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which they were collected, were of no ordinary occurrence. I allude to the

£. s. d. No. 1919. A Counter Blaste to Tobacco. Ib. 1604.

0 17 0 No. 1326. Bentley's (Thos.) Monument

of Matrons, containing se-
ven severall Lamps of Vir-
ginitie, or Distinct Treaties,
black letter, collated and
perfect, a very fine copy,
extremely rare and curious,
imprinted at London, by
Thomas Dawson, for Wil-

liam Seres, extremely rare 8 18 6 No. 1334. Bert (Edmund) an approved

Treatise of Hawkes and

Hunting. Lond. 1619 1 10 0 No. 1998. Coverdale's (Myles) Chris

tian's State of Matrimony,
wherein Husbandes and
Wyves may learne to keepe
House together with Love :
black letter, imp. by John
Awdely, 1575.
A Christian Exortacion unto
Customable Sweares, black
letter, 1575

1 1 0 No. 1405. Cokain's (Sir Aston) Poems of

Divers Sorts, rure, (for an
account of the Author see
Mr. Brand's MS. Note)

Lond. 1658.
No. 1540. Burton (Wm.) Seven Dia-

BIBLIOTHECA RATCLIFFIANA; or, · A Catalogue of the elegant and truly

[blocks in formation]

logues, black letter, Lond.
1606. George Whetstone's
a Mirour for Magistrates of
Cities. b. I. printed by Rich-

ard Jones, 1584.
No. 1542. Byshop's (John) beautifull

4 10 0

Blossomes, black letter, im-
printed by Henrie Cockyn,

No. 1754, Characters (viz.) The Surfeit

to A.B. C. Lond. 1656. Dr.
Lupton's London and Coun-
try carbonadoed, and quar-
tered in severall Characters,
1632. Essayes and Charac-

ters, by L. G. 1661
No. 2069. England's Jests refined and

improved, 1660 No. 2184. England's Worthies. Portrait

of the Earl of Essex, made

perfect with MS. 1647 No. 2325. Carion (John) the Thre Bokes

of Chronicles, b. I. imp. by

W. Lynne, 1550
No. 2326. Catharo's Diogenes in his Sin-

gularitie, wherein is com-
prehended bis merrie Baight-
ing fit for all Men's Bene-
fits; christened by him'a Net-

4 7 0

2 14 0

S 13 6

4 10 0

valuable Library of John RATCLIFFE, Esq. late of Bermondsey, deceased. The

£. s. de

2 10 0

5 15 6

tle for Nice Noses, by L. F.

black letter, 1591.
No. 3523. FAGES (Mrs.) Poems, Fames

Roule, &c, rare, 1651
No. 3527. Fisher (Bishop) of Rochester.

This Sermon followynge was
complyed and sayd in the
Cathedrall Churche of St.
Paule, the body being pre-
sent, of the most famous
7, the 10th Day of May,
1509, which sermon, with
the wood cut, was imprinted
by Wynkin de Worde,
MCCCCCIX. Thereafter
followeth a Mornynge Re-
membrancer at the Moneth
Minde of the Noble Prynces
Margarete, Countesse of
Richmond and Darbye, Mo-
der unto Kynge Henry 7,
and Grandame to oure Soue-
rayne Lord that nowe is, up-
pon whose Soule Almighty
God have Mercy. Wood
cut. Emprinted at London,
by Wynke de Worde, black
letter, both extra rare

whole collected with great judgment and expense, during the last thirty years of his life : comprehending a large and most choice collection of the rare old English black letter, in fine preservation, and in elegant bindings, printed by CAXTON, Lettou, MACHLINIA, the anonymous St. Albans Schoolmaster, Wynkyn de Worde, Pynson, Berthelet, Grafton, Day, Newberie, Marshe, Jugge, Whytchurch, Wyer, Rastell, Coplande, and the rest of the Old English Typographers : several missals and MSS. and two Pedigrees on vellum, finely illuminated.'

The title page then sets forth a specimen of these black-lettered gems; among which our eyes are dazzled with a galaxy of Caxtons, Wynkyn de Wordes, Pynsons, &c. &c. The sale took place on March 27, 1776; although the year is unaccountably omitted, by that renowned Auctioneer, the late Mr. Christie, who disposed of them.

If ever there was a unique collection, this was one-the very essence of Old Divinity, Poetry, Romances, and Chronicles! The articles were only 1675 in number, but their intrinsic value amply compensated for their paucity.

The following is but an inadequate specimen.

£. 3. d. No. 1315. Horace's Arte of Poetrie,

Pistles and Satyres, by
Drant. 1567. First English

0 16 6 No. 1321. The Sheppearde's Calender,

1579. Whetstone's Castle
of Delight, 1576

1 2 0 No. 1392. The Pastyme of the People*,

printed by Rastell. Curious
wood cuts

4 70 No. 1393. Cronicles of Englande, printed

by CAXTON, fine copy,

5 5 0 No. 1394. Ditto, printed at St. Albans,

1483. Purchased by Dr.
Hunter, and now in his Mu-
seum, which I have seen 770

* A copy of this book is not now to be procured. I have known £.40 offered for it, and contemptuously rejected. VOL. II.


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