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Ne quid falfi dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeat.


Printed by A, MURRAY and J. COCHRAN



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Tigures inclosed thus [ J direct to places of this collection; the first number directing to the volume, the second or following numbers to the page or pages. If different volumes be referred to, they are separated by a short line ; of both which there are examples, p. 12. col. 1. lin. 45. and col. 2. lin. 43. of this volume.

- Vol. 1, answers to the year 1739, vol. 2, to the year 1740, and fo on, a volime every year. A single number refers to the volume in which the reference is made ; of which see an example above, p. 172. col. 2. lin. 4.

These references answer, in good measure, the purposes of an appendix to a history, by directing to vouchers, &c. as above, p. 19. col. 1. lin. 42. ; — and sometimes they serve to explain, confirm, or refute, as above, p. 315. col. 1. l. penult, Rote; p.722. col. 1. 1. 35. and many other places. · Notes inclosed thus [ ] for explaining or illustrating any thing in a paper or cxtract, as above, p. 214. are generally our own. Notes added by the authors, or by the compilers of the works from which we take them, arc not so inclosed, as ebove, p. 41.

The day of the week on which every month of 1779 began: A belp to

find the date of any article expressed as falling on a certain week-day before or after a date mentioned.

[The 1st, 8th, 15th, 22d, and 29th, of a month, fall on the same week-day. – The month-day advances one week-day every common year, and two every leap year : So, as 1780 is a leap year, January and February advance only one day in that year, but all the rest of the months advance two days, after the week-day on which the same month-day fell in 1779.] . January, Friday. May, Saturday. September, Wednesday. February, Monday. June, Tuesday. October, Friday. March, Monday July, Thursday. November, Monday. April, Thursday, Auguft, Sunday. December, Wednesday.

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To the BINDE R. M UT off the blue covers, and the advertisements stitched in any of the Maga.

zines ; and place this quarter of a fheet, containing the General Tire-page, the Chronological Series of Events, &c. before the Magazine for January.


JA NU A RY, 1779.

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