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flows a pure religion-look therefore on those engaged in the services of CarisTIANITY.'I looked, and saw innumerable of my fellow creatures prostrate in adoration before their Creator and Redeemer. I fancied I could hear the last strains of their hallelujahs ascending to the spot whereon I sat. 'Observe,' said my Protector, all do not worship in the same manner, because all believe not in the same creeds; but the intention of each may be pure : at least, common charity teaches us thus to think, till some open act betray a malignity of principle. Toleration is the vital spark of religionarm the latter with the whips of persecution, and you convert her into a fiend scattering terror and dismay! In your own country you enjoy a liberality of sentiment beyond every other on the face of the globe. Learn to be grateful for such an inestimable happiness.'

..Tuese words had hardly escaped my • guide, when I was irresistibly led to .. look on another part of the Mirror,

where a kind of imperial magnificence, combined with the severest discipline, prevailed. “You are contemplating, resumed my preternatural Monitor, one of the most interesting scenes in Euгоре. .

See the effect of revolutionary commotions! While you view the sable spirit of the last monarch of France, glid. ing along, at a distance, with an air of sorrow and indignation : while you

observe a long line of legitimate princes, exiled from their native country, and dependent upon the contributions of other powers-mark the wonderful, the unparalleled reverse of human events! and acknowledge, that, the preservation of the finest specimens of art, the acquisition of every thing which can administer to the wants of luxury, or decorate the splendour of a throne—the acclamations of hired multitudes or bribed senates, can reflect little lustre on TIIAT CHARACTER which still revels in the frantic wish of enslaving the world ! It is true, you see, yonder, Vienna and Berlin, bereft of their antient splendour, and bowing, as it were, at the feet of a despot-Had these latter countries kept alive one spark of that patriotism which so much endears to us the memories of Greece and Rome—had they not, in a great measure, become disunited by factions, we might, even in these days, however degenerate, have witnessed something like that patriotic energy, which was displayed in the bay of Salamis, and on the plains of Marathon. Europe may yet be propped—but, without the pillars of England and Russia, I fear all confederacies are inefficienti'

My guide perceiving me to be quite dejected during these remarks, directed my attention to another part of the Mirror, which reflected the transactions of the WESTERN and EASTERN world.

At first, a kind of mist spread itself upon the glass, and prevented me from distinguishing any object. This, however, gradually dissolved, and was succeeded by a thick, black smoke, which

involved every thing in impenetrable obscurity. Just as I was about to turn to my guide, and demand the explanation of these appearances, the smoke rolled away, and, instantaneously, there tlashed forth a thousand bickering flames.

What,' cried I, is the meaning of these objects ?' •Check, for one moment, your impatience, and your curiosity shall be gratified,' replied my guide. I then disdinctly viewed thousands of Black Men, who had been groaning under the rod of oppression, starting up in all the transport of renovated life, and shouting aloud • WE ARE FREE! One tall commanding figure, who seemed to exercise the rights of a chieftain among them, gathered many tribes around him, and addressed them in the following few, but comprehensive words: Countrymen, it has pleased the Great God above, to make man instrumental to the freedom of his fellow creatures. While we lainent our past, let us be grateful for our present, state: and never let us cease, each revolving year, to build an

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altar of stones to the meniory of that GREAT and GOOD MAN, who hath principally been the means of our frEEDOM FROM SLAVERY. No; we will regularly perform this solemn act, as long as there shall remain one pebble upon our shores.'

• Thus much,' resumed my guide, ‘for the dawning felicities of the western world: but see how the eastern empires are yet ignorant and unsettled !' I was about to turn my eyes to Persia and India, to China and Japan, when, to my astonishment, the surface of the Minror became perfectly blackened, except in some few circular parts, which were tinged with the colour of blood. “The future is a fearful sight,' said my guide,

we are forbidden its contemplation, and can only behold the gloomy appearances before us: they are ominous ones !

My mind, on which so many and such various objects had produced a confused effect, was quite overpowered and distracted. I leant upon the arm of the

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