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ner, minuter of the Scottish Church, Workingtoo, to Jessy, second daughter of Alexander Craig, Esq. Burtibraes.

At Ludhope, Roxburghshire, on 9th October, John Murray, Esq. M l>, to Colin, youngest daughter of Archibald Gibson, Esq. W.S.

At Paisley, on 9th October, James Orr, Esq. CroAhead, to Catherine, daughter of the late William Orr, Esq.

At Wishaw, on 9th October, Mr. James Hamilton, of New Orleans, to Miss Jane, daughter of the late William Duncan, Esq. writer in Hamilton.

At Astbury Church, on 10th October. Sir Archibald Edmonstone, Bart, of Duntrcath, Stirlingshire, to Emma, daughter of Randle Wilbraham, Esq. of Rode Hall, in the county of Chester.

At Christ Church, London, on 10th October, Jiweph Delpratt, Esq. only son of the late Samuel Delpratt, Esq. of Jamaica, to Sarah Elenor, only daughter of the late Henry B. Barnard, Esq. of Care Castle, Yorkshire.

At Moy, on 10th October, Thomas Brook, Esq. of I>ough Esk, county Donegal, to Miss Donilly, of B tark water Town.

At the seat of the Right Hon. Lord Sufficld, on 11th October, James Russell, Esq. of Aden, to Miss Caroline Lainbton, of Gunton Park, Norfolk.

At Addington, Surrey, on 12th October, the Rev. J. Adolphus Wright, youngest son of Ichabod Wright, Esq. of Mapperlcy Nolls, to Harriet Elizibeth, youngest daughter of his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury.

At St Mary's Church, Cheltenham, on 13th October, Henry Hargreaves, Esq. of Manchester, and of Thistle Mount, near Rochdale, Lancashire, to Catharine, sole daughterof Charles James, Esq. of Ham Common, near Richmond, Surrey.

At St. Margaret's Church, Westm nster, on 13th October, Mr George Mitchell Twcedie, to Janette Marietta, youngest daughter of the late Mr Jean Antoino Chaband of Louisannc, Switzerland.

At Kilbirnie, on the ISCh October, Mr Alex, ander .Spiers, surgeon, Bath, to Margaret, only daughter of Mr Janes Allan of Bridgend, Kilbirnie.

At Perth, on 16th October, Captain R. Matthews, 3Sth regiment, to Catherine, daughter of the late Andrew Mackenzie, Esq. of Greensburn.

At Glasgow, on Ifith October, the Rev. William Carsewell of Eaglestram, to Mary, second daughter of the late Thomas Cuthbertson, Esq. of Lyon Cross.

On 17th October, George Rcid, Esq. to Sarah Isabella, youngest daughter of the Rev. William Holmes.

At Whitefield, Suffolk, on 10th October, Sidney Smith Dipnall, Esq. of the Grove, CamperwaH, Surrey, to Anne, youngest daughter ol the late John Taylor Hecks, Esq. of Chattsham Place, in the same county.

At Edinburgh, on the ISth October, William Alexander, Esq. W.S. to Jessy Mercer, daughter of Alexander Gordon, Esq. 7. Windsor Street.

At Ross Priory, Dumbartonshire, on 19th October, Alexander Wellesley Lcith, Esq advocate, rklest son of Major-General Sir George Leith, Bart,, to Jemima Jean, second daughter of the late Hector Macdonald Buchanan, Esq. of Ross and Dnrmakel.

At All Souls, Marylebone, !onilon, the Rev. J W. Lockwood, rector of Chelsea, to Alicia, of the late S. Davis, Esq. of Portland

At Bath, W. Leaf, Esq. of Manchester, to Miss Rose, sister of Sir G. Rose.

At Bidworth. Ni tts. E. L. Crewe, Esq. of Repton Park, Derby, brother of Sir G. Crewe, Bart., to Caroline, daughter of Lieutenant-General Need, of Fountain Dale, Notts.

At Broomley, Kent, Lieut.-Colonel Tweedy, Bombay army, to Miss Vcitch of Bromley.

At the Chapel of the British Ambassador, Paris, J. Brogden, Esq. to Ernestine Matilda Sophia, daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel W. Perks.

At Herriard, Hants, T. Fitzgerald, Esq. of Dover Street, to Sarah, only child of the late Major R. P. Jervoisc, of the Roval Dragoons.

At Middleton, Cork, M. C. Korster, R.N., son «f Colonel FoTstcr, Gatcombe, Hants, to Mary,

daughter of Sir J. Wallis and I-ady Harriet Hoare, and niece of the Marquis of Thomond.

At Richmond, the Rev. P. Jactb, to Anna, eldest, and the Rev. J. Money, to Charlotte, third daughter, of the Hon. and Rev G. Noel

At Roitrever, Ireland, G. Bagot, son of M. Oossett, Esq. Viscount of Jersey, and Nephew to Sir W. Gossett, Under Secretary for Ireland, to Charlotte, daughter of J. Douglas, Esq. Belfast.

At SL Albans, J. A. Gordon, Esq. M.P. to Emma, daughterof the late Vice-Admiral Wollcy of Clilton.

At St. Mary's Church, Bryanston Square, the Rev. R, A. Scott, to C. F. White, daughter of Lieutenant.General White.

At Twickenham, K. K. Ashford, Esq. son of W. Ashford, Esq., nephew to the Duchess Dowager of Roxburgh, to Maria Cordelia, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel, and the Hon. Mrs of Twickenham.

At St. Pancra*. London, G. J. P. White, Esq. M.A., professor of mathematics of the New Ixmdon University, to Dorothy, youngest daughter of the late Alexander Watford, Esq. of Cambridge.


At Calcutta, on 8th April, Lieutenant Robert M'Farlane Campbell, 33d Native Infantry.

At Tobago, on 11th April last, Captain Black, of the 19th Regiment, formerly belonging to the 74th.

At sea, on I2th Maylast. on board his Majesty's steam.vessel Pluto, oft" Princes' Island, Bight of Biafra, Africa, James Rae, assistant-surgeon, eldest son of John Rae, of Myre Isle. Orkney.

At Ahmcdnagur, on ISth June last, Home, eldest son of James Brydon, Esq. M.D. surgeon, Bombay.

At Turks' Islands, West Inrlies, on 12th July last, Mr James Brydon, assistant-staff-surgeon, son of the late James Brydon, Esq. surgeon, Peebles.

At St. David's, Jamaica, on 5th August, Alexander Hamilton, second surviving son ol the Rev. J. M Robertson Livingston.

At Savannah, Georgia, on Oih August last, Thomas Young, Esq. eldest son of the late Rev. Thomas Kettle, minister of Louchars.

At Quebec, on 11th August, Andrew Moir, Emj. merchant there.

At New York, in August last, Alexander, second son of the late Mr James Cooper, upholsterer, Edinburgh.

At Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 22d August last, Mr James Wilkle, a native of Fifcshire.

At Stattcn Island, New York, o:i 26th August last, John Stoddart, second sou of Mr Lockhard Stoddart, farmer, Pentland, Damhead.

At Quebec, on 28th August, Mr Edward Atkinson

At Campbeltown, Argyllshire, on 1st September, Mrs Mary M'Murchy, of that place.

At Lausanne, Switzerland, on 6th September, Louisa, the wife of Sir Thomas Dalryinple Boketh, of Ruffbrdhall, Lanchashire, Bart.

At Denbie House, on 7th September, Mrs Mary Irving, relict of Colonel Carruthrrs, of Denbie.

At Jersey, on Sth September, Horatio, second son of Captain Thomas Power, of Guernsey.

At Dublin, on Ilth September, the Rev. Wil. liam Woolscy of Priorland, county of Ixiwth, Ire. land, rector ol Kilsarnn.

At Otteringham Hall, on 11th September, Charlotte, the wife of Captain Boss, R.N.

On llth September, R. Hicks, Esq. of Afton House, Isle of Wight.

At Belgrave Street, Belgrade Square, London, on 12th September, the Lady of the late B. Wcs't Esq. President of the Royal Academy.

At Brighton, on 12th September, Edward Michael Ward, Esq. Minister Plenipotentiary at Dresden.

At EvSngton,Kent,on 12th September, Sir John Courtenay Honywood, Bart

At II, llcriot Row,on 12th September, Frances, youngest daughter of John Cay, Esq. advorntc.

On 12th September, George Betlcaworth, Esq. Lieutenant, R.N. third son of J. B. Trcvanioit. Esq. ofCarnay's Castle, Cornwall.

At Southfleld, county of Stirling, on 12th September, Mrs Henry John Taylor.

At Paisley, on 13th September, William Gilmour, Esq. provtst, and eldest bailie of Paisley.

At Contentibuss, near Mid-Calder, on 14th Septerat er. Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Mr John Nicol, Hewats Mill.

At Dundas Castle, on 14th September, Mrs Dundns, senior, of Dundas.

At Wrinted Court, in Kent, on 14th September, William Cook, Esq. one of his Majesty's Council, and a Bencher of the Honourable Society of Lincoin's Inn

Drowned, In the Lake of Como, on 15th Sep. tember. Captain Lock.

In Fern's Court, Kevin Street, Dublin, on 15th September, Aaron Botts, a Chelsea extra-pensioner, aged 106.

At 6, Huntly Street, Edinburgh, on 15th September, Helen Scott, wife of Mr David Burn, merchant in Leith.

At Preatwick, on 15th September, Mr John White,

On 15th September, Thomas Farrance, Esq. of Ludgate Street and Norwood, Surrey.

At Ayr, on 16th September, Mr James Sprent, student of medicine.

At Brighton, on 16th September, Mr R. Patching, of the Society of Friends; also his widow, Jane, on the 17th.

At Dunbar, on ICth September, Charles, son of Mr Kelly.

At Edinburgh, on 16th September, Mr David Steele.

At the Manor House, Stokeslcy, on 16th September, the Rev. Henry Hildysrd.

On the 16th September, the Rev. Joseph Shin, glewood, of Chegual, St James, Essex.

At the Vicarage, Llangollen on 16th September, Field-Marshal Sir Alured Clark. G.C.B.

At Woodhall, on 16th September, the Right Hon. Lady Ellinor Campbell, wifeof Walter Frederick Campbell of Islay, M.P. and eldest daughter of the Earl of Wemyss and March.

At Glasgow, on 17th September, Mrs Margaret Davidson, wife of the Rev. Dr Smith.

At Leamington, Warwickshire, on 17th September, Lady Georgiana Buckley, in the GGth year of her age.

At West Pilton, near Edinburgh, on 17th Sep. tember, Robert Curror, M.D. late of Demeraia.

On 17th September, George James, Esq. of Hampton Wick, Middlesex.

At Ballingtemple, near Ncwry, on 18tb September, the Rev. H. Boyd.

At 11, West Nile Street, Glasgow, on 18th September, Robert Shirra, Esq. Calendered

At Westbrook Park, Herts, on 18th September, the Right Hon. Richard Ryder.

At Cromarty House, on 19th September, Sir Michael H. Clark, Knight, Physician General, and Member of his Majesty 's Privy Council, Jamaica.

At Gellyraill, on 19th September, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late George Robinson, Esq. Banff.

At Ballyvaston, parish of Rathmullan, on '20th September, Mr Hervey Murphv, aged 103 years.

At Fort-William, on 20th September, the Right Rev. Dr Ronald M* Donald, Roman Catholic Bishop.

At King Street, Perth, on 7uth September, Miss Amelia Hunter.

At Edinburgh, on 21st September, Mrs Christina M'Kay, relict of the late Mr Joseph Finney, optician.

At Gowau Street, Hutchesontowa, on 21st September, Mr William to*Queen.

At 24. Hill Street, Edinburgh, on 21st September, Helen, fourth daughter of the late William Drover.

At Inverness on 21st September, Dr. George Forbes, physician.

At Sansaw, near Shrewsbury, on 21st September, Martha, wife of the Rev. Dr. Gardner, Rector of St Philips, Birmingham, and Canon Residentiary of Lichfield.

At C'arniel, on 2tTd SepteimVr, Mr Andrew Altken, and in the course of an hour after, Mrs IsaUslUAitken, hid mother.

On 22d September, Thomas Clark. Esq,, one of the surgeons of the Lincoln County Hospital.

At Edinburgh, on 23d September, Mr Laciilan Shaw, printer.

At Huntingdon Lodge, Dumfries, on 20th September, Dr John Lairg.

At 1, Salisbury Road, Ne, tember, Alexander Rosa,

At Woolwich, on 23d September, the Right Hon. Lady Emily Macleod.

At Hastings, on 25tb September, Lieut-Col. Edward Earsley Welmot, of the royal horse artillery.

At 7, London Street, Edinburgh, on 25th September, Mr. Walter Turnbull, accountant of Excise, youngest son of Mr Win. Turnbull* architect, Peebles.

At 8, South Frederick Street, Edinburgh, on 25th September, Captain William Fogo, of the Hon. East India Company's Bengal service.

At Anstruther Easter, on 26th September, Mr James Kyle, messenger-at-arms.

At the Hill Artley, near Stowport, on 26th September, Mr Richard Watson, of Kidderminster.

At 86, Lombard Street, London, on 26th September, Mr W. B. Smith, cutler.

At the Manse of Dun bog, on 26th the Rev. James Keyden.

At Perth, on 26th September, Jane Margaret Rose* wife of the Rev. John Johnston.

At Portsmouth, on 26th September, Henrietta Elizabeth, second daughter of Captain Rainier, C. B. of his Majesty's ship Britannia.

At Swainstone, 1sle of Wight, on 26th September, Sir Fitzwilliam Barrington, Bart.

At Warriaton, Edinburgh, on 26th S Miss Agnes Grcig, daughter of the late A Greig, Esq.

At Woodside, near Kelso, on 26th September, Mrs Ann Park, relict of the late Edward Park, Esq. Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

At Dickson's Park, Piershill, on 27th! ber, Robert Murray, youngest son of M'Kcrlie, Esq.

At Dunbar, on 27th September, Mr George Turnbull, surgeon.

At Eldon Square, Newcastle, on 27th i ber. WalterSkerret, Morson, Esq. M.D.

At Summer Hill, Dublin, on 27th Lord Viscount Harberton.

At St Ann's Hill, Wandsworth, on 27th September, Robert Smith, Esq. F.R.S. and F. AS.

At 31, Clerk Street, Edinburgh, on 28th September, Mr D. Davidson, smith.

At Dundee, on 28th September, John Rutherford, builder,

At the ho use of his sister. Mrs Livins, near Bedford, on 28th Sep. ember, Joseph Foster Barham, Esq. of Trecurn, in the county of Pembroke.

At Broke, Halstcd, Kent, on 29th September, Peter Pemell, Esq.

At Nicolsou Square, Edinburgh, on 29th September, William, infant son of J. Ueuderaon, merchant

At 13, James's Street, Edinburgh, on 29th Sep. tember, Mr John Walker, japanncr.

On 29th September, George Schroder, Esq. of Stratford Green.

At Broad Street Buildings, London, on 30th September, Mrs Helen Stevenson, relict of the late Hugh Usher, Esq.

At Brighton, on 3oth September, Lord De Clifford.

At Dumfries, on 30th September, John Bryden, Esq. wine merchant

At Edinburgh, on 30th September, Mr George Mirry, tobacconist

At King Street, Glasgow, on 30th September, Mary Muirhead, wifeof Mr Thomas Marshall, merchant.

At Maryborough, 30th September, Mary, the wife of Major C. Leslie, Kings Royal Rifles, and youngest daughter of the late Sir Charles Halleway, Royal Engineers.

At Ryde, in the Isle of Wight, on 30th September, Isabella, eldest daughter of Sir W. Milman, Bart

At Ayr, on 1st October, Mrs Tulloch, relict of Alexander Tulloch, Est], of Burgic.

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chant, St Andrew Street, Edinburgh

At Loricnt, on 2d October, General Dalrymple, late of the 3d regiment of guards.

At Mndlbrd, Christ Church, Hants, on 2d October, Jane, the wife of Sir George Shce, Bart.

At Blackheath, on 3d October, Beatrice Austin, relict of James Stewart, Esq.

At Buckhaven, on 3d October, Bell Philip, wife of Mr Thomas Morgan, innkeeper there.

At 40, Claremont Street, Edinburgh, on 3d October, Mrs Janet Atken, wife of John Robb, builder.

At Edinburgh, on 3d October, Grace Napier, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Henry Laurie, minister of the parish of Lochmaben, Dumfries

At 3, Moray Street, Edinburgh, on 0th October, William Bertram, Esq. late merchant, Leith.

At New Digging, on the 9th October, Elizabeth Swinton, spouse of George Robeitson, upholsterer there.

On 9th October, Mr Samuel Watkins, of Upper Charles Street, Northampton Square; and on the 15th October, Mrs Margaret Watkins, his


At 4, Heriot Row, on 3d October, Mrs Chrisn, wife of James Robert Hart, Esq. of hall.

At 16, India Street, Edinburgh, on 3d October, Sir George Atkinson, late of Hillsborough, county of Down.

At Manchester, on 3d October, Henry Murray Scott, Esq., 83d regiment, eldest son of the late \v Mliam Scott, Esq., Receiver General of the Isle of Maw.

At <S, Recent Terrace, Edinburgh, on 3d October, Mr William Marshall, jeweller. - On 3d October, Maria, the wife of R. Hillard, Esq. of Stockwell Place School, Surrey.

At Cupar Fife, on 4th October, Mr David Gray, merchant

At Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park, on 4th October, Major-Gencral Sir Alexander Bryce, K.C.B. of the Royal Engineers.

At Leith, on 4th October, Helen Turnbull, spouse of Mr Robert Xeilson, cooper there.

At Wbitefield House, Leith W'alk. on 4th October, Captain Richard Ferguson of his Majesty's id regiment of Dragoon Guards.

At his house, 41, York Place, Edinburgh, on 4th October, Alexander Burns, Esq. W.S.

At SB, Minto Street, Newington, Edinburgh, on 4th October, John Chambers, clothier.

At Dunfermline, on 5th October, Mrs. Janet Alexander H arrow ar, wife of James M'Far lane,


Edinburgh, on 5th October, John Hamilton,
Receiver, General of His Majesty's Customs

On 9th October, Mr. J. Clarke, sawyer.

At Dalkeith, on October, Mr. Robert Aitken, merchant.

At Dumfries, on 10th October, John M'Gie, Esq. surgeon.

At Dunfermline, on 10th October, Mrs Birrell, relict of Mr William Birrell, manufacturer there.

At Edinburgh, on 10th October, Mr George Watson, bookseller. College Street

At 131, West Regent Street, Glasgow, on 10th October, Mr Alexander Buchanan, Old Monkland.

At Bath, on 10th October, James Stephen, Esq.

At Union Street, Glasgow, on 10th October, Mr. Robert Aitken, wine-merchant.

At Dumfries, on 11th October, Mr. James Thomson, architect

At Clapham, on Uth October, the Rev. John Ovington.

At Pimlico, on Uth October, Mr. Thomas Hardy.

At 110, Prince's Street, Edinburgh, on the 13th October, Professor Archibald Baird of St. An


On 5th October, James, only son of Mr John Cutbbertson, builder, Rose Street, Edinburgh.

At his father's house, 14, Carlton Street, Edinburgh, on 6th October, John, second son of E. P. Wngrcxs, Esq. late Lieutenant-Colonel, Royal ArutleTy.

At Walham Cross, on 0th October, George L. I Winheld, Esq. S. C. L. Pembroke College, University of Oxford.

At Langlands House, Kilmarnock, on 0th October, William Ranken, Esq. Chief Magistrate of Kilmarnock.

At Leith, on 7th October, John Thorburn, Esq.

At Lixmount- on 7th October, Mrs Williamson Ramsay of Max ton.

At her house, 10, Hart Street, Edinburgh, on 7th October, Mrs Brodie, relict of the late M r. William Brodie, writer.

At Dal low gate, on 8th October, Mary Dickie, wife of Mr. Robert Shallond, merchant, Glasgow.

At Gamkirk, on 8th October, the infant daughter of Mark Sprott, Esq.

On 8th October, the Rev. Robert Hamilton of Kensington Square, D.D., vicar of St Otave*s Jewry, and St. Martin's, Ironmonger Lane.

At Edinburgh, on the 9th October, aged 14, the Hon. Alexander Kennedy, second son of the late Earl of Cassillia.

At tS, Forth Street, Edinburgh, on 9th October, Jane Henderson, Infant daughter of James Greig, junior, W. &

At Edinburgh, on the 9th October, Margaret, daughter of the deceased James Fogo, Esq. of Kitlorn.

At Dumfries, on 9th October, Mr. John Mac

At Sprouston Manse, on 12th October, the Rev. Nmian Trotter.

On 12th October, Thomas Scott, Esq. eldest son of Carteret Scott. Esq. of Charlotte Square, Edinburgh.

At Wheat field, on 12th October, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Peat, Eskj. W. S.

At Queen's Square, Westminster, on 13th October, George Gregory, Esq.

At 8, Atholl Place, Edinburgh, on 13th October, Mrs. Isabella Adam, relict of the late Robert Brown. W. S.

At Symington House, Gala Water, on 15th October, Mr William Berwick, brewer, Edinburgh.

On 16th October, William, fourth sou of the late Mr. Norie.

At Dalkeith, on 16th October. Peter L. Tor. ranee, ton of George Torrance, baker, Edinburgh.

At Bath, C. Roberts, Esq. late of his Majesty's Receipt of Exchequer.

At Beakesbourne, Mrs Hopper, aged 80; also, Mrs. Foster, aged 82.

At Aldburgh, Suffolk, on the 11th October, the Rev. David Reid.

On 16th October, the Rev. Henry Godfrey D.D. President, Queen's College, Cambridge.

On Kith October, at Gore House, Kensington Gore, the Hon. Thomas Windsor.

At St John's Wood, on 18th October, Sophia, second daughter of George Swayne, Esq.

At Breage, Cornwall, Mrs. Tnomaainc Symons.

At Brighton, Lady Ball, relict of Vice-Admiral Sir Alexander Ball, Bart.

At Cbarmouth, Dorset, Captain G. Sidney Smith, R.N.

At Falkestone, Mr. Thomas Pilchcr.

At Halifax, the Rev. Robert Elliot of Preston.

At Hothfleld, the seat of Earl Thanet, Henry Sutton, Esq.

At Kcnnington, Susannah, wife of J. Emerson, Esq. of his Majesty's Customs.

At Little Hampton, Hannah, mother of Sir S. R. Meyrick, of Goodrich Court.

At Ipswich, Mrs Prise ilia Wakefield.

At Kettchngham, Norfolk,Frances,danuhtcrof N. W. Peach, Esq. M P.

At Furnival's Inn, London, Mr Alex.mde Barry, Lecturer on Chemistry at Guy's Hospital

At his residence, Trent Park, John Cummin*. Esq.

In Clonmel, W. Carson, Esq. proprietor and edI. tor of the Clonmel Advertiter.

In Taunton, Mary Trewren, widow of the late T. Trewren, Esq. Cornwall, and sister of Sir T. Hare, Bart Norfolk.

Lately, Donald MacDonald, a Gaelic bard.

[blocks in formation]

of the late J. Drew, E*q and the late Lady Susan Douglas, and niece to Earl Dunmore.

At Richmond, Lady William Wynn, Telict of the late Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart.

The Rev. George Crane, Clerk of the pariah of Ardglass.

At Tunbridge Wells, the Hon. and Rev. H. Duncombe, rector of Ruby Misperton, near Pickering, son of l,ord Feversham.

The Rev. J. Griffiths, vicar of St. Margaret's, Rochester, and rector of Hinxhill, near Ashford.

The Duchess de Coigny, mother-in-law of General Sebastian!.

At 19, Dundas Street, Edinburgh, Catherine Home, relict of Mr. Alexander Hay, leather-merchant, Kirkaldy.

At 2, Madeira Street, North Leith, Captain John Thomson, late of the 3d Royal Veteran Battalion.

Edinburgh: J Jomnsionk, Printer, ID, St. James's Square

[graphic][merged small][merged small]


Bacon aaya, " If St. John were to write an epistle to the Church of England, aa he did to that of Asia, it would surely contain the clause :—' / have a few things against thee,' - I am not quite of his opinion. 1 am afraid the clause would be—1 have not a few things against thee.

Jobtin.—Tracta, 8vo. 2, 530.

Och. " venerable" Church complains that she is no longer venerated; that her oracles are unheeded, and her piety unrewarded; that the people are insensible to her merits, and ungrateful for her services. Let her look to her conduct, and she will find the cause of this estrangement; let her separate from the State, and she will find the remedy. Time was, when she had abundant credit; but she has overdrawn, and is now suffering in common with other traders from the distress of the times. She must, therefore, give up a monopoly, which is no longer suited to the present state of intellectual commerce; and retire altogether from business, or admit others to a share of its profits. The period is fast approaching, when every political institution, whether civil or ecclesiastical, will be tried in the balance of justice and utility. Neither professions of innocence, nor abuse of the Judge, will benefit the accused. Prescription and precedent cannot be pleaded in bar of those chums which it is their object to establish. Salus populi suprema lex— there is no appeal from this tribunal. The legislature cannot give a perpetuity to any corporation.* The fee-simple of the estate is in the

"So one now maintains the inviolability of corporate rights, when a clear case of public necessity or expediency demands their sacrifice; and when the first of all duties, the most urgent of all necessities, call for an alteration in the application of public property, it would be preposterous to contend that the embryo rights of any number of unappointed or unborn functionaries can legitimately interpose to prevent a just or necessary measure for reform.—Lord Henley's Plan of Church Reform, p. 8.

No. ix.—Vol. n. T

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