Journal of the Royal United Service Institution, Volume 11

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Page 98 - just recall the fact that the serious part of a future " naval attack does not appear to be the guns, but
Page 335 - ... places caravans often pass, so that various wares are constantly being transported through this country without any extraordinary difficulty. It may, I think, be taken for granted that wherever trade can be carried on with profit, all natural obstacles have been surmounted. It is a well known fact that the caravans that travel from Kulja into some of the interior provinces of China, encounter greater dangers than will be met with between Yarkand, Kashgar, and the Indus.
Page 547 - The rhinoceros destroys the elephant with the thrust of its horn, ripping up the belly (Fig. 47). The horn rests on a strong arch formed by the nasal bones; those of the African rhinoceros, two in number, are fixed to the nose by a strong apparatus of muscles and tendons, so that they are loose when the animal is in a quiescent state, but become firm and immovable when he is enraged, showing in an especial manner that this apparatus is destined for warlike purposes. It is capable of piercing the...
Page 615 - Brew Good Beer : A complete Guide to the Art of Brewing Ale, Bitter Ale, Table Ale, Brown Stout, Porter, and Table Beer. To which are added Practical Instructions for Making Malt. By JOHN PITT, Butler to Sir William RP Geary, Bart. Fcp. Svo. 4s. 6d. Porter.— History of the Knights of Malta, or the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem.
Page 419 - I fired, striking him fair, but the shell glanced off almost perpendicularly into the air and exploded. At the same time I opened a brisk fire with all my small arms against his ports, which, I am confident, prevented them from manning her port guns till after she had passed us. I observed one man in the act of sponging tumble out of the port, sponge and all, evidently shot by a rifle ball.
Page 194 - British measures, the ordinary unit of heat for scientific purposes is the quantity of heat which raises the temperature of one pound of water by one degree of Fahrenheit's scale — say from the temperature of 39 Fahr, to that of 40 Fahr.
Page 444 - He who kills a man on ship-board shall be bound to the dead man and thrown into the sea : if the man is killed on shore, the slayer shall be bound to the dead body and buried with it.
Page 419 - After referring to the sailing qualities of the ships, the report says: " When the signal was made to get up steam and lay out targets, it was necessary to place the ship's head to the sea before it could be con-sidered safe to send the men aloft to furl sails. "The precaution was then taken of battening down the main-deck hatchways fore and aft, and as the practice was limited to 15 rounds, five guns only on the port side were cast loose, and the practice commenced.
Page 80 - The rebels raised a barricade on the top of the opposite house ; our own grew in the same proportion : a shot shook a weak place in our defence, the place was made twice as strong as before. We began to feel the want of animal food and short allowance of grain ; a sally was made at night and four sheep brought in...
Page 448 - A long post being driven into the ground, the delinquent was ordered to mount a stool near it, when his right hand was fastened to a hook in the post by a noose round his wrist, drawn up as high as it could be stretched ; a stump, the height of the stool, with its end cut to a round and blunt point, was then driven into the ground near the post before mentioned, and the stool being taken away, the bare heel of the sufferer was made to rest on this...

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