusteth in the Lord; he is their help and their shield.

11. They that fear the Lord, trust in the Lord; he is their help and their shield.

12. The Lord hath been mindful of us; he will bless us; he will bless the house of Israel, he will bless the house of Aaron.

13. The Lord will bless them that fear him, both small and great.

14. The Lord shall add unto you more and more, unto you and unto your children.

15. Ye are blessed of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

16. The heaven of heavens is the Lord's, but the earth hath he given to the children of men. 17:

The dead praise not the Lord, neither any that go

down into silence. 18. But we will bless the Lord from this time forth, and for evermore.

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