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sarily embrace some of the early history of Manhattan Island, and New York State, because the original ancestors of the family under historical treatment were New Netherlanders, and while this early history of Manhattan Island, and the surrounding territory, will be of little interest to a reader well versed in the early annals of that part of our country, the review, however, will prove not only interesting, but of educational value, to those not so familiar with this history, or that of their ancestors.

The work of the writer in connection with the partial history of the Anneke Jans Bogardus family, and as regards the history of their times, must not be construed as anything but largely a review of historical data, and the compiling of which has involved much investigation, as well as research work, and expense in time and money, and it is hoped that all who read can realize this from the perusal of the following pages.

In the research and investigative work, records of all sorts were searched for, and transcribed when found, and then compiled in sequence or date order, so that through a process of analysis and deduction, or elimination, the reader may find the mistakes of the past, if any, both legal and otherwise, and then try and discover what there is to work upon toward recovery at this late day, and after the lapse of so long a period of time, and during which possession has been held by others.

The work of the writer, while arduous, has been



very interesting, because the poring over old dusty and musty records, yellow with age, has its compensation.

The writer is indebted for information and assistance to some of the societies of descendants' of 1923, as well as to the following named organizations:

Long Island Historical Society. ...Brooklyn, N. Y. New Jersey Historical Society. Newark, N. J. Hall of Records

New York City Public Library...

New York City N. Y. Historical & Genealogical Bureau, N. Y. City N. Y. State Library.

Albany, N. Y. N. Y. State Law Library.

. Albany, N. Y. Congressional Library... Washington, D. C. Pennsylvania Historical Society, Philadelphia, Pa. Indiana State Law Library.... Indianapolis, Ind. Indiana State Library. . Indianapolis, Ind. Indianapolis Public Library.... Indianapolis, Ind.

Much credit is due to the employes of these organizations for their uniform courtesy and cooperation, as well as to a family historian, of years standing, and residing at Newark, N. J., who is descended from Petrus Bogardus, whose will is set forth later on in these covers.

T. B. W. Indianapolis, Ind.



Late in the year 1922, or early in the year 1923, and about January 8th, it is thought, the following quoted item appeared in the LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, HERALD. “LOS ANGELES HEIRS BATTLE FOR $850,000,000

NEW YORK ESTATE SHARES" “Descendants of Old Gotham Family Claim

Church Holds Property Illegally”

“A portion of the world's greatest estate, the PETER WYCKOFF-ANNEKE JANS properties, lying in the heart of New York City's financial district, and estimated in value at $850,000,000 may come to Los Angeles, if some 250 descendants of the original owners of the land are successful in establishing their claim.

“The initial court trial to test the claims of the descendants will be made next month, when a suit is filed in New York City, against Trinity Church, a corporation, the original directors being the ones it is alleged secured control of the property from Anneke Jans.

“The entire story of the land goes back 300 years, when Broadway was a cow pasture. In recognition for services, Peter Wyckoff, a native of Holland, was granted a tract of 190 acres.


“The land is now that district lying west of Broadway, and extending to the Hudson River and from the Battery, to a point well past Park Row. According to the claimants, he leased the property to Trinity Church for a period of 99 years. Afterwards it was released, and it is alleged, that after the expiration of the second lease, the land was not returned to the descendants of the original owners. Anneke Jans was a direct descendant of the King of Holland, and a lineal descendant of William the First of Orange.

“She was the daughter of Prince Wolfert Webber of Orange, which relationship gives all present day descendants claim to being descended from royalty.”

As a result of the above quoted item, similar items appeared shortly thereafter, in various newspapers in different parts of the United States, and which evidently inspired a question from a reader, to the Indianapolis News, and an answer appeared in the “Questions and Answers” section of that paper, in its issue of March 9th, 1923, as follows.

“A reader—The question of title to the church property mentioned has not been settled by the courts.”

The question, (whatever it was) and the answer, evidently pertained to the subject under discussion in this book, however, such is not known to be the case by the present writer.

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