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A. There certainly were very great exertions; but at that time they did not make use of the compulsory measures which they were obliged to do afterwards when the people were satisfied that they meant independence. Q: What was the force under Wa. shington when Sir William Howe landed in Long island 2 A. From the best information I could get, I believe it was about zo,Coo men, Some said more, others said lefs. Q. was their force composed chief. ly of militia, or Continental troops? A. More of militia than Continental troops.— They had not then had time to raise by recruiting any great number of men, nor were their states at that time perfectly formed, and therefore could not make the exertion for raising the regular troops which they did afterwards, Q_ Did Washington's army diminish

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government, a few of the most violent,
and very few, excepted, and they were
those who had acted the most violent
part. Great pains were taken to get the
militia out, but in vain ; very few were
prevailed on to turn out.
Q. Did they expect the British army
in Philadelphia at that time 2
A. They certainly did. o
Q. Did the members of the Congress,
and others who had taken an active part
in the rebellion, take any steps in conse-
quence of their expecting the British
troops in Philadelphia 2
A. I was informed by every one I con-
versed with on the subject, that the Con-
gress and the rebel-states, in which I in-

clude all their officers, fled in a panic

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(1) Ibid. p. 17. “The demand of 10, ooo men was thought to be rather extravagant.” Ibid. p. 63. – “The force we had was adeo to the subduing the rebellion.” Evi

ence, June 1 o p. 11. (2) Evidence, June to p. 14. (3) Ibid. (4) “Except the Maryland regiment, who were well clothed and accoutred.” Ibid p 16. (5) “Some of the troops were going to storm the lines. Gen. H-we called them back. — Putnam, who had the command of 7 ooo, had detached all but 3 oo. But this was not known.” Evidence, Jane 9 p. 73 743 N victory

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