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Brand, Rev. John, late Secretary of the Society of Antiquaries,

Account of his books, ii. 83. Prices which some of them

brought at the sale, ii. 270, 306.
Brydges, Mr. John, Account of the Sale of his Library, i. 178.

Biographical Notice of, i. 188.
Britain, State of the Arts in, i. 39.
Bryant, William, Account of the Sale of his Books, ii. 83.

Caxton, various editions of, ii. 314, 316. his 'Knight of the

Tour,' ii. 358.
Cervantes, his Don Quixote alluded to, i. 5,6.
Collins, Antony, Esq. the Freethinker, some account of his li-

brary, ii. 45.
Comedy, origin of the term, i. 351 (in note).
Crotch, Dr. his Lectures' On Music ,' delivered at the Royal In-

stitution, i. 24, 60.
Crowe, Rev. Mr. Analyses of his Lectures On Poetry,' deliver-

at the Royal Institution, i. 27, 288, 285, 311, to $14, 375,

377. ii. 25, 54, 93, 123.
Cumberland, Mr. R. Tendency of his Plays, i. $61.

Davy, Mr. Analyses of his Lectures On Vegetable Chemistry,

and the Chemical Phenomena of Nature,' delivered at the
Royal Institution, i. 23, 48, 87, 154, 185, 218, 255, 514,579,

ii. 27,55, 92, 150, 177.
De Bury, Richard, some Account of, i. 185.
Dibdin, Rev. Mr. Analyses of his Lectures ‘On the History of

English Literature,' delivered at the Royal Institution, i. 24,

57,88, 126, 153, 157.
Director, The, Explanation of the Title, i. 7, 172. (note.)
Dormer, Sir Clement Cottrell, some Account of bis Library, ii.

Drama, Remarks on, i. 349. *. 65, 225.
Dramatic Poetry, Analyses of Mr. Crowe's Lectures thereon,

i. 283, 285.


1. Introductory, 3.
2. Causes of the Progress of Antient Art, 33.
3. Banks's Statue of Achilles, 65.
4. Connexion between Genius and Patronage, 97.
5. The same, 129.
6. Eminent Antient Artists, 161. On the Structure of our

Theatres, 171.
7. The Life of Proctor, the Sculptor, 193.
8. Sketches of Modern Characters, 225. On the Structure of

our Theatres, 240.
9. On the Art of Good Living, 257.
10. Further Sketches of Modern Characters, 289.
11. On the Gaelic Poems of Ireland, 321.
12. On the Drama, 349.

13 On the Moral Effects of Music, 1.
14 Eminent Antient Artists, 33.
15 On the Drama, 65.
16 A Walk in London, 97.
17 Of Antient Works of Art, 199.
18 The same, 157.
19 Parallels between Art and Science, 193. Utility of Re.

mains of Antiquity, 198. On neglected English Literature,

20 On the Drama, 225. On neglected English Literature, 243.
21 Eminent Antient Artists, 257.
22 The Mirror of Truth, 289.
23 The Alarmist, 321. On the Structure of our Theatres, 329.
24 Discovery of the Authors of the foregoing Essays, by their

different Styles, 367.

Fashionable Friends, remarks on this play, ii. 75.
Fletewode, William, Esq. Sale of his Library, ii. 269.
Fly-flap, a Postscript, in reply to a pamphlet so called, i. 52.

Letter to the Director upon the same, i. 110. Author of the
pamphlet described, ii, 380.

Folkes, Martin, Esq. President of the Royal and Antiquarian

Societies, account of his Library, i. 329.

GALLERY, BRITISH. Account of this Institution,and of the Pictures

exhibited there, i. 29, 62, 91, 139, 158, 190, 221, 225, 287,
318, 342. ii. 28, 58, 124, 151, 178, 361. Advantages of, i.
204, 305. Premiums given for Original and Copied Pictures,

i. 318, 366.
Gough, Mr. bis Library noticed, ii. 148. -
Graphic Muse, Powers and Objects of, i. 9. Her present un-

worthy Occupation, i. 13.
Greece, antient State of the Arts in, i. 36.
Guest, Mr. Douglas, Analyses of his Lectures,' On the State of

the Fine Arts in Spain, and other parts of the Continent,'
i. 186, 220, 308.

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Handel, Moral Effects of his Music. See the Essay on this

subject, ii, 1.
Harley, Earl of Oxford. Account of his Library, &c. i. 206,

247, 272.
Henley, Mr. John, called Orator Henley, some account of his

Library, i. 86. His Character, ib. 88. &c.
Hoare, (Mr. P.) his Inquiry into the State of the Fine Arts, i. 8.
Hoblyn, Robert, Esq. some account of his Library, ü. 117.

INSTITUTION, ROYAL, Analyses of Lectures delivered there. See

the names of the Lecturers: Allen, Crotch, Crowe, Davy,

Dibdin, Guest, Wood. Account of the Library. i. 47.
Institution, London, Arrangement of the Library, i. 28.
Institution, British. See British Gallery.
Italy, State of the Arts in, i. 37.

Kuster, Anecdote of, ii. 352.'

Landsdowne Manuscripts. Importance of making them na-

tional property, ii. 173. Preface to the Catalogue of the MSS.
published by Messrs. Leigh and Sotheby, extracted, ibid.

Licensing of Theatres, Observations upon, ii. 241.
Literature, reflections on the advantages of, ii. 360.
London, A Walk in-giving some account of the streets, shops,

fashionable furniture, &c. ii. 105.
Lovers' Vows, strictures on this play, ii. 69, 228.

Maglia bechi, some account of, ii. 318, (note), 353.
Manson, Mr. a knowing bookseller in black letter, and prints,

ii. 316, (note.)
Mead, Dr. Account of his Library, i. 303, to 310.
Messiah, Beauties of Handel's Oratorio, so called, ii. 13.
Museum, British, i. 21.

Nelson, Mr. Robert, his praise of Harley, Earl of Oxford,
i. 280.

Opie, Remarks on his Paintings, ii. 362. His reputation, ib.

Osborne, Thomas, (the bookseller), i. 209, to 216.

Palace of Pleasure, by W. Painter; some account of a book so

called, i. 81.
Paradise of Dainty Devises; some account of a book so called,

i. 81.
Proctor, Mr. Thomas, (the sculptor); some account of, i. 193.

Quarles, Francis, Extracts from his “Meditations, Soliloquies
and Prayers'.-Account of this work, ii. 206—243.

Ratcliffe, John, Esq. Account of his Library, ii. 310. Compari-

son between Mr. Wests and Mr. Ratcliffe's Collection, ii. 316.

Biographical notice of, 317.
Rawlinson, Dr. Richard, Account of his Library, i. 365.

Satyres : Bp. Hall's work of toothless and biting Satires, i. 89.

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Scarburgh (Sir Charles) Account of the Sale of his Books,

i. 146, 176.
Schiller, his play of the Robbers, ii, 235.
Sebright, Sir John, Sale of the duplicates of his Books, i. 330,

ii. 523.
Shakspeare, Character of his plays-in regard to their moral

tendency, i. 361.
Smith, Joseph, Esq. Consul at Venice; some account of his Li-

brary, ii. 48.
Society, Royal, i. 18, 19, 46.
Society, Antiquarian, i. 20, 21.
Specimens of Art, importance of their being good ones, i. 11.
Stafford, Marquis of, Utility of the Exhibition of his collection

of Paintings, i. 11.
Style of writing-modes of discovering the different authors of

the Essays in the Director, thereby, üi. 371.
Stranger, Remarks on the play so called, ii. 236.
Students in painting, divided into three classes, i. 12.
Subjects for the pencil-various ones defined, i. 14, 15.

Theatres, On the Structure of the English, i. 171, 240.
Tillotson's, Abp. Account of the Sale of his Books, i. 151.
Tragedy, Origin of the term, i. 352 (in note).

Vellum, Sir Vicary, his Walk in London, ii. 97.

West, James, Esq. President of the Royal Society. Account of

his Library, ii. 118, 141. Biographical notice of, ii. 170.
Williams, Dr. Some account of his Library, called the Dissent-

ers' Library,' ii. 44 (note).
Wood, Mr. Analyses of his Lectures at the Royal Institution, 'On

Perspective,' i. 187, 189, 219, 282, 311, 341, 378, ii. 26.

Zouche, Sir Timothy, an Alarmist, ii. 322.

Printed by William Savage,

Bedford Bury.

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