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demolition of cities. Those Greeks, who could repeat the verses of EURIPIDES, were spared in the general massacre at Syracuse. And the house of PINDAR was twice preserved in the sacking of Thebes, from a reverence paid to the spot in which so great a genius once resided ! I am not vain enough to suppose

that my "Bibliographical memoranda' can prove any thing like an incentive to very deep or very extensive literary research : No; all the praise I seek, and all the happiness I hope for, is to be ranked among those who, in the language of an eminent foreign philologist have caused books to be consulted, and knowledge to be diffused.'

British Gallery. In many of the preceding numbers of the Director, it is presumed that the pictures in this collection have been noticed with an attention due to their merits.

HAVING dilated somewhat largely on the principal ones, and having, it is hoped, sufficiently proved that British Genius requires only British Patronage to be more generally known and admired, I cannot take leave of this admirable collection (certainly the best modern one in exhibition for the last seven months) without calling on my countrymen to pay a just tribute of respect to the memory of that Artist, whose productions have so often graced these walls, and whose merits, at once original and various, have always found their way to the human heart.

The name of Mr. OPIE has been enshrined in a weekly publication, called, • TIE ARTIST: A sketch of his life and character has very justly formed a prominent feature in a work, devoted to those subjects connected with the rise and progress of the Fine Arts: panegyric, however, has not been fulsome; nor has occasional censure been unappropriate, in the criticisms on Ople's painting

The productions of this artist * claim the peculiar merit of originality,when contrasted with those of others: but he too frequently copied from himself. His old men have great force, but not sufficient variety: his children are rarely playful, and sprightliness and the air joyeux ' are seldom the characteristics of his females. Though he grouped well, he always appeared to labour in the delineation of his separate characters : but this defect was rarely perceptible, from that magic of light and shade which he flung upon his bistorical compositions. He had great breadth and liarmony of colouring; and sometimes successfully united the force of Rembrandt with the brilliancy of Reynolds. His portraits of men, particularly of intellectual characters, were most happily executed: for mind was the predominant expression of the physiognomy. Although less pathetic

* It is said that his Lectures on Painting, at the Royal Institution and at Somerset House, are to be published. Every one is confident of the success of their sale!

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than Northcote, and less humorous than Smirke, he succeeded admirably in the delincation of Simple Tales. It is true, his characters rarely aspire to grandeur, and seldom captivate by the magic of grace or beauty; but Mr. Opie amply compensated for these deficiencies, by possessing a kind of legitimate taste, and sound manly judgment, which disdained to adopt the meretricious ornaments of the day. Time, which is hourly consigning to oblivion the puny 'efforts of little-minded artists, expands his wings, and throws aside his glass, to transport Opie to the temple of perennial fame. The fame that a man wins himself, is

best; That he may call his own. Honours put

to him, Make him no more a man than his clothes

do, And are as soon ta'en off.


Let us hope, in thus bidding “Farewell to the pencil of OPIE, that those, whose productions have graced these

walls, will not disdain to display his excellencies, and to l'evive his example. There are some to whom such an observation does not apply; but there are more to whom it may, with peculiar propriety, be addressed. The British School is young in fame; but the period of youth, if carefully watched and educated, may lead to a vigorous manhood, and venerable old


We can write' as well as Winkleman and Mengs, and paint much better than the latter artist: there is no fatality in the climate to prevent the expansion of genius'; and as long as Reynolds and Gainsborough, Wilson and Romney, Barry and OPIE shall be l'emembered, so long may we be convinced of the powers and reputation of our countrymen.

The Patronage of This INSTITUTION has never been withheld ; exclusively of its having been the channel of the sale of pictures to the amount of £4000 (in one season only,) it holds out other incentives to exertion and to excellence as the following Resolution will evince.

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