Elements of arithmetic, with numerous examples

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B. Fellows, 1836 - Arithmetic - 140 pages

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Page 34 - Divide the greater of the two numbers by the less : the last divisor by the last remainder, and so on till nothing remains : the last divisor is the greatest common measure required.* Case 2.
Page 33 - An improper fraction is one whose numerator is equal to, or greater than its denominator ; as, $, -f . A mixed number is a whole number and a fraction expressed together; as, 4f, 25-ht.
Page 34 - If the numerator and denominator of a fraction be both multiplied or both divided by the same number, the value of the fraction is not altered.
Page 43 - Reduce compound fractions to simple ones, and mixt numbers to improper fractions ; then multiply the numerators together for a new numerator, and the denominators for. a new denominator.
Page 82 - RULE. — Place the numbers so, that those of the same denomination may stand directly under each other, and draw a line below them.
Page 36 - If the sum of all the digits of a number be divisible by 3 or 9, the number is divisible by 3 or 9.
Page 62 - Miles = 1 Degree of a Great Circle of the Earth. An inch is the smallest lineal measure to which a name is given, but subdivisions are used for many purposes. Among mechanics, the inch is commonly divided into eighths.
Page 116 - Answer, 51. 8s. 3. What is the amount of 690/. for 3 years, at 4} per cent. per annum ? Answer, 777/.
Page 131 - Agio, in Amsterdam and other places, is the difference between their current money, called the currency, and the money of exchange, or that issued from the bank called banco, the latter being usually finer than the former. Arbitration of exchange is a comparison between the courses of exchange of several places, and determines the most advantageous mode of drawing and remitting bills.

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