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ALTHOUGII Preface, when exhibited in a volume, is nearly the first article that solicits the reader's attention, yet every one who is acquainted with composition knows, that it is generally the last which is dismissed from the author's pen. Trifling as this remark may appear, it is not altogether unimportant; for unless it be kept in view, many expressions will occur of doubtful import and equivocal application, strangely affecting to aim at the future, while they evidently bear an allusion to the past.

When an author takes his stand on this advantageous ground, it is easy for him, without having recourse either to magic, or a prophetic spirit, to anticipate with the utmost precision what his volume contains ; and, if occasion requires, to enumerate every article in regular succession, and even minutely to describe the import and tendency of every paragraph. Standing on this foundation, he finds no difficulty in foretelling events that have taken place, in penetrating futurity when it is past, and in building his title to prescience on the contrivances of art.

The Fifth Volume of the IMPERIAL MAGAZINE being now completed, the Editor conceives, that he may make a few remarks on the articles imbodied in its pages, without having recourse to dishonourable expedients, by an avowal of sentiments, under the influence of which he has not acted, or risking an accidental development of principles which he is studious to conceal.

In the advertisement which announced this volume, it was intimated, that “the attacks of atheism on the being of a God, the assaults of infidelity on revelation, and the destructive influence of licentious principles on social order," would not fail to claim particular attention. To shew that we have been anxious to redeem this pledge, we need only refer to our columns, and those who peruse them with attention will be able to appreciate with what success our efforts have been attended. Unhappily, the same causes are still at work; and among the thoughtless, the dissipated, and the gay, the advocates and converts of Atheism and Infidelity may chiefly be found.

The public press is a powerful engine, and may be made instrumental in promoting the cause either of virtue or of vice, by giving publicity to sentiments, the effects of which will be experienced in distant generations. The welfare or ruin of nations is, therefore, in no small degree entrusted to its operations, and an awful responsibility awaits him by whom its energies are guided.

While iniquity, under what mask soever it lies concealed, holds its dominion in the human heart, its appetite will seek gratification in food congenial to its nature; and unless some moral revolution should take place in the world, which, according to the regular course of things, we have no reason to expect, such is the degeneracy of the press in some of its departments, that, to satisfy the cravings of vice, it would not hesitate to disseminate poison throughout the population of an empire.

By noticing facts that daily occur, we perceive the pernicious effects which are produced by immoral publications, even though partially counteracted by those of an opposite tendency. Hence, it is but fair to infer, that, should all restraint be taken away, the monster would instantly become more gigantic in its stature, and more formidable in its character. And if, unhappily, amidst the convulsions that must ensue, the exclusive direction of the press should fall into the hands of men devoted to the cause of licentiousness, another Sodom might be expected to appear, provoking by its crimes the vengeance of the Almighty, and exhibiting to posterity a spectacle, like the cities of the plain, in records of fire and ' brimstone, and another asphaltic lake.

The friends, however, of virtue and religion, are too numerous and respectable to suffer such disasters to be anticipated. It is to characters of this description that civilized society is indebted for its existence, and, so far as human agency is concerned, for the permanency of its various blessings. Happily for Great Britain, this exalted class still holds a preponderating influence throughout the community, and the extent of its ascendency may be inferred from the social order which prevails.

That the Imperial MAGAZINE has been uniformly devoted to this sacred cause, its columns on examination will furnish ample evidence, and to the same principles the Proprietor is determined invariably to adhere. Hence, many articles of doubtful tendency, though admirably written, have been refused admission to the pages of this publication; and the same watcht'ul care will henceforward guard its character. To the discoveries of science, and the investigation of moral and religious truth, where the result promises to prove beneficial, its numbers are always open, and on these subjects its numerous friends are requested to continue their communications for future volumes.

It is admitted by all competent judges, that the plates which adorn the IMPERIAL MAGAZINE, are equalled by few, and surpassed by none now in circulation, at the same price; and an inspection of those which this volume contains, will attest the truth of the assertion.

To its learned and ingenious correspondents, among whom are individuals whose countenance it is an honour to receive, the Proprietor begs leave to return his sincere acknowledgments, assuring them that a continuance of their communications will be highly esteemed.

His numerous and much respected subscribers are also assured, that nothing shall be wanting on his part to render the future volumes of this work deserving of that increasing patronage, with which it has been favoured. This assertion he makes with the utmost confidence, as the diversified materials already in his possession place him beyond the influence of all contingent supplies, that bring not with them a passport of merit, as the only condition of being admitted to the pages of the ImpeRIAL MAGAZINE.

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.... 964

.col. 391, Christian harmony,....

COL. 772
Acid earth,...
868 Christie's terrestrial globe,

Acumen, professional,

388 Chronographı, 101 ..Church of England, 480
Adult scbools,

1161 | Clarke, Dr. A. memoir of,
Advertisement, carious,.
1032 Clergy, Roman,

Æolian harp,
867 Clerical independence,

Æsculapius, or Hospital of Fools,..420, 518 Clocks and Watches, history of, 891
Aikin, Dr. memoir of,

. 105, 285 Coal, Lehigh, 867....Coal-tar, . 1068
Ainsworth, Henry, account of,

693 Cockney poets, 384. .Cockroaches,

1067 Cold, intense, 292....Columbus,
Alexander's (Emperor) interdictions, &c. 198 Combinations, on, 616; examined,.... ..747
Alfred's (King) palace,..
866 Comets, new theory of,

Alkali, new source of,.
581 Convicts, juvenile,..

American, Pauperism, 163 ; Politics, 481; Coronation magnificence,

Coal, Flour, 483 ; Manufactures, 582; Crabbe, the poet, memoir of,.

1067 Credulity and Incredulity,.

Anatomieal subjects,

.197, 485 Crucifixion, darkness at our Saviour's,.. 400
Animals, cruelty to,.

582 Crystallization of acetic acid,... 1068
reasoning powers of, 817,912, 1109 Cure for, dropsy, 483; cough, ringworm, 1068
Appearances, on judging from first,... 1017 Curves, generating,..

..677, 865
Apple jelly, 1166... . Architecture,.... 388 David's (St.) day, or unnatural son, ... 707
Asiatic society,..
579 Deaf and dumb,...

Astronomical prophecies,

1164 Discovery, important, 291 ; chemical,
Astronomy, elementary,
.. 808

963, 1067
Atmospheric, Extent, 196; Mutation, ., 581 Diversity of literary talents,

Axioms, instructive,..

..985, 1099 Divine philanthropy, essay on, 318, 405, 537
BALLOONS, 293 ; hoax,... ..869, 966 Dogs, 486....Domestic felicity, on,.. 1020
Bankrupts and insolvents,..

582 | Domingo, St. 486....Dueling, ..773, 480
Banks, M.P. Mr. his presents,

194 | Dye, new blue,
Barometer, rise and fall of,..... 1068 EARTH, new motion of the,........... 385
Bastile, 697 ....Battle-axe, ancient, 871

-'s centre, body falling to, 807
Becket, Thomas à,........
865 Earthquake in Syria, .

Beef and Mutton, annual produce of,.. 192 Ecclesiastical ambition,

Beggar, the, 612....Belzoni, M. ..... 868 Eclipses, query on,

Benefit societies, 965.. Benevolence, on, 723 Education, on, 524, 674; in United
Bible society; ..

. Biblical treasure,


Blanc, Mont, 290.. Blind traveller,... 1071 Effect, of climate, 1068; of moonlight,
Blood, composition of the,


868 Egyptian bricks,..

Bonnet, Mr. Charles, memoir of,...681, 793 Emperor, on the title of,.

Books, 293...... Bourbons,. 1166 English, Society, &c. thoughts on,
Box, the gilded, 326.. Brass, to make, 1164 artists in Italy, 675; pauperism,
Brickmaking machine,.....
868 1070 ; language,

Bridgewater's (Duke of) canal, 291 | Engraving, wood,

Brig Wear, loss of the,

352 Eruption, volcanic, 966... Esquimaux, 1165
British, Indigo, 390; Ingenuity, Genius Fact, unprecedented,

in Rome,
484 Fairy circles,

Britons, ancient, on the origin of the, .. 608 Faith and virtue, connexion between, 628
Burghersh's (Lord) operations of Allies, 194 Fame and fortune,

Barglary, 197... Burns' monument, 869 Family prayer, importance of, 1003
CÆSAR, Julius, and Alexander, actions of, 74 Fanaticism, 480....Felo-de-se, 678
Cambridge, examination at,

135 Female, preachers, 198 ; servants,.
486 Fictitious portraits, uses of,

Canova, memoir of,
873 Fine arts, the,

Carnival, fatal, 486.... Caterpillars, 808 Fire in Liverpool,..

Catholio miracles,
1020 Fires extinguished,

.385, 1068
Caution respecting fireworks, , 1166 Fish, preserved, 483 ; preservation of,. . 870
Cement, Invisible, 483 ; Fire and water Flavel, the Puritan, letter respecting, 100
1068 Fly.water,

Chalmers, Dr.
1160 | Food, nutritive properties of,

Character, traits of, 511..Charles I. ... 870 Foreign censorship, &c.

Chemical powers of light, ..... 1162 Fowling-pieces,


963 French, cofins, 388; gaols, 486; Pro-
Chiltern hundreds, 281....China,. 1071 testants,

Christ, eternal sonsbip of,..

478 GAS, 676; oil, ,102, 482, 581, 867


.... 1164


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..... 691
..... 190
... 1161

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......... 585

...... 773


COL. 928 | Magnets, 581 ; prodigious,... COL. 677
Geography, 292, 482 ; South Sea, 482 Mails, carrying, 966....Mammoth,.,.. 677
God, proofs of the existence of,. 19 Mangel wurzel, 1166.. Manks loyalty, 1008
Godliness, on, 920....Gold coin, 1165 Marble, Irish, 677; ponds. of Persia, .. 678
Good old times of England, on the, 999 Mary, a fragment,

Greece, bard of, 195; modern, 486; in- , Mary Queen of Scots, execution of, 1135
dependence of,

772 Matter, indestructibility and eternity of,
Greeks, the dispersed,


111, 228, 309, 396
Gregory, Dr, memoir of,
............. 777

-, mind and,....
Grotius, escape of, 1106 ,,,Gymnastics, 385 e porosity of,
HANERYDD to his sword,

1018 Mechanics Institute,
Hay, salting of, .................... 869 Medals, Roman,...

Heat in the moon's rays,............ 1163 Mental affections, remarks on, 49, 116,
Herschell, Sir W. memoir of,.......

246, 434, 527, 605, 719, 799, 979, 1094
Hindoo, alphabet, 482 ; sacrilege,..... 727 Mermaid, 1162.... Meteorology, 386, 1069
History, natural,
868 Methodist conference,..

Historical items, 870; composition, 922 Mexico, 482........Mice,

.......... 389
Honesty, national, 390.Honey imported, 486 Minerva, statue of,...

Hope, on the influence of,............

143 Missionary croaking,.

strictures on, 442 Missionary industry, 673; intelligenoe,. 769
Horæ Subsecivæ, No. 4, 329; No. 5, 413 Monk and the soldier,

Horns, rapid growth of,
486 Montgomery the poet,

578 Moon, maps of the,

Human, form, 292 ; decomposition, 678; Mortality, excessive,.

organization, 484 ; fossil remains,.. 775 Moses, on the legislation of,

Humboldt, 291..Huss, John, burning of, 511 Music, on church,

Hutton, Dr. Charles, memoir of,. 201 NATURÆ, lusas, 870... .Nettle's sting,. 484

1069 New Soath Wales, 965 ; letter from,
IGNITION of gunpowder by lime, 1067

321; aquatic monster in,.... 1032
Indestructibility of charred timber, 675 Niger, course of the,.

India, 479, 772; mint for, 390, 581 ; Novels, Scotch, 481 ; on reading,

vaccination in,

773 Ocean, lords of the, 486.. Old wines,. 1166
Indian account of the deluge,
1129 O'Meara's “ Voice," &c.

Ink, writing,
963 Ophthalmia, 581. .Optics,

Institutions, benevolent, anniversaries of, 574 Orkneys,

Intercourse, on social,

1119 Owen, Mr. view and summary of his plan, 151
Invention, important,..
197 Oysters, ..

Inveteracy of gambling babits, ....... 1164 PAINTINGS, to preserve,

JARGON, political,
..... 327 Papal excommunication,

Jenner, Dr. memoir of, 297.....Jesuits, 390 Paralysis, nervous, ....

Jews, periodicals of, 865 ; Polish, 962 Parcels, finding, 1166..Parisian morals, 579
Job, antiquity of the book of,
314 Park, St. James's, .


772 Parry, Capt. 290......

Parthenon, 385
Julia, character and death of,... 409 Patents, new,

..293, 389
KORAN, Mohammedanism of the, ..809, 905 Perpetoal motion,


1071 Perry's library, late Mr.

............ 194
Language and style,
805 Peveril of the Peak,

Languages, on teaching,

157 Phenomena, singular, 198..Phenomenon, 291
Las Cases' joarnal,
195 Philosopher's stone,

Latin language, answer to query on, .. 1005 Pilgrimage, (from Erasmus)...53, 126, 233
Legislative code advertised for, 289 Pistracci, Mr. Philip,

Liberal, the, 195...... Libraries, 481 Plague at Marseilles,

.930, 989
Life-preservers, 482....Lightning, . 387 Pleasures, fondness for .

Linen bleached with lime, 774 ; made Pluralities,


964 | Poets of Great Britain, memoirs of the
Literary, commerce; privileges,
963 living,

...64, 426
potices,...103, 199, 295, 392, Polar expedition, 868, 1056, 1162 ; sea, 485
487, 583, 679, 775, 871, 967, 1071 Pope, death of the,

Literature, Spanish, 290; Italian, Orien- Powel, Sir John, 287.... Preaching,.. 696

tal, 481; English, 579; Welsh, 580; Prejudice, animadversions on an essay on, 381
Continental, 674; Royal Society of, . 675 | Prescience, on the Divine,

196 Principle, the importance of,..

Loodan, panoramic views of, ......... 288 Printing, 481 ; origin of,...

Longevity, 479......Lottery, the, 583 Prison Improvement Societies,. 289
Lunacy, a case of,
....... 334 | Profligacy, modern,....


865 Promotion in New Zealand,
Magnetism, 483; earth's, 291 ; cause of, 581 | Promotions, &c.


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