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and a corps confiling of partly cavalry, and Satinn afligncd it in the above difriburion, paruly infantry, commanded by Lord Cath. as it has detachments at all the foregoing cart.

places, (Ireland and Senegal excepted), in lafantry: Two battalions of foot-guards, proportion to the number of Britith troops the gth, igth, a3d, 26th, 33d, 37th, 38th, there mentioned ud, 441h, sytb, 63d, and 645h regiments N. B. All the above regiments of foot, of foot ; Skinner's, Delancy's, Brown's, those on the Irish establishment excepted,

Bayard's, and a number of other provincial from the ift to the youh, (except those under i corps; above joo0 Hellians, and a regiment mentioned), conGft of 12 companies of j. of Waldeckers.

men each. Ditto, at Rhode island, with Maj. Gen. Pref.

The regiments on the Irish establishment

confift of 10 companies, and so men each cott.

company ; but it is said that they are to be The 2:0, 43d, and $4th regiments; Fad: augmenied to the same number as the regio Bag's corps; 6x battalions of Heflans, and mens of foor on the British establishment two regiments of Anspachers.

The 42d regiment confists of 12 compa. Ditro, at Halifax, onder Brig.-Gen. Francis nics, and 100 men each company; the 71st Maclean :

of 24 companies, and roo men each compaThe goth, lach (Argyleshire highlanders), ny; the 73d of 20 companies, and roo men hat companies 8:d ; fecond hattalion of the

each company; and the y2d and 741h to the h

83d regiments inclutive, confilt of io compaRoyal Highland Emigrants, and Gorcham's

nies, and 100 men each company. Dito, in Canada, with Gen. Haldimand : The Bth, 29th, 34th, and part of the sud

MARR LA G'E S. reggents; first batcalion of the Royal High Fan. 1979. At Hutton-hall, Capt. Robert land Emigrants, two battalions of Bruolo · Baird of Newbych to Miss Johnston of Hilton. wickers, and the Hanau chasseurs.

31. Ai London, Capt. Hugh Lamont, In the Well Indies, under Maj. Gen. Grant : of the 73d foot, co Miss Katie Landes, daugh

The ath, sth, ssth, 27th, 28th, 35th, aoth, fer of Robert Landes, Elq; of Robroyloa. 11, 49th, and.ssth regiments.

BIRIN. la garrison in the West Indies :

Jan. 11. At the Pardo, the Princess of A. The 48th regiment, and the first, second, sturias, delivered of a daughter. Lond. Gaz. and fourth battalions of the both, or Royal

DEATHS. Americao regiment, and Capt. Dalrymple's

Dec. 19. At St Luce, near Caserta, (Charles la Florida :

Francis) the Hereditary Prince of the Two The 16th regiment. the third battalion of Sicilics, in the 4th year of his age. Lond.

"Gaz. the Goth regiment, and a corps of rangers.

Jan. 1. 1779. Ac Venice, of an eryGpelas On the expedition with Li-Col. Archibald and fever, his Serene Highoefs Alvise MoceCampbell :

nigo, the Doge, in the 1912 year of his age. The 7aft regiment, iwo haualions ; Sin. Lond. Gaz, ate's corps, or the Queen's rangers ; a de- 1. At Prestonpans, Dame Anne Nisbet, tabnicnt of riflemen, and some other pro- relict of Sir John

relict of Sir John Home of Blackadder.

3. At Leith, Mis Elisabeth Hamilton, At Newfoundland :

spouse to Mr James Pillans merchant cherc. Two additional companies of the it, and S. Ar Dalvey, Capt. Lewis Grant, young. obe dicto of the 42d regiments.

eft foo of Sir Ludovick Grant of Dalvey, Bio

Dr William Murray vicar of Gaioloorough, SENEGAL, in Africa: '

and prebendary of Corriogham and Scow in Four companies of the 15th regiment, and Lincoln cathedral. L-Col. Clarke's corps.

7. At Hoxton, aged 101, Mrs Graves.

She never had a day's illness till a weck bePrisoners at Boston : . .

fore her death. The gth, 20th, 21st, 247h, 47th, part of 8. Ai London, near 60 years of age, the the s3d and bad regiments, and the grena. Couarels of Litchfield. dier and light infantry companies of the 29th At Ledbury, in Hereford fhire, the Lady

and 34th regiments, lix regiments of Bruas. of Lord Deerhurit, son of the Earl of CovenI wickers, and one regiment of Hanau.

try. N. B. The Royal regiment of British ar.. 'e. At Dundee, Mrs Margaret Fothering. billery, which conults of four battalions, and ham, daughier of the decealed George Fohome igrald companies, has no parricular theringham of Bandean, Elg:

vittial corps.

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Dixo, ad batt. : Maj. George Mackenzie, John Morris to be Captain-Lieutenant, vice of the ift battalion, to be Lieutenant.Colo. Cathcart Taylor. cel. .

3d dragoon-guards : Capt. Licut. Edward Li-Col. Adam Williamson to be Deputy Milbaoke to be Captain of a troop; and Adjatant- General of the forces in South Brie Lieut. Henry Yarburg to be Captain-Licutetaia, vice William Faucite.

nant, vice Edward Milbanke.

il dragoons : Capt. George Lord Herbert, War-office, Jan. 16.

of 75th foot, to be Captain of a troop. † Royal Highlaod Emigrants.

ad dragoons : Capt.-Lieut. John Rocheid Colonel in Chief: Li-Gen. Sir Henry Clin. to be Captain of a troop; and Licut. Peter too.

Smich to be Captain-Lieutenant, vice Joha Full bare. Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant: Rocheid.

Maj. Allan Maclean, of late 194th foot. 3d dragoons : Capt.-Licut. Pierce Joseph - Vajor : Capt. Donald Macdonald, from Taylor to be Captain of a croop; and Licur. the half-pay of the marines.

William Cartwright, of noch dragoons, to -Captains : 'William Dunbar, late a cap- be Captain-Lieutenant, vice Pierce Joseph his is tbc 44th foot; John Nairne, of Taylor. late 78th foot ; Capt.. Licut. Colin Camp 4th dragoons : Capt.-Lieut. Francis Hugo. bell, of 7th foot; Licut. Alexander Fra. nin to be Captain of a troop; and Lieut. fer, of late 78th foot; Licur. Malcolm Peter John Luard to be Captain-Licutenant, Fraler, of late 78th foot; Lieut. George vice Francis Hugonin. Macdougall, from half-pay of both foot; 6th dragoons : Capt.-Licur. William ElLieut. Daniel Robertson, from lior to be Captain of a troop; and Lieut. dpad foot ; and Lieut. David Alexander Robert Hewetson to be Caprain-Licutenant, Grant, of both foot.

vice William Elliot. - Captain-Licutedant: John Hay, of 28th 7th dragoons : Capt. - Lieut. Benjamin foot.

Lambert to be Captain of a troop; and Second batt. Major - Commandant : Capt. Licut. William Bertram to be Captain-LieuJohn Small, of 2 ift foot.

tenant, vice Benjamin Lambert.. -- Captains : Capt.-Lieut. Alexander Mac och dragoons: Capt. William Viscount

donald, of late 77th foot: Lieut. Duncan Fielding, of 75th foot, to be Captain of a Campbell, from the half-pay of 420 foot; troop. Liedt. Ranald Mackinnon ; Licut. Aler: Bith dragoons : Capt.-Licut. John Popple oder Campbell, of late 106th foot ; Mur- to be Captain of a troop; and Lieut. Carr doeb Maclean, of late 114th foot; Neil Ibbetson to be Captain · Licutenant, vice Maclean, Allan Macdonald, Jobo Mac. John Popple. donald, and Allan Macdonald.

15th dragoons: Capt.-Lieut. John Floyd -Captain-Lieutenant : John Maclean. to be Captain of a troop; and Lieut. John Subalteros, &c. on the cover. Pritchard to be Captain-Licutenant, vice

Joha Floyd.
War-office, Jan. 19.

101h dragoons: Capt.-Lieut. H. Farringif foor-guards : Capt. Edward Steynpor ton Gardner to be Captain of a croop ; and Jones to be Captain of a company, vice Ste• Lieut. Thomas Pidcock to be Captain-Licu. ptica Digby.

tenant, vice H. Farrington Gardner. Coidfacan foot guards : Capt. John Byde

From other papers, bo. to be Caprain of a company, vice John Thornton.

The Noble Paul Renier was chosen Dogo oth foor: Lieut. Joha Christie to be Cap. of Venice, Jan. 14. and acxt day crowned tais, sice John Welth.

with the usual ceremony. esth foot : Maj. Gen. Thomas Calcraft to Ships of war commifioned, of new captains apbe Colonel, vice Edward Urmsoo. Isth foor : Maj. Gen. Thomas Hall to be

pointed. [40.632.] Calonci, vice Thomas Calcraft.

Shipsi Guns. Commanders.
Northern Fencible men: Capt. James Fra. Royal George 100 J. Colpoys
ser, of late 78th foot, to be Captain, vice London 90 S. Corpith
Akizoder Fraser.


90 A. Iones

Princess Amelia 8o G. R. Walters
Wat-office, Jan. 30.

Canada 74 Hugh Dalrymple
il dragoon-guards : Capt.-Lieut. John Courageus 24 S. Marshall
Frisce is appointed to be Captain of a troop; Royal Oak 74 T. Firzherbert
tad Lieut. John Prince to be Captaia-Lieute. Edgar ! 74 J. Elliot
suat, vice John Prince.


74 H. Harmood id dragoon guards : Capt.-Lieut. Cathcart Vengeance 24 Hon. Fred. Maitland. "Taylor to be Captain of a troop; and Licur. Elifabeth 74 William Truscote


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