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"I'faith there's a warp in his brain!

A straight thought grows as crooked in his reflection,

As the shadow of a stick in a pond."

Love's Madness.



In the reign of King Charles the Fifth of Spain, there lived in Madrid a gentleman, who being of a fair reputation and an ample fortune, obtained in marriage the daughter of one of the counsellors of state. He had not lived long thus happily, when one day his fatherin-law returned from the council, with a countenance full of dismay, and informed him that a secret accusation of treason had been preferred against him.

"Now, I know," said he, "that you are incapable of so great a wickedness, not merely from the loyalty of your nature, but because you cannot be so cruel as to have joined in a plot which was directed against my own life as well as others : yet, not knowing how far the malice of your enemies might prevail, for your marriage has made foes of many who were before your rivals, I would advise you to a temporary flight. Time, which discovers all mysteries, will then, in some happier season, unravel the plot which is laid against your life : but at present, the prejudice against you is hot—and the danger therefore is imminent."

To this the gentleman replied, that as he should answer to God in judgment, he was innocent, and altogether ignorant of the treason imputed to him; and therefore, being conscious of his innocence, and besides, so recently married, he preferred rather to remain in the kingdom and await the issue of his trial. The danger, however, became more pressing with every hour, and, finally, the advice of the counsellor prevailed. The unfortunate gentle

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